Sunday 28 February 2010

A pair of Hibiscus

Is Hibiscus a fourth declension noun?  No. The Yellow Hibiscus is the State flower of Hawaii so I will start with a pair of related hibiscuses that were just outside our apartment.
Look at how happy these were to meet each other.2010-02-20

But a day later they are spent 2010-02-21

The flowers of the Olympic medal ceremonies

Article here explains the tradition behind the flower presentations at the Olympic Medal Ceremonies. (supplied by Just Beginnings Flowers).

I have a host of possible posts since Hawaii - enough for a few years! Our tulip trees today in Victoria are out in full bloom also. I will scarcely have a moment to spare if I take learning botany seriously.

Monday 15 February 2010

Day 3

Well I did another collage of various blooms around the neighborhood. It is far too early for Rhodos but many are out. Some deep red camelia also - or I think that's what they are. A neighbor pointed out her Plum and Cherry blossoms - seems to me difficult to distinguish. There are lots of Christmas roses around - though it is not Christmas and they are not roses!

I had left the house without looking at my shoes. One was brown and the other black! From 2010-02-15
From Collages

Saturday 13 February 2010

Day 2

Did Adam name all the flowers? There are such a host of them. So many indeed around the inside of the house that I ignore. I haven't a clue what they are called. Time to learn eh? All this learning is to help the little grey cells also.
Some cut blossoming tree - plum is the earliest here I think, and some dried flowers and grasses in the background. The carpet is on the wallIn a corner of the dining room is a Phalaenopsis orchid we succeeded in getting to bloom a second year. There's another plant below it that grows inside all year long.
 The stairwell with some tall sticks - curly willow + Daffodils from a dancer On the dining room table, more daffodils and forsythia and in the background dried hydrangeas
In my office with flash dried peppery things but the plant is very much alive, and a crown of thorns
Same plant without a flash

We are off to Hawaii on Tuesday so perhaps I will bring back some exotic pictures.

Thursday 11 February 2010

Day 1 - a local collage

From Collages
Try this - can I name the flowers in this somewhat gray picture? I was a flower child, but not a knowledgable one.

Primula - about 3 dozen along the driveway, daffodils not yet in bloom, snowdrops we will never get rid of, heather by the gate and a rododendron, an enemy left the ivy, and there are crocuses from a nearby lane, lots of bluebells, tulips not yet in flower, narcissus, and forsythia. I will be more specific next time.

Restarting - rethinking

This blog will take a new direction, but I keep all its dangling roots. I intend to start a blog based on flowers after the poem of Christopher Smart, Jubilate Agno.

For the flowers are great blessings
For the flowers are great blessings
For the flowers have their angels
Even the words of God's creation
For the flower glorifies God
And the root parries the adversary
For there is a language of flowers
For the flowers are peculiarly
The poetry of Christ

The above is from Britten's setting and it is a solo I have sung many times. The whole poem will be found here.