Saturday 17 June 2023

A study in bk בח

I have been playing with sounds. I did a bit of an experiment in alliteration. I found it quite a test.
‎בחן זה בחנוני
‎בחורותיך לגבח גבח
‎ואזבח זבחי גם בחמהך
‎לא אשבח טבחך גם בחרבך
‎וממני אין נבח אנוכי אחריש כחרש רואיי בחוץ נדדו ממני

Google translates it with language I would never use. And it’s far from my initial intent. But it’s funny.

Check it out nerdy
Your girls are crazy
And I will offer my sacrifice also in your heat
I will not praise your cook even with your sword
And there is no selfish barking from me, after all, like deaf people outside, they have wandered away from me. 

I started out very seriously not realizing that gbk is never used as a verb! I could have figured that out I suppose.
lgbk gbk bkurotiç
vazbk zbkim gm bkmtç.
Surely your chosen is bald of forehead,
yet I offer offerings even against your heat.
la awbk 'tbkç bkrbç,
ummni ain nbk
anoci akriw ckrw 
I do not commend your slaughter with the sword,
yet from me there is not a woof. 
I am silent like a potsherd. 
roaii bkux
nddu mmni
Those seeing me outside
fled from me

There are several verses in the Scripture that have bk in their sound, many of them using the preposition /b/ and a root beginning with /k/, but nowhere that I found that specifically uses this sound in word play.

I added a search function to the concordance that allows the user to search the entire bible for letter patterns. It is particularly easy to search in SimHebrew. Go to the concordance and try it out. Here is a search for bk.

Wednesday 7 June 2023

Checking in

We are still alive. I was away for two months or more. The old screen I used to use on my computer no longer worked, so I have a new monitor much to the delight of the grandchildren. "It's as big as a TV!".

We are working through the process of development, renovation, and greening of the home. Long process. May write the history some day when it is over, assuming we get to live in it. Not looking for an invasion or exile or anything.

We are of course distressed at the state of the world. I can imagine why it is so much worse than usual.