Monday, September 24, 2018

Biding time - enforced holiday!

וְדָרְיָ֙וֶשׁ֙ מָֽדָיָ֔א‪‬‏ קַבֵּ֖ל מַלְכוּתָ֑א and Darius the Mede received the kingdom
כְּבַ֥ר שְׁנִ֖ין שִׁתִּ֥ין וְתַרְתֵּֽין a child of about 62 (late bloomer!)

I will have lost about 10 verses of Daniel 6. I had found some cool things - new words - in my data base but now hidden from me by a computer that refuses to boot. It may be in a software loop. I am going to leave it overnight to see if it recovers itself. Then I will either get the data from the files using some other boot disk or I will have to reinstall from scratch somewhere. Where I don't yet know, perhaps a net new computer though there are alternatives.

What is clear to me is that my knowledge is governed now by my past decisions that are all coded into my forms and database. If only I had dumped the data to a readable form! I have it in a textual form - insert statements into an Oracle database.

My knowledge of Hebrew and Aramaic is mechanical and patterned but my memory is of a Borg - and I have been disconnected!

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