Sunday, April 5, 2020

COVID-19 A snapshot for April 5

I separated the cases and deaths from the % of population tested and infected. Much easier to assess what country status is. Data selected when populated c 10:30 pacific time April 5. From the usual place.
COVID-19 cases and increase by country
Above note that some death rates are much higher than other.
Below, the beginning of seeing who is really able to test.
On the chart, USA about 0.5% of its population tested, Canada about 0.8%)
(Off the chart) Iceland has tested 7.5% of its population, The Faroe Islands 10%.
COVID-19 tests and cases by population size

The Binyanim

I am reading a PDF on the psychology of reading Hebrew.

The Language and the Psychology of Reading It
by Joseph Shimron

It seems highly theoretical, and besides the very awkward subtitle, it is very readable so far. It is unusual, isn't it, to have a subtitle with a pronoun whose antecedent is in the title.

This morning I was wondering if I could take up the book again where I left off a few days ago in the middle of a discussion of the psychology of geminate stems. Then I came across has this lovely and precise note about how the names of the verb forms are related. No one has explained this to me in any other book on Hebrew I have read.

The names of the binyanim are named in the same pattern as the things they name.
They are individually named by the forms they assume for the root P-’-L, expressed as a verb in 3rd person masculine singular, past tense, which carries the core meaning of acting: Pa’aL, niF’aL, Pi’eL, Pu’aL, hitPa’eL, hiF’iL, and huF’aL.
The verb form represents the action of work. My dominant gloss for פעל, P`L is work. It is first used in the Bible in Exodus 15:17. It it used of drawing an arrow in a bow in Psalms 7:14. How straightforward.

פעל with vowels a a, prefix + schwa a, i e, u a, prefix + a e, prefix + schwa + i, prefix + schwa a.

These names are just like any other verb being conformed to its pattern of what we would call a conjugation in Latin. The names all come from the same three-consonant root forming its form with a vowel patterns that fit between the consonants of the root. English is full of irregularities but we have a similar pattern in sing, sang, sung. From wiktionary, I see the name binyanim is derived from בנה, to build.

The book has helpful tables and images. So much easier than trying to memorize paradigms.

The author hasn't made the point (yet?), but 3 and 7 are fundamental to our human thinking processes. And mathematically related, of course 7 = 2**3 -1. I had always explained to my design classes that this represented the number of bits in our short-term memory register.

The memory of a human is three bits. If we are really lucky, it may be 4 bits. (Psalm 90!).

You can download this book here.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

SimHebrew now without or with music and with automated punctuation

Psalms 1

a awri-haiw awr | la hlç byxt rwyim,
ubdrç k'taim la ymd,
ubmowb lxim la iwb.
[1 Happy the person who does not walk in the advice of the wicked,
and in the way of sinners does not stand,
and in the seat of the scornful does not sit.]
b ci am btort ihvh kpxo,
ubtorto ihgh iomm vlilh.
[2 In contrast: in the instruction of Yahweh is his delight,
and in his instruction he mutters day and night.]
g vhih cyx wtul yl-plgi mim,
awr prio | itn byto vylhu la-ibol.
vcl awr-iywh ixlik.
[3 Such a one will be like a tree transplanted by streams of water,
that gives its fruit in its time and its leaf does not wither.
And in all that it does, it thrives.]
d la-cn hrwyim,
ci am-cmx awr-tdpnu ruk.
[4 Not so the-many wicked,
in contrast: like chaff that wind blows.]
h yl-cn | la-iqmu rwyim bmwp't,
vk'taim bydt xdiqim.
[5 So they will not arise, the wicked, in the judgment,
nor sinners in the assembly of the-many righteous.]
v ci-iody ihvh drç xdiqim,
vdrç rwyim tabd.
[6 For Yahweh knows the way of those righteous,
but the way of those wicked will perish.]

Psalms 1

a afweri-haviw awCr | lfa hlç~ byxdt rw<yfim,
ubdBrç kg'taim lfa ymAd,
ubmowfb l/xvim lBa iweb.
[1 Happy the person who does not walk in the advice of the wicked,
and in the way of sinners does not stand,
and in the seat of the scornful does not sit.]
b cCi afm btorft ihvvh k<pxfo,
uebtortfo ihgvh iomfm vleilh.
[2 In contrast: in the instruction of Yahweh is his delight,
and in his instruction he mutters day and night.]
g vehivh cyx~ wtdul yel-plg<i mfim,
awCr pri\o | it5n bytvo vylfhu lea-ibAol.
vcgl awr-iywBh ixleik.
[3 Such a one will be like a tree transplanted by streams of water,
that gives its fruit in its time and its leaf does not wither.
And in all that it does, it thrives.]
d la-cfn hrwyAim,
cfi am-c/mvx aewr-tdpfnu reuk.
[4 Not so the-many wicked,
in contrast: like chaff that wind blows.]
h yl-cCn | la-iqBmu rgwyim bmwpA't,
v/k'tavim bydft xdiqeim.
[5 So they will not arise, the wicked, in the judgment,
nor sinners in the assembly of the-many righteous.]
v cei-iodBy ighvh dBrç xdiqAim,
vdgrç rwyBim tabed.
[6 For Yahweh knows the way of those righteous,
but the way of those wicked will perish.]

The music in my traditional form is below.
The first verse has an unexpectedly early silluq in it on the shin that my music program ignores. The minor sixth would be slightly easier than the rise of the diminished fifth. Haïk-Vantoura's version begins on the tonic, not as in the Leningrad codex on the supertonic. The latter I think is better if my thesis about opening notes as connectors with what has gone before is true.
 אַ֥שְֽׁרֵי־הָאִ֗ישׁ‬ אֲשֶׁ֤ר 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Psalm 119 SimHebrew

This is another test of SimHebrew to see if I can reconstruct the Hebrew verse numbers from the Latin verse.

a awri tmimi-drç,
hhlcim btort ihvh.
[1 All joy for the complete of the way,
who walk in the instruction of Yahweh.]
b awri nxri ydtiv bcl-lb idrwuhu.
[2 All joy for those observing his testimonies. With a whole heart they search him out.]
g af la-pylu yvlh,
bdrciv hlcu.
[3 Also they do not work injustice,
in his ways they walk.]
d ath xvith pqdiç lwmr mad.
[4 And you commanded your precepts to keep in full.]
h akli icnu drci lwmr kqiç.
[5 Ah that established were my ways to keep your statutes.]
v az la-abow,
bhbi'ti al-cl-mxvotiç.
[6 And then I would not be ashamed,
to take note of all your commandments.]
z aodç biwr lbb,
blmdi mwp'ti xdqç.
[7 And I will thank you with an upright heart,
when I learn the judgments of your righteousness.]
k at-kqiç awmr.
al-tyzbni yd-mad.
[8 And your statutes I will keep.
Do not forsake me in full for ever.]
't bmh izch-nyr at-arko,
lwmr cdbrç?
[9 But how will a youth clear his path,
to keep it according to your word?]
i bcl-lbi drwtiç.
al-twgni mmxvotiç.
[10 By all my heart I have searched you out.
Do not let me stray from your commandments.]
ia blbi xpnti amrtç,
lmyn la ak'ta-lç.
[11 By my heart I have treasured your promise,
in order that I will not sin against you.]
ib bruç ath ihvh lmdni kqiç.
[12 Blessed are you Yahweh. Teach me your statutes.]
ig bwpti sprti,
cl mwp'ti-piç.
[13 By my lips I have recounted,
all the judgments of your mouth.]
id bdrç ydotiç wwti cyl cl-hon.
[14 By the way of your testimonies I joy as above all value.]
'tv bpqdiç awikh,
vabi'th arktiç.
[15 By your precepts I will ponder,
and I will take note of your paths.]
'tz bkqtiç awtywy,
la awck dbrç.
[16 By your statutes I will revel,
nor will I forget your word.]
iz gml yl-ybdç akih vawmrh dbrç.
[17 Grow your servant. I will live and keep your word.]
ik gl-yini vabi'th,
nplaot mtortç.
[18 Give discovery to my eyes,
and I will take note of wonders in your instruction.]
i't gr anci barx,
al-tstr mmni mxvotiç.
[19 Guest I am on the earth,
do not hide from me your commandments.]
c grsh npwi ltabh,
al-mwp'tiç bcl-yt.
[20 Ground down is my being for longing,
for your judgments at all times.]
ca gyrt zdim arurim,
hwgim mmxvotiç.
[21 Giving, you rebuke the presumptuous, cursed,
straying from your commandments.]
cb gl myli krph vbuz,
ci ydtiç nxrti.
[22 Get from me reproach and contempt,
for your testimonies I have observed.]
cg gm iwbu wrim bi ndbru.
ybdç iwik bkqiç.
[23 Grand sultans sat. Against me they spoke.
Your servant will ponder on your statutes.]
cd gm-ydtiç wywyi anwi yxti.
[24 Grand your testimonies and my revel. They are my personal counsels.]
ch dbqh lypr npwi.
kini cdbrç.
[25 Dust-cleaved is my being.
give me life according to your word.]
cv drci sprti vtynni lmdni kqiç.
[26 Declared have I my ways and you answered me. Teach me your statutes.]
cz drç-pqudiç hbinni,
vawikh bnplaotiç.
[27 Direct my discernment in the way of your precepts,
and I will ponder on your wonderful works.]
ck dlph npwi mtugh.
qimni cdbrç.
[28 Drips my being with sadness.
Raise me according to your word.]
c't drç-wqr hsr mmni,
vtortç knni.
[29 Deceitful way put aside from me,
and with your instruction grace me.]
l drç-amunh bkrti.
mwp'tiç wviti.
[30 Deliberated have I a way of faith.
With your judgments I have agreed.]
la dbqti bydotiç.
ihvh al-tbiwni.
[31 Determined I cleave to your testimonies.
Yahweh, do not put me to shame.]
lb drç-mxvotiç arux,
ci trkib lbi.
[32 Directed by your commandments I will race,
for you enlarge my heart.]
lg horni ihvh drç kqiç vaxrnh yqb.
[33 Help me learn Yahweh the way of your statutes and I will observe with foot firmly planted.]
ld hbinni vaxrh tortç vawmrnh bcl-lb.
[34 Have me understand and I will observe your instruction, and I will keep it with a whole heart.]
lh hdricni bntib mxvotiç,
ci-bo kpxti.
[35 Have me go in the pathway of your commandments,
for in it I have delighted.]
lv h't-lbi al-ydotiç val al-bxy.
[36 Hearten me to your testimonies and not to extortion.]
lz hybr yini mraot wva.
bdrcç kini.
[37 Hide my eyes from seeing vanity.
In your way give me life.]
lk hqm lybdç amrtç,
awr liratç.
[38 Hold high to your servant your promise,
which is to your fear.]
l't hybr krpti awr igrti,
ci mwp'tiç 'tobim.
[39 Hide my reproach that I am afraid of,
for your judgments are good.]
m hnh tabti lpqdiç.
bxdqtç kini.
[40 Here I have longed for your precepts.
In your righteousness give me life.]
ma vibani ksdç ihvh,
twuytç camrtç.
[41 Well come to me is your mercy, Yahweh,
your salvation as your promise.]
mb vaynh krpi dbr,
ci-b'tkti bdbrç.
[42 With which I will answer a word to one reproaching me,
for I trust in your word.]
mg val-txl mpi dbr-amt yd-mad,
ci lmwp'tç iklti.
[43 Word of truth do not remove from my mouth utterly,
for of your judgments, I have hope.]
md vawmrh tortç tmid lyolm vyd.
[44 Watch over your instruction I will continually forever and ever.]
mh vathlch brkbh,
ci pqdiç drwti.
[45 Walk in a spacious room I will,
for your precepts I have searched out.]
mv vadbrh bydtiç ngd mlcim vla abow.
[46 Words I will have of your testimonies before kings and I will not be ashamed.]
mz vawtywy bmxvotiç awr ahbti.
[47 Wherefore my revel will be in your commandments which I have loved.]
mk vawa-cpi al-mxvotiç awr ahbti vawikh bkqiç.
[48 Wave my palms I will to your commandments, which I have loved and I will ponder on your statutes.]
m't zcr-dbr lybdç,
yl awr ikltni.
[49 You remember a word to your servant,
on which you give me hope.]
n zat nkmti bynii,
ci amrtç kitni.
[50 Yes - this is my comfort in my poverty,
for your promise gives me life.]
na zdim hlixni yd-mad,
mtortç la n'titi.
[51 Yet though the presumptuous hold me in much scorn,
from your instruction I have not swerved.]
nb zcrti mwp'tiç myolm | ihvh vatnkm.
[52 Your judgments I bring to remembrance from of old Yahweh and I comfort myself.]
ng zlyph akztni mrwyim,
yzbi tortç.
[53 Yang of fire grasps me from the wicked,
forsaking your instruction.]
nd zmrot hiu-li kqiç bbit mguri.
[54 Yin of psalms your statutes have become to me in the house where I am guest.]
nh zcrti blilh wmç ihvh.
vawmrh tortç.
[55 Your name I have remembered in the night, Yahweh.
I have kept your instruction.]
nv zat hith-li,
ci pqdiç nxrti.
[56 You are mine,
for your precepts I have observed.]
nz klqi ihvh amrti lwmr dbriç.
[57 Chosen share, mine you are, Yahweh. I have promised to keep your word.]
nk kliti pniç bcl-lb,
knni camrtç.
[58 Craved have I your presence with a whole heart,
be gracious to me according to your promise.]
n't kwbti drci,
vawibh rgli al-ydtiç.
[59 Considered have I my ways,
and turned my feet to your testimonies.]
o kwti vla htmhmhti,
lwmr mxvotiç.
[60 Came quickly I did and I would not linger,
to keep your commandments.]
oa kbli rwyim yvdni.
tortç la wckti.
[61 Companies of the wicked continue around me.
Your instruction I have not forgotten.]
ob kxot-lilh aqum lhodot lç,
yl mwp'ti xdqç.
[62 Come midnight I arise to give thanks to you,
over the judgments of your righteousness.]
og kbr ani lcl-awr irauç,
ulwmri pqudiç.
[63 Companion am I to all who fear you,
and are keepers of your precepts.]
od ksdç ihvh mlah harx kqiç lmdni.
[64 Covenant mercy yours, Yahweh, has filled the earth. Your statutes you will teach me.]
oh 'tob ywit ym-ybdç,
ihvh cdbrç.
[65 Too well you have dealt with your servant,
Yahweh, through your word.]
ov 'tub 'tym vdyt lmdni,
ci bmxvotiç hamnti.
[66 Teach me good taste and knowledge,
for in your commandments I have believed.]
oz 'trm aynh ani wgg,
vyth amrtç wmrti.
[67 Time past, afflicted I was going astray,
but now your promise I have kept.]
ok 'tob-ath um'tib lmdni kqiç.
[68 Too good are you and doing good. Teach me your statutes.]
o't 'tplu yli wqr zdim.
ani bcl-lb | axr pqudiç.
[69 The presumptuous smear falsehood over me.
As for me, with a whole heart I will observe your precepts.]
y 'tpw cklb lbm.
ani tortç wywyti.
[70 Their heart is grossly inert.
As for me, in your instruction I will revel.]
ya 'tob-li ci-yniti,
lmyn almd kqiç.
[71 That I was afflicted is good for me,
so I will learn your statutes.]
yb 'tob-li tort-piç,
malpi zhb vcsf.
[72 The instruction of your mouth is good to me,
more than thousands in gold and silver.]
yg idiç ywuni viconnuni.
hbinni valmdh mxvotiç.
[73 Your hands have made me and established me.
Give me understanding and I will teach your commandments.]
yd iraiç irauni viwmku,
ci ldbrç iklti.
[74 Yes - those who fear you when they see me will be glad,
for of your word I have hoped.]
yh idyti ihvh ci-xdq mwp'tiç,
vamunh ynitni.
[75 Yet I know Yahweh that righteous are your judgments,
and in faithfulness you afflicted me.]
yv ihi-na ksdç lnkmni,
camrtç lybdç.
[76 Your mercy to comfort me, may it be,
according to your promise to your servant.]
yz ibauni rkmiç vakih,
ci-tortç wywyi.
[77 You will come to me in your compassion and I will live,
for your instruction is my revel.]
yk ibwu zdim ci-wqr yvtuni.
ani awik bpqudiç.
[78 Yon presumptuous will be shamed for in falsehood they subverted me.
As for me, I will ponder on your precepts.]
y't iwubu li iraiç,
vidyi ydtiç.
[79 You will let those who fear you turn to me,
and those knowing your testimonies.]
p ihi-lbi tmim bkqiç,
lmyn la abow.
[80 Yea, let my heart be complete in your statutes,
so I will not be ashamed.]
pa clth ltwuytç npwi.
ldbrç iklti.
[81 Faints my being for your salvation.
Of your word I have hoped.]
pb clu yini lamrtç,
lamr mti tnkmni?
[82 Faint my eyes for your promise,
saying, When will you comfort me?]
pg ci-hiiti cnad bqi'tor.
kqiç la wckti.
[83 For I have become like a bottle in vapour.
Your statutes I have not forgotten.]
pd cmh imi-ybdç?
mti tywh brdpi mwp't?
[84 For how are the days of your servant?
When will you do judgment against my persecutors?]
ph cru-li zdim wikot,
awr la ctortç.
[85 For me the presumptuous dig ditches,
that are not of your instruction.]
pv cl-mxvotiç amunh.
wqr rdpuni yzrni.
[86 Faithful are all your commandments.
In falsehood they persecute me. Help me.]
pz cmy't cluni barx,
vani la-yzbti pqvdiç.
[87 For scarcely they consume me in the earth,
but as for me, I do not forsake your precepts.]
pk cksdç kini,
vawmrh ydut piç.
[88 For your mercy give me life,
and I will keep the testimony of your mouth.]
p't lyolm ihvh,
dbrç nxb bwmim.
[89 LORD (Yahweh) forever your word,
stands firm in heaven.]
t ldr vdr amuntç.
connt arx vtymd.
[90 Lo from generation to generation is your faithfulness.
You established earth and she stands.]
ta lmwp'tiç ymdu hiom,
ci hcl ybdiç.
[91 Living in your judgments they stand this day,
for they all are your servants.]
tb luli tortç wywyi,
az abdti bynii.
[92 Love, unless your instruction is my revel,
then I have perished in my poverty.]
tg lyolm la-awck pqudiç,
ci bm kiitni.
[93 Let me never forget your precepts,
for in them you have made me live.]
td lç-ani howiyni,
ci pqudiç drwti.
[94 Love, to you I myself belong, save me,
for your precepts I have searched out.]
th li quu rwyim labdni.
ydtiç atbonn.
[95 Lying in wait for me to make me perish are the wicked.
Your testimonies I will understand.]
tv lcl tclh raiti qx.
rkbh mxvtç mad.
[96 Lo, to all consummation I saw an end.
Very spacious are your commandments.]
tz mh-ahbti tortç.
cl-hiom hia wikti.
[97 My - how I love your instruction.
All the day long it is my pondering.]
tk maibi tkcmni mxvotç,
ci lyolm hia-li.
[98 Making me wiser than my enemies by your commandment,
for it is mine forever.]
t't mcl-mlmdi hwclti,
ci ydotiç wikh li.
[99 Midst all my teachers I have insight,
for your testimonies are my pondering.]
q mzqnim atbonn,
ci pqudiç nxrti.
[100 More than the aged I understand,
for your precepts I have observed.]
q a mcl-ark ry clati rgli,
lmyn awmr dbrç.
[101 Missing every path of evil I have restrained my feet,
so that I will keep your word.]
q b mmwp'tiç la-srti,
ci-ath hortni.
[102 Mid your judgments I have not been stubborn,
for you yourself have instructed me.]
q g mh-nmlxu lkci amrtç mdbw lpi.
[103 More than gratifying to my palate, your promise than honey to my mouth.]
q d mpqudiç atbonn,
yl-cn wnati | cl-ark wqr.
[104 Minding your precepts I have discernment,
therefore I have hated every path of falsehood.]
q h nr-lrgli dbrç,
vaor lntibti.
[105 Nigh a lamp to my feet is your word,
and light to my pathway.]
q v nwbyti vaqimh,
lwmr mwp'ti xdqç.
[106 Now I have sworn and I will arise to it,
to keep the judgments of your righteousness.]
q z nyniti yd-mad.
ihvh kini cdbrç.
[107 Near to much poverty am I, Yahweh.
Give me life according to your word.]
q k ndbot pi rxh-na ihvh,
umwp'tiç lmdni.
[108 Now may you accept, Yahweh, the freewill offerings of my mouth,
and your judgments teach me.]
q 't npwi bcpi tmid,
vtortç la wckti.
[109 Now my being is in the palm of my hand continually,
and your instruction I have not forgotten.]
qi ntnu rwyim pk li,
umpqudiç la tyiti.
[110 Netted the wicked a snare for me,
but from your precepts I did not wander.]
qia nklti ydotiç lyolm,
ci-wwon lbi hmh.
[111 Near are your testimonies, my inheritance forever,
for the joy of my heart are they.]
qib n'titi lbi lywot kqiç lyolm yqb.
[112 Nuanced have I my heart to do your statutes, forever with foot firmly planted.]
qig sypim wnati,
vtortç ahbti.
[113 Schismatics I hate,
and your instruction I have loved.]
qid stri umgni ath.
ldbrç iklti.
[114 Secret mine and my shield are you.
Of your word I have hoped.]
q'tv suru-mmni mryim,
vaxrh mxvot alhi.
[115 Stay from me, you evildoers,
for I will observe the commandments of my God.]
q'tz smcni camrtç vakih.
val-tbiwni mwbri.
[116 Support me according to your promise so I will live.
Let me not be ashamed of my reliance.]
qiz sydni vavwyh,
vawyh bkqiç tmid.
[117 Sustain me and I will be saved,
and I will look to your statutes continually.]
qik slit cl-wogim mkqiç,
ci-wqr trmitm.
[118 Suspended have you all who stray from your statutes,
for falsehood is their deceit.]
qi't sgim hwbt cl-rwyi-arx,
lcn ahbti ydtiç.
[119 Swill you eradicated all the wicked of the earth,
so I have loved your testimonies.]
qc smr mpkdç bwri,
ummwp'tiç irati.
[120 Shivers from your dread my flesh,
and your judgments I fear.]
qca ywiti mwp't vxdq.
bl-tnikni lywqi.
[121 I have dealt judgment and righteousness.
Do not leave me to those oppressing me.]
qcb yrb ybdç l'tob.
al-iywqni zdim.
[122 Insure your servant for good.
Do not let the presumptuous oppress me.]
qcg yini clu liwuytç,
ulamrt xdqç.
[123 I - I - my eyes - faint for your salvation,
and for the promise of your righteousness.]
qcd ywh ym-ybdç cksdç vkqiç lmdni.
[124 I ask you to deal with your servant according to your mercy, and your statutes to teach me.]
qch ybdç-ani hbinni,
vadyh ydtiç.
[125 I am your servant, let me understand,
that I may know your testimonies.]
qcv yt lywot lihvh.
hpru tortç.
[126 It is time to act, Yahweh.
Your instruction they have thwarted.]
qcz yl-cn ahbti mxvotiç,
mzhb umpz.
[127 I have loved your commandments therefore,
above gold and above pure gold.]
qck yl-cn | cl-pqudi cl iwrti.
cl-ark wqr wnati.
[128 Indeed all your precepts, all I find upright.
Every path of falsehood I hate.]
qc't plaot ydotiç,
yl-cn nxrtm npwi.
[129 Plentiful of wonders are your testimonies,
therefore my being will observe them.]
ql ptk dbriç iair mbin ptiim.
[130 Penetration of your words gives light, giving understanding to the simple.]
qla pi-pyrti vawaph,
ci lmxvotiç iabti.
[131 Parting mouth, gaping, I sigh heavily,
for to your commandments is my longing.]
qlb pnh-ali vknni,
cmwp't lahbi wmç.
[132 Put your face to me and be gracious to me,
for judgment to those who love your name.]
qlg pymi hcn bamrtç,
val-twl't-bi cl-avn.
[133 Prepare my footfalls in your promise,
and do not let any mischief dominate me.]
qld pdni mywq adm,
vawmrh pqudiç.
[134 Pray ransom me from the oppression of a human,
and I will keep your precepts.]
qlh pniç har bybdç,
vlmdni at-kqiç.
[135 Pyre your face on your servant,
and teach me your statutes.]
qlv plgi-mim irdu yini,
yl la-wmru tortç.
[136 Pouring streams of waters descend from my eyes,
that they do not keep your instruction.]
qlz xdiq ath ihvh,
viwr mwp'tiç.
[137 So righteous you are, Yahweh,
and upright are your judgments.]
qlk xvit xdq ydtiç,
vamunh mad.
[138 Set you have the righteousness of your testimonies,
and much faithfulness.]
ql't xmttni qnati,
ci-wcku dbriç xri.
[139 Stricken I was for my zeal,
for my foes forgot your words.]
qm xruph amrtç mad vybdç ahbh.
[140 Supremely refined is your promise and your servant loves it.]
qma xyir anci vnbzh.
pqdiç la wckti.
[141 Small am I and despised.
Your precepts I have not forgotten.]
qmb xdqtç xdq lyolm,
vtortç amt.
[142 Saving righteousness, yours, is righteousness forever,
and your instruction is truth.]
qmg xr-umxoq mxauni.
mxvotiç wywyi.
[143 Strain and distress find me out.
Your commandments are my revel.]
qmd xdq ydotiç lyolm hbinni vakih.
[144 Such righteousness of your testimonies forever let me understand, and I will live.]
qmh qrati bcl-lb ynni ihvh kqiç axrh.
[145 Queried I with a whole heart, answer me Yahweh. Your statutes I will observe.]
qmv qratiç howiyni,
vawmrh ydtiç.
[146 Queried I you, save me,
and I will keep your testimonies.]
qmz qdmti bnwf vawvyh.
ldbrç iklti.
[147 Quested I in a twilight hour and I cried for help.
Of your word I have hoped.]
qmk qdmu yini awmrot,
lwik bamrtç.
[148 Quested my eyes in the night watches,
to ponder on your promise.]
qm't qoli wmyh cksdç.
ihvh cmwp'tç kini.
[149 Quest of mine, hear for your mercy, Yahweh.
In your judgments give me life.]
qn qrbu rdpi zmh.
mtortç rkqu.
[150 Quite near are those pursuing an agenda.
From your instruction they are distant.]
qna qrob ath ihvh,
vcl-mxvotiç amt.
[151 Quite near are you, Yahweh,
and all your commandments are truth.]
qnb qdm idyti mydtiç,
ci lyolm isdtm.
[152 Quite from of old I knew from your testimonies,
for you founded them forever.]
qng rah-ynii vklxni,
ci-tortç la wckti.
[153 Regard my poverty and rescue me,
for your instruction I do not forget.]
qnd ribh ribi ugalni.
lamrtç kini.
[154 Reason my reason and redeem me.
Of your promise give me life.]
qnh rkoq mrwyim iwuyh,
ci-kqiç la drwu.
[155 Remote from the wicked is salvation,
for your statutes they do not search out.]
qnv rkmiç rbim | ihvh.
cmwp'tiç kini.
[156 Richly abundant are your compassions Yahweh.
According to your judgments give me life.]
qnz rbim rdpi vxri.
mydotiç la n'titi.
[157 Running after me are many foes.
From your testimonies I do not swerve.]
qnk raiti bgdim vatqo't'th,
awr amrtç la wmru.
[158 Regarding the treacherous I was upset,
that your promise they disregard.]
qn't rah ci-pqudiç ahbti.
ihvh cksdç kini.
[159 Regard for your precepts I love Yahweh.
According to your mercy give me life.]
qo raw-dbrç amt,
ulyolm cl-mwp't xdqç.
[160 Right true is your word,
and forever is every judgment of your righteousness.]
qoa wrim rdpuni knm,
umdbrç pkd lbi.
[161 Sultans persecute me for nothing,
but from your word my heart stands in dread.]
qob ww anci yl-amrtç,
cmoxa wll rb.
[162 Singing I joy over your promise,
as finding abundant spoil.]
qog wqr wnati vatybh.
tortç ahbti.
[163 Scandal I hate and abhor.
Your instruction I love.]
qod wby biom hlltiç,
yl mwp'ti xdqç.
[164 Seven times a day do I praise you,
for the judgments of your righteousness.]
qoh wlom rb lahbi tortç,
vain-lmo mcwol.
[165 Such abundant peace to those who love your instruction,
and there is for them no stumbling.]
qov wbrti liwuytç ihvh,
umxvotiç ywiti.
[166 Steadfast my reliance on your salvation Yahweh,
and your commandments I have done.]
qoz wmrh npwi ydtiç,
vahbm mad.
[167 Shelters my being your testimonies,
and I love them much.]
qok wmrti pqudiç vydtiç,
ci cl-drci ngdç.
[168 So I shelter your precepts and your testimonies,
for all my ways are before you.]
qo't tqrb rnti lpniç ihvh.
cdbrç hbinni.
[169 To your presence let my shout of joy come near, Yahweh.
According to your word, give me understanding.]
qy tboa tknti lpniç.
camrtç hxilni.
[170 To your presence let my supplication come.
According to your promise deliver me.]
qya tbynh wpti thlh,
ci tlmdni kqiç.
[171 Tumbling from my lips is praise,
for you have taught me your statutes.]
qyb tyn lwoni amrtç,
ci cl-mxvotiç xdq.
[172 Tongue of mine will answer your promise,
for all your commandments are righteous.]
qyg thi-idç lyzrni,
ci pqudiç bkrti.
[173 There your hand will be to help me,
for your precepts I have chosen.]
qyd tabti liwuytç ihvh,
vtortç wywyi.
[174 To your salvation I have longed to come, Yahweh,
and your instruction is my revel.]
qyh tki-npwi uthllç,
umwp'tç iyzrni.
[175 To live let my being and it will praise you,
and from your judgments you will help me.]
qyv tyiti cwh abd bqw ybdç,
ci mxvotiç la wckti.
[176 Time and again I wander like a newborn lamb that is perishing. Seek your servant,
for your commandments I do not forget.]

Monday, March 30, 2020

Deuteronomy 28

This is another experiment in SimHebrew.

The deficient Masoretic Hebrew spelling requires me to invent some refinement for words like mxvot, which have only a single vav. How many such exceptions are there?

a vhih am-wmoy twmy bqol ihvh alhiç lwmr lywot at-cl-mxvotiv awr anci mxvç hiom,
untnç ihvh alhiç ylion yl cl-goii harx.
[1 And it will happen that if to hear, you hear with the voice of Yahweh your God to keep and to do all his commandments that I am commanding you today,
then Yahweh your God will give you the highest status over all the nations of the earth.]
b ubau yliç cl-hbrcot halh vhwigç,
ci twmy bqol ihvh alhiç.
[2 And all these blessings will come to you and will overtake you,
for you will hear with the voice of Yahweh your God.]
g bruç ath byir,
ubruç ath bwdh.
[3 Blessed you will be in the city,
and blessed you will be in the field.]
d bruç pri-b'tnç upri admtç upri bhmtç,
wgr alpiç vywtrot xanç.
[4 Blessed will be the fruit of your belly and the fruit of your ground and the fruit of your cattle,
the issue of your drove and the breeding of your flock.]
h bruç 'tnaç umwartç.
[5 Blessed will be your basket and your warehouse.]
v bruç ath bbaç,
ubruç ath bxatç.
[6 Blessed you will be when you come in,
and blessed you will be when you go forth.]
z itn ihvh at-aibiç hqmim yliç ngpim lpniç.
bdrç akd ixau aliç ubwbyh drcim inusu lpniç.
[7 Yahweh will give your enemies arising against you to be plagued before you.
In one way they will emerge against you and in seven ways they will withdraw before you.]
k ixv ihvh atç at-hbrch basmiç ubcl mwlk idç,
ubrcç barx awr-ihvh alhiç ntn lç.
[8 Yahweh will command with you the blessing on your barns and to all that you put your hand to,
and will bless you in the land that Yahweh your God is giving to you.]
't iqimç ihvh lo lym qdow cawr nwby-lç,
ci twmr at-mxvot ihvh alhiç vhlct bdrciv.
[9 Yahweh will raise you up, a people holy for himself, as he has sworn to you,
for you will be keeping the commandments of Yahweh your God and walking in his ways.]
i vrau cl-ymi harx ci wm ihvh nqra yliç,
virau mmç.
[10 And all the peoples of the earth will see for the name of Yahweh is called upon you,
and they will fear, from you.]
ia vhotrç ihvh l'tobh bpri b'tnç ubpri bhmtç ubpri admtç,
yl hadmh awr nwby ihvh labtiç ltt lç.
[11 And Yahweh will give a surplus of good in the fruit of your belly, and in the fruit of your cattle, and in the fruit of your ground,
over the ground that Yahweh swore to your ancestors to give to you.]
ib iptk ihvh | lç at-aoxro h'tob at-hwmim ltt m'tr-arxç byto ulbrç at cl-mywh idç.
vhlvit goim rbim vath la tlvh.
[12 Yahweh will open for you his good treasury, the heavens to give rain for your land in its time and to bless all the deeds of your hand.
And you will lend to many nations and you yourself will not borrow.]
ig untnç ihvh lraw vla lznb vhiit rq lmylh vla thih lm'th,
ci-twmy al-mxvot | ihvh alhiç awr anci mxvç hiom lwmr vlywot.
[13 Then Yahweh will give you preeminence and not subservience and you will certainly be in the ascendant and you will not be inferior,
for you will have heard the commandments of Yahweh your God that I am commanding you today to keep and to do.]
id vla tsur mcl-hdbrim awr anci mxvh atcm hiom imin uwmavl,
llct akri alhim akrim lybdm. s
[14 And you will not turn aside from all the things that I myself have commanded you today to the right hand or to the left,
to walk after other gods to serve them. S]
'tv vhih am-la twmy bqol ihvh alhiç lwmr lywot at-cl-mxvotiv vkqtiv awr anci mxvç hiom,
ubau yliç cl-hqllot halh vhwiguç.
[15 But it will happen, if you will not hear with the voice of Yahweh your God, to keep and to do all his commandments and his statutes that I am commanding you today,
that all these denials will come to you and will overtake you.]
'tz arur ath byir,
varur ath bwdh.
[16 Cursed you will be in the city,
and cursed you will be in the field.]
iz arur 'tnaç umwartç.
[17 Cursed your basket and your warehouse.]
ik arur pri-b'tnç upri admtç,
wgr alpiç vywtrot xanç.
[18 Cursed the fruit of your belly and the fruit of your ground,
the issue of your drove and the breeding of your flock.]
i't arur ath bbaç,
varur ath bxatç.
[19 Cursed you will be when you come in,
and cursed you will be when you go forth.]
c iwlk ihvh | bç at-hmarh at-hmhumh vat-hmgyrt bcl-mwlk idç awr tywh,
yd hwmdç vyd-abdç mhr mpni ry mylliç awr yzbtni.
[20 Yahweh will send into you the cursing, the discomfiture, and the rebuke in all that you extend your hand that you would do,
until you are exterminated and until you perish swiftly from the presence of the evil of your wantonness in that you have forsaken me.]
ca idbq ihvh bç at-hdbr,
yd clto atç myl hadmh awr-ath ba-wmh lrwth.
[21 Yahweh will make the pestilence cling in you,
until he consumes you from off the ground toward which you, yourself, are coming to possess it.]
cb icch ihvh bwkpt ubqdkt ubdlqt ubkrkr ubkrb ubwdpon ubirqon,
urdpuç yd abdç.
[22 Yahweh will strike you with consumption, and with delirium, and with inflammation, and with scorching, and with the sword, and with blight, and with mildew,
and they will pursue you until you perish.]
cg vhiu wmiç awr yl-rawç nkwt,
vharx awr-tktiç brzl.
[23 And your heavens that are over your head will become brass,
but the earth that is under you, iron.]
cd itn ihvh at-m'tr arxç abq vypr.
mn-hwmim ird yliç yd hwmdç.
[24 Yahweh will make the rain of your land powder and dust.
From the heavens it will descend to you until you are exterminated.]
ch itnç ihvh | ngf lpni aibiç bdrç akd txa aliv ubwbyh drcim tnus lpniv,
vhiit lzyvh lcl mmlcot harx.
[25 Yahweh will give you plague in the face of your enemies. In one way you will go out to him and in seven ways you will withdraw into his presence,
and you will be a quavering to all the kingdoms of the earth.]
cv vhith nbltç lmacl lcl-yof hwmim ulbhmt harx,
vain mkrid.
[26 And your corpses will become food to all the fowl of the heavens, and the beasts of the earth,
and there is nothing but apprehensiveness.]
cz icch ihvh bwkin mxrim ub'tkrim ubgrb ubkrs,
awr la-tucl lhrpa.
[27 Yahweh will strike you with the ulcers of Egypt and with the tumours and with the hemorrhoids and with scab and with sunburn,
that you cannot heal.]
ck icch ihvh bwgyon ubyvron,
ubtmhon lbb.
[28 Yahweh will strike you with craziness and with blindness,
and with astonishment of heart.]
c't vhiit mmww bxhrim cawr imww hyvr baplh vla txlik at-drciç,
vhiit aç ywuq vgzul cl-himim vain mowiy.
[29 And you will be groping at noon, as the blind grope in the gloom and you will not thrive in your ways,
and you will surely be oppressed and ravaged every day and there is none to save.]
l awh tarw vaiw akr iwcbnh bit tbnh vla-twb bo.
crm t'ty vla tkllnu.
[30 A wife you will betroth and someone following will lie down with her. You will build a house and not sit in it.
A vineyard you will plant and not start to use it.]
la worç 'tbuk lyiniç vla tacl mmnu kmrç gzul mlpniç vla iwub lç.
xanç ntnot laibiç vain lç mowiy.
[31 Your bull will be slaughtered in your sight and you will not eat from it. Your ass will be robbed before your face and will not return to you.
Your flock will be given to your enemies and there will be none for you to save.]
lb bniç ubntiç ntnim lym akr vyiniç raot vclot alihm cl-hiom,
vain lal idç.
[32 Your sons and your daughters will be given to another people, and your eyes will see and faint for them all the day long,
but there is nothing at your hand.]
lg pri admtç vcl-igiyç iacl ym awr la-idyt.
vhiit rq ywuq vrxux cl-himim.
[33 The fruit of your ground and all your labour a people that you do not know will eat.
And you will certainly be oppressed and splintered all the days.]
ld vhiit mwgy,
mmrah yiniç awr trah.
[34 And you will be driven crazy,
from the appearance in your eyes that you will see.]
lh icch ihvh bwkin ry yl-hbrcim vyl-hwqim awr la-tucl lhrpa,
mcf rglç vyd qdqdç.
[35 Yahweh will strike you with evil ulcers on the knees and on the legs that you cannot heal,
from the sole of your foot to your scalp.]
lv iolç ihvh atç vat-mlcç awr tqim yliç al-goi awr la-idyt ath vabtiç,
vybdt wm alhim akrim yx vabn.
[36 And Yahweh will usher you and your king that you place over you to a nation that you do not know, you or your ancestors,
and there you will serve other gods of tree and stone.]
lz vhiit lwmh lmwl vlwninh,
bcl hymim awr-inhgç ihvh wmh.
[37 And you will be a desolation, a parable and a gibe,
among all the peoples where Yahweh will drive you.]
lk zry rb toxia hwdh,
umy't tasf ci ikslnu harbh.
[38 Abundant seed you will bring out to the field,
but little will you gather in for the locust will decimate it.]
l't crmim t'ty vybdt,
viin la-twth vla tagr ci taclnu htlyt.
[39 Vineyards you will plant and you will serve,
but wine you will neither imbibe nor stockpile for the worm will devour it.]
m zitim ihiu lç bcl-gbulç,
vwmn la tsuç ci iwl zitç.
[40 There will be olive trees for you through all your borders,
but with oil you will not rub yourself for your olive will drop off.]
ma bnim ubnot tolid,
vla-ihiu lç ci ilcu bwbi.
[41 Sons and daughters you will beget,
but they will not be for you for they will walk on into captivity.]
mb cl-yxç upri admtç,
iirw hxlxl.
[42 All your tree and the fruit of your ground,
the cicada will possess.]
mg hgr awr bqrbç iylh yliç mylh mylh,
vath trd m'th m'th.
[43 The guest that is among you will have ascendancy over you, ascendancy, ascendancy,
and you, yourself, will be descending down, down, down.]
md hua ilvç vath la tlvnu.
hua ihih lraw vath thih lznb.
[44 He will lend to you and you will not lend to him.
he will be the head and you will be subservient.]
mh ubau yliç cl-hqllot halh urdpuç vhwiguç yd hwmdç,
ci-la wmyt bqol ihvh alhiç lwmr mxvotiv vkqtiv awr xvç.
[45 And all these denials come upon you and they pursue you and overtake you until you are exterminated,
for you have not heard with the voice of Yahweh your God to keep his commandments and his statutes that he is commanding you.]
mv vhiu bç laot ulmopt,
ubzryç yd-yolm.
[46 And they will be in you for a sign and for a miracle,
and in your seed for evermore.]
mz tkt awr la-ybdt at-ihvh alhiç bwmkh ub'tub lbb,
mrb cl.
[47 In that you did not serve Yahweh your God with gladness and with a good heart,
out of all abundance.]
mk vybdt at-aibiç awr iwlknu ihvh bç bryb ubxma ubyirm ubksr cl.
vntn yl brzl yl-xvarç yd hwmido atç.
[48 And you will serve your enemies that Yahweh will send against you in scarcity and in thirst and in blindness and in lack of everything.
And he will position a shackle of iron on your neck until it exterminates you.]
m't iwa ihvh yliç goi mrkoq mqxh harx cawr idah hnwr.
goi awr la-twmy lwno.
[49 Yahweh will lift up a nation against you from afar, from the extremity of the earth.
He darts like the eagle, a nation whose tongue you will not hear.]
n goi yz pnim,
awr la-iwa pnim lzqn vnyr la ikn.
[50 It is a nation of strength of presence,
that will not bear the presence of the aged and will not be gracious to youth.]
na vacl pri bhmtç upri-admtç yd hwmdç awr la-iwair lç dgn tirow vixhr wgr alpiç vywtrt xanç,
yd habido atç.
[51 It will eat the fruit of your cattle and the fruit of your ground until you are exterminated. It will not warehouse grain for you, or new wine or clarified oil, or the issue of your drove or the breeding of your flock,
until it makes you perish.]
nb vhxr lç bcl-wyriç yd rdt kmtiç hgbhot vhbxrot awr ath b'tk bhn bcl-arxç.
vhxr lç bcl-wyriç bcl-arxç awr ntn ihvh alhiç lç.
[52 And it will be your adversary in all your gates until your haughty walls come down and the enclosures, the ones that you trust in through all your land.
And it will be your adversary in all your gates through all your land which Yahweh your God gave to you.]
ng vaclt pri-b'tnç bwr bniç ubntiç awr ntn-lç ihvh alhiç,
bmxor ubmxoq awr-ixiq lç aibç.
[53 And you will eat the fruit of your belly, the flesh of your sons and your daughters that Yahweh your God gave to you,
in the siege and in the agony that your enemy will make you agonize.]
nd haiw hrç bç vhyng mad,
try yino bakiv ubawt kiqo ubitr bniv awr iotir.
[54 The tender man among you and very delicate,
his eye will bring evil against his brother and against the wife of his embrace, and against the surplus of his children that he has left over.]
nh mtt | lakd mhm mbwr bniv awr iacl mbli hwair-lo cl,
bmxor ubmxoq awr ixiq lç aibç bcl-wyriç.
[55 He will refrain from giving to one of them from the flesh of his children that he eats in that there is no meat for him,
in the siege and in the agony that your enemy will make you agonize in all your gates.]
nv hrch bç vhyngh awr la-nsth cf-rglh hxg yl-harx mhtyng umrç,
try yinh baiw kiqh ubbnh ubbth.
[56 The tender and delicate woman among you that will not tempt to exhibit the sole of her foot on the earth out of delicacy and out of tenderness,
her eye will bring evil against the man of her embrace and against her son and against her daughter.]
nz ubwlith hioxt | mbin rglih ubbnih awr tld ci-taclm bksr-cl bstr,
bmxor ubmxoq awr ixiq lç aibç bwyriç.
[57 And of the afterbirth that comes out from between her feet and toward her children that she has given birth to, for she will eat them when lacking everything, in secret,
in the siege and in the agony that your enemy will make you agonize in your gates.]
nk am-la twmr lywot at-cl-dbri htorh hzat hctubim bspr hzh,
lirah at-hwm hncbd vhnora hzh at ihvh alhiç,
[58 If you do not keep and do all the words of this instruction written in this record,
to fear this glorious and fearful name, Yahweh your God,]
n't vhpla ihvh at-mctç vat mcot zryç,
mcot gdlot vnamnot vklim ryim vnamnim.
[59 then Yahweh will make extraordinary your defeats and the defeats of your seed,
great and dependable defeats and evil dependable sicknesses.]
o vhwib bç at cl-mdvh mxrim awr igrt mpnihm,
vdbqu bç.
[60 then he will return within you all the infirmities of Egypt whose presence you were afraid of,
and they will cling within you.]
oa gm cl-kli vcl-mch awr la ctub bspr htorh hzat,
iylm ihvh yliç yd hwmdç.
[61 Furthermore all illness and all defeat that is not inscribed in the record of this instruction,
Yahweh will make ascendant over you until you are exterminated.]
ob vnwartm bmti my't tkt awr hiitm ccocbi hwmim lrb,
ci-la wmyt bqol ihvh alhiç.
[62 And you will be bereft, a few men, instead of what you were, as the stars of the heavens for multitude,
for you did not hear with the voice of Yahweh your God.]
og vhih cawr-ww ihvh ylicm lhi'tib atcm ulhrbot atcm cn iwiw ihvh ylicm lhabid atcm ulhwmid atcm,
vnsktm myl hadmh awr-ath ba-wmh lrwth.
[63 And it will happen that as Yahweh sang for joy over you to do you good and to make you increase, so Yahweh will sing for joy over you to make you perish and to exterminate you,
and you will be extirpated from the ground that you are going toward to possess it.]
od vhpixç ihvh bcl-hymim mqxh harx vyd-qxh harx,
vybdt wm alhim akrim awr la-idyt ath vabtiç yx vabn.
[64 And Yahweh will disperse you among all the peoples from one extremity of the earth and to the other extremity of the earth,
and you will serve there other gods that neither you yourselves nor your ancestors know, of tree and stone.]
oh ubgoim hhm la trgiy vla-ihih mnok lcf-rglç.
vntn ihvh lç wm lb rgz vclion yinim vdabon npw.
[65 And among those nations you will not find ease and there will be no rest for the sole of your foot.
And Yahweh will give you there, a shuddering heart, and faint eyes, and a drooping integrity.]
ov vhiu kiiç tlaim lç mngd,
upkdt lilh viomm vla tamin bkiiç.
[66 And your lives will become uncertain before you,
and you will dread night and day, so you will not be able to depend on your lives.]
oz bbqr tamr mi-itn yrb ubyrb tamr mi-itn bqr,
mpkd lbbç awr tpkd ummrah yiniç awr trah.
[67 In the morning you will say, Who gives evening, and in the evening, you will say, Who gives morning,
from the dread of your heart that you dread and from what appears in your eyes that you will see.]
ok vhwibç ihvh | mxrim baniot bdrç awr amrti lç la-tsif yod lrath.
vhtmcrtm wm laibiç lybdim vlwpkot vain qnh. s
[68 And Yahweh will have you return to Egypt by ship in the way that I said to you, You will no longer again see it.
And you will be on sale there to your enemies as servants and as handmaidens and there is no one to purchase. S]
o't alh dbri hbrit awr-xvh ihvh at-mwh lcrt at-bni iwral barx moab,
mlbd hbrit awr-crt atm bkrb. p
[69 These are the words of the covenant which Yahweh commanded Moses to cut with the children of Israel in the land of Moab,
besides the covenant which he cut with them in Horeb. P]