Monday, December 9, 2019

Isaiah 35

Isaiah 35:7 for Advent 3
And the mirage will become a pool, and thirsty ground will ferment with water,
and the home of dragons reclining, will be grass with calamus and rush.

Mirage שׁרב occurs only here and in Isaiah 49:10.

The Psalm 146:5-10 is the celebration of the character of Yahweh. Notice the joyful ornaments and the high tessitura. This is a God in whom one can have confidence.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019


The November Biblical Studies carnival is here.

I am struck this month by the deaths of two scholars whom I have cited often in my carnivals, Tim Bulkeley and Larry Hurtado. Tim was among the gentlest of all who write on the web. Larry has a long history of detailed work on early Christianity. See the summary here by Jim Davila.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Isaiah 10

I was glancing backward in the book of Isaiah to see the context of Isaiah 12 (the verse of the week several weeks ago). It's worth a scan. And I chanced upon Chapter 10, though Chapter 11 was very satisfactory when answering the question 'what is that day'?

Isaiah 10:1
Alas, the lawgivers of mischievous prescription,
and those who inscribe their inscriptions for misery,

Now who might the prophet have in mind? Do read on about spoiling the widow and looting the orphan.
Isaiah 10:1

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Alas Leviathan

The phrase in that day is very common in Isaiah as I pointed out here. That day seems to include the end of Leviathan.
In that day Yahweh will visit with his sword, the intransigent, and the great, and the courageous, against Leviathan, the snake that runs away, and against Leviathan, the snake of crooked ways,
and he will slay the dragon that is in the sea.
To day Isaiah 27 is in view at 929, the rejuvenated exploration of the Hebrew Scriptures out of Israel.
Isaiah 27:1 Visiting Leviathan

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Output of musical endeavours since April, roughly speaking

Here is the list I needed. I put it into a database because it is very confusing to handle. About 52 short pieces, 42 of them in 2 collections. Some with varying instrumentation.

If I can get some inspiration from these tropes - these musical phrases, in 9 months of experimenting, at the same time studying Gradus ad Parnassum and various music books I had long forgotten about, surely there are other 'real' composers who have been composing all their lives who can also.

My latest is a barbershop quartet version of Psalm 96. I could use some feedback from a real quartet - tell me if it is singable!

These are all available on my YouTube channel here.

Let me know if you think you would like to perform them for real. I would like to work with some performers. I am looking locally.

I can help with anyone who would like to work on new material, all 929 chapters, 23000+ verses are available in music XML or PDF format online - look at the music page.
Chapter, Verse
Part of
2 SAMUEL1:19-27quintetstringsElegyHebrew
ISAIAH9:1carolSATB, percussionA baby is bornEnglish or Hebrew
ISAIAH12chorussoprano SATB, congregationYou will draw waterEnglish(live performance)
JONAH1-4storySATB harp or string suiteStoryEnglish
PSALMS33chorusSATB harpShout for JoyHebrew
PSALMS96chorustenor TTBBSing to Yahweh a new songEnglish
SONG1chorusSATBLet him kiss meHebrewSong 1
SONG2:1-7chorusSATBSong, part 1 continuedHebrewSong 2a
LAMENTATIONS1:1-4chorusSATB, orchestra or organ + timpaniAlephEnglishMay become part of U-L (31) below
QOHELET3:1-15chorusSATB, stringsTo everything there is a seasonEnglish
PSALMS6:3chorusSATBKyrie eleisonGreekMissa brevis 1
ISAIAH6:3chorusSATBSanctusLatinMissa brevis 2a
PSALMS118:25-26chorusSATBBenedictusLatinMissa brevis 2b
ISAIAH53:7,12bchorusSATBAgnus DeiLatinMissa brevis 3
GENESIS1:1-5recitsoprano, harp, unison chorusThe first day (see playlist) Documented with score here.HebrewUnleashing Leviathan
PSALMS19:1-7recit, chorussoprano, SATBThe heavens recount the glory of GodEnglishU-L-02
JOB1:1,19-22recit, chorustenor, SATBThe man from UzEnglishU-L-03
JEREMIAH20:7recitbass, harpYou have seduced meHebrew or EnglishU-L-04
JOB3:3recittenor, harpPerish! day when I was bornEnglishU-L-05
JEREMIAH20:14-17duetbass, harpLet it be darknessEnglishU-L-06
JOB3:4-8duettenor, harpLet it be darknessEnglishU-L-07
PSALMS110:1,2, 5-7choraleSATB, organAn oracleEnglishU-L-08
GENESIS1:6-8recitsoprano, harp, unison chorusThe second dayHebrewU-L-09
PROVERBS8:1-4,22-24,27,29-32, 34-35ariasoprano, alto, SATB, harp, percussionLullaby for an Infant HumanityEnglishU-L-10
JOB38:1-2chorussoprano, SATB, harpAnd Yahweh answered JobEnglishU-L-11
JOB38:4-7chorusSATB, harpWhere were youEnglishU-L-12
PSALMS111:1-3choraleSATB, organHallelujah, I will thank YahwehEnglishU-L-13
PSALMS112:1-3choraleSATB, organHallelujah, A happy person fears YahwehEnglishU-L-14
GENESIS1:9-13recitsoprano, harp, unison chorusThe third dayHebrewU-L-15
PSALMS24ariaalto, SATB, harpThe earthEnglishU-L-16
JOB38:1recitsoprano, harpAnd Yahweh answered JobHebrew or EnglishU-L-17
JOB38:8-11chorusSATB, harpOr who screened in OceanEnglishU-L-18
PSALMS113choraleSATB, organPraise, servants of YahwehEnglishU-L-19
GENESIS1:14-19recitsoprano, harp, unison chorusThe fourth dayHebrewU-L-20
PSALMS8:4:7ariatenor, organ, harpFor I see your heavensEnglishU-L-21
JOB38:31-32chorusSATB, organThe Pleiades, Orion, and the Great BearEnglishU-L-22
PSALMS115:16chorusSATB, organThe heavens’ heavensEnglishU-L-23
GENESIS1:20-23recitsoprano, harp, unison chorusThe fifth dayHebrewU-L-24
JOB7:12chorusSATB, harpAm I the sea or a dragon?EnglishU-L-25
JOB40:15-19chorusSATB, organBehemothEnglishU-L-26
PSALMS114:1-3achoraleSATB, organRedemptionEnglishU-L-27
PSALMS115:1choraleSATB, organNot to us, YahwehEnglishU-L-28
GENESIS1:24-31recitsoprano, harp, unison chorusThe sixth dayHebrewU-L-29
JEREMIAH4:23-27duetsoprano bass, harpI saw the land + GenesisEnglish and HebrewU-L-30
PSALMS144:3trioATB, harpWhat is this humanity + Psalm 8EnglishU-L-32
JOB7:17,19trioATB, harpWhat is this humanity + Psalm 8EnglishU-L-33
JOB41chorusSATB, harpLeviathanEnglishU-L-34
PSALMS116ariasoprano SATB, harpYahweh heardEnglishU-L-35
GENESIS2:1-3recitsoprano, harp, unison chorusThe seventh dayHebrewU-L-36
PSALMS92ariaalto SATB, harpto the SabbathEnglishU-L-37
PSALMS117ariasoprano SATB, wood blockPraise, all nationsEnglishU-L-38
PSALMS150choraleSATB, harp, wood block, organ, trumpet, timpaniPraise, all breath-bearingEnglishU-L-39