Friday 30 November 2018

Considering (again) how to read The New Testament

For Westermann, every presentation of the motif of the Father-Son relationship is shaped by language and thinking rooted in the Old Testament.
I found the above quote in Consensus, A Canadian Journal of Public Theology.

I was searching in Google for 'the new testament in the the light of the old testament'. There are plenty of writings who reverse the light to the other way round. In the same PDF I also found Westermann's comment on gnosis in John. The physical order of the pages in this PDF is confused and incomplete, but this comment stood out:
Gnostic dualism is restricted to the later layer, found mostly in the controversy dialogues (5:17-47; 6:25-67; 7:14-36; 8:12-59 and 10:22-39); these dialogues are a “foreign element” in the Gospel of John. They are governed by motifs such as establishing contrasts between separate realms and people (8:23f “You are from below, I am from above; you are of this world, I am not of this world”), between spirit and matter (6:63 “It is the spirit that gives life, the flesh is of no avail”) and judgement (5:30 “as I hear, I judge; and my judgement is just”). Westermann argues that the statements of the later layer stand in opposition to the language and thinking of the Old Testament.
It occurs to me that we have been told before that the Old Testament is without dualism. And there is a truth here, but is it the whole truth and nothing but the truth? There we find both gospel and flesh. Each is expressed by the same Hebrew stem בשר. Flesh, as a body part 276 times. Good news, bearing good news, in the domain of speech and engagement about 30 times. The reality of the Old Testament is very present and tangible. Like the psalms, it is about the act of bringing forth the fully human child to maturity. Is this emergence good or not?

There is also a dualism in the Old Testament language. Not a Greek body-soul dualism, but not as far off as might be imagined. It is expressed in Qohelet 3:19,
For what transpires for the children of the earthling and what transpires for the beast? And what transpires for them is one thing. // As death for this, so is death for that and one spirit for all. And for the earthling over the beast there is no advantage, for the whole is futility.
Qohelet goes on, well deserving of a read: The whole ambles to one place. The whole comes from the dust and the whole returns to the dust. Who knows if the sprite of the earthling child ascends herself upward, or the sprite of the beast descends herself to the couch of the earth?

People read the opening of Genesis as if soul applied only to the human. This is a patently biased reading. The word commonly translated soul is נפשׁ, and it is used of all beings in Genesis 1 in the sea and on land before is it used of the earthling in Genesis 2. All life is living being. Or if you wish, living soul. Indeed נפשׁ is sometimes corporate, a group or subgroup of that living being. Qohelet is not using נפשׁ, but רוח, spirit, sprite, wind.

There is an act of Yahweh God in Genesis that is unique. It is the act of exhaling into the nose of the earthling. By that act, not as if it were a static result, the earthling became alive to self, or traditionally a living soul. The רוח returns to God. It is no longer differentiated when it is apart from the flesh.

It occurs to me also that we should ignore the idea of layering of a text. Not only do we read it as one, but we also think in layers, so even so-called layers can be a single product of a single time. Who understands the human thinking or speaking process?

This post in itself is only a beginning of thought. And I see that my question is anthropological as well as metaphysical. It is not so much that we must read forward from Old to New and critique our Biblical Study, as if we were recapitulating its example, but that we must also particularly critique our theology and christology, especially a Christology of separation. These theologies are the result of our taking control over things we do not have full control over. These theologies have resulted in some abominable teaching. Do we really think our teaching is supported from these Scriptures?

Is there a language through which we can pursue this question?

I note this book review (Torah Ethics and Early Christian Identity) as relevant. There is clearly a major shift in the New Testament - but are its elements already visible? Obviously this study is more complex than simply translating. The New Testament is beginning to seem to me like a painting, perhaps even an impressionistic painting, not representative, not a photograph. I think this will be even more clear from some of the links in the carnival due out tomorrow. At the same time, if we have some teaching that has led to violence that completely undoes the same teaching, then what, if anything will we do about it? Is regulation (law) sufficient?

Tuesday 27 November 2018

Volunteer readers

Who would like to read the Bible? Specifically Bob's Bible. Drop me a line. Leave a comment with an email to share to. Tweet me a tweet @drmacdonald. Send me an email stenagmois at gmail dot com

I am preparing the following volumes. Eventually I will have an ebook version. Right now it will be rough edged PDFs screaming for corrections.

Which part would you be interested to critique? I have run a spell check and fixed a number of typos - about 300 or so - there are lots more I am sure.
  • Torah - text only at the moment. 325 pages 161,180 words
  • Former Prophets - as for Torah 270 pages 136,238 words
  • Major Prophets - as for Torah 232 pages 120,022 words
  • The Twelve - this has all 12 sections defined and some music included - 129 pages 30,612 words
  • Job - as for the twelve. 98 pages, 18,961 words
  • The Proverbs - as for Torah - 46 pages, 15,298 words
  • The Psalms - is in final form, 5 sections, Hebrew/English music samples 181 pages 44,668 words 
  • The Five Scrolls - as for the twelve 75 pages 21,231 words
  • Other Writings - as for Torah 159 pages 78,165 words
It would be a good Advent exercise. Also a good Lenten exercise.

These are some of the questions that occur to me as I look over the text.
  1. Where should music be put? I cannot do the whole to music. Too many pages. But some examples will give the volumes their uniqueness. No one else is likely to do this work.
  2. What footnotes are required? There is a full glossary, complete and consistent, whether wrong or right or indifferent. My decisions may or may not be justified.
  3. Where have I left unreadable sentences in English where the Hebrew is perfectly OK? 
  4. Where do my decisions result in possible misreadings of the text?

Saturday 24 November 2018

A review of the list of Biblioblogs

The turnover in bloggers from the first carnival I hosted in 2012, exactly 6 years ago, is substantial. There is no easy way to find out who is current, who is useful, who else there is outside of the western English-speaking world and so on. 

This list of links is not the carnival. That is scheduled for Dec 1. Tell me if you have links you would like in the carnival.

The Biblioblog Library is no longer posting. These are the blogs on the list. If there is a date then it is the last post that I saw prior to Nov 1. Many of these blogs are really hard to find things on. Many have distracting ads. Though exhausting to read through one by one, it is far from exhaustive.

Here are their latest links in November up to Nov 24 if there were any. Otherwise there is a date of last posting in the format used on the subject blog. Most of these blogs are still somewhat active. I will not necessarily be checking these again.

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Theory and Reception: David B. Gowler

Thursday 22 November 2018

Things I discovered while doing something else.

Direct speech and vav

While searching with some automated assistance for typos in my text, I have discovered that there is no instance of direct speech anywhere in the Biblical text where the spoken word begins with a vav.

So while we might think that the Hebrews wrote with rather too many instances of the vav as connector, in fact their speech writing would seem to confirm that they did not speak that way.

Also, 1% of the time, direct speech is introduced immediately following the atnah (the main pause in a verse).

Another word I never used

The King James peppers its translation with heathen for גוי. For me, גוי is nation for 559 of 561 instances. The other two are national and nationhood, i.e. directly related, just not reduced to the lemma form, since my algorithm does not analyse or remove those suffixes, al or hood. A nation is a recognizable and somewhat cohesive subgroup of the human family. There is no cause for a hymn about heathen lands afar in Bob's Bible.

What was I trying to do?

Stop myself from imploding after finishing the first full draft of the libretto for the music of Tanakh.
A boxed set of Bob's Books

And try to define what I hope to accomplish in the next say 3 years. A full set of examples of the music with Hebrew and English underlay to accompany a release of my work in ebook form and possibly paper form. This would be the translation of the whole in a readable form and several pertinent examples of the music. Certainly examples from all I currently have in performance, and a few others.

What do I need?

I need critical readers and musicians ready to say no and yes. I need to prove the translations through setting them to music and through other means of validation some of which I will need to invent. I want to see what emerges from this study of this text.

What do I discover?

I find I have set some of the music already but the translation I now have bears little relationship to what I set 5 years ago! In some ways the older is better. But I know there were some cogent (to me) reasons for the changes made over the last 5 years. They weren't always musical reasons though.

Friday 16 November 2018

Genesis 24 word by word

I have posted this for a person who is mapping circular structures in the text of Genesis but who is not dealing with the original language of the text.
Genesis 24
1ואברהם and Abrahamאברהם זקן was oldזקן בא when it comesבוא בימים to daysיום ויהוה and Yahwehיהוה ברך blessedברך את --את אברהם Abrahamאברהם בכל in everythingכל
2ויאמר and saidאמר אברהם Abrahamאברהם אל toאל עבדו his servantעבד זקן the eldest ofזקן ביתו his houseבית המשׁל the governor ofמשׁל בכל allכל אשׁר thatאשׁר לו was hisל שׂים setשׂום נא if you willנא ידך your handיד תחת underתחת ירכי my thighירך
3ואשׁביעך and I will have you swearשׁבע ביהוה in Yahwehיהוה אלהי the God ofאלוה השׁמים the heavensשׁמים ואלהי and the God ofאלוה הארץ the landארץ אשׁר thatאשׁר לא notלא תקח you will takeלקח אשׁה a wifeאשׁה לבני for my sonבן מבנות from the daughters ofבת הכנעני the Canaaniteכנעני אשׁר whomאשׁר אנכי Iאנכי יושׁב have settledישׁב בקרבו amongקרב
4כי forכי אל toאל ארצי my landארץ ואל and toאל מולדתי my kindredילד תלך you will goהלך ולקחת and takeלקח אשׁה a wifeאשׁה לבני for my sonבן ליצחק for Yitschaqיצחק
5ויאמר and saidאמר אליו to himאל העבד the servantעבד אולי perhapsאולי לא notלא תאבה would consentאבה האשׁה the womanאשׁה ללכת to walkהלך אחרי after meאחר אל toאל הארץ landארץ הזאת thisזאת ההשׁב must I have returnשׁוב אשׁיב --שׁוב את --את בנך your sonבן אל toאל הארץ the landארץ אשׁר whichאשׁר יצאת you came forthיצא משׁם fromשׁם
6ויאמר and saidאמר אליו to himאל אברהם Abrahamאברהם השׁמר keep watchשׁמר לך for yourselfל פן lestפן תשׁיב you returnשׁוב את --את בני my sonבן שׁמה thereשׁם
7יהוה Yahwehיהוה אלהי the God ofאלוה השׁמים the heavensשׁמים אשׁר whoאשׁר לקחני took meלקח מבית from the house ofבית אבי my fatherאב ומארץ and from the land ofארץ מולדתי my kindredילד ואשׁר and whoאשׁר דבר spokeדבר לי to meל ואשׁר and whoאשׁר נשׁבע sworeשׁבע לי to meל לאמר sayingאמר לזרעך to your seedזרע אתן I will giveנתן את --את הארץ landארץ הזאת thisזאת הוא heהוא ישׁלח will sendשׁלח מלאכו his angelמלאך לפניך before youפנה ולקחת and you will takeלקח אשׁה a wifeאשׁה לבני for my sonבן משׁם from thereשׁם
8ואם and ifאם לא notלא תאבה would consentאבה האשׁה the womanאשׁה ללכת to walkהלך אחריך after youאחר ונקית then you will be exemptedנקה משׁבעתי from oathשׁבע זאת thisזאת רק certainlyרק את --את בני my sonבן לא notלא תשׁב do bring backשׁוב שׁמה thereשׁם
9וישׂם and putשׂום העבד the servantעבד את --את ידו his handיד תחת underתחת ירך the thigh ofירך אברהם Abrahamאברהם אדניו his masterאדון וישׁבע and sworeשׁבע לו to himל על concerningעל הדבר matterדבר הזה thisזה
10ויקח and tookלקח העבד the servantעבד עשׂרה tenעשׂר גמלים camelsגמל מגמלי from the camels ofגמל אדניו his masterאדון וילך and he wentהלך וכל for allכל טוב the good ofטוב אדניו his masterאדון בידו was in his handיד ויקם and he aroseקום וילך and he wentהלך אל toאל ארם the Aramaeanארם נהרים riversנהר אל toאל עיר the city ofעיר נחור Nahorנחור
11ויברך and he made kneelברך הגמלים the camelsגמל מחוץ outsideחוץ לעיר of the cityעיר אל byאל באר a well ofבאר המים the watersמים לעת at the time ofעת ערב eveningערב לעת at the timeעת צאת to emergeיצא השׁאבת to draw waterשׁאב
12ויאמר and he saidאמר יהוה Yahwehיהוה אלהי the God ofאלוה אדני my masterאדון אברהם Abrahamאברהם הקרה let it transpireקרה נא pleaseנא לפני in my presenceפנה היום todayיום ועשׂה and doעשׂה חסד kindnessחסד עם withעם אדני my masterאדון אברהם Abrahamאברהם
13הנה beholdהנה אנכי Iאנכי נצב will take a standנצב על overעל עין the spring ofעין המים waterמים ובנות and the daughters ofבת אנשׁי those ofאישׁ העיר the cityעיר יצאת will emergeיצא לשׁאב to drawשׁאב מים waterמים
14והיה and let it beהיה הנער the lassנער אשׁר whomאשׁר אמר I sayאמר אליה toאל הטי stretch outנטה נא pleaseנא כדך your pitcherכד ואשׁתה that I may imbibeשׁתה ואמרה and she saysאמר שׁתה imbibeשׁתה וגם and alsoגם גמליך your camelsגמל אשׁקה I will let drinkשׁקה אתה herאת הכחת let be the one who is correctיכח לעבדך for your servantעבד ליצחק for Yitschaqיצחק ובה and in herב אדע I will knowידע כי thatכי עשׂית you have doneעשׂה חסד kindnessחסד עם withעם אדני my masterאדון
15ויהי and it happenedהיה הוא --הוא טרם beforeטרם כלה he finishedכלה לדבר speakingדבר והנה and beholdהנה רבקה Rebekahרבקה יצאת emergedיצא אשׁר whoאשׁר ילדה was bornילד לבתואל to Bethuelבתואל בן son ofבן מלכה Milcahמלכה אשׁת wifeאשׁה נחור Nahorנחור אחי brother ofאח אברהם Abrahamאברהם וכדה and her pitcherכד על overעל שׁכמה her backsideשׁכם
16והנער and the lassנער טבת was goodטוב מראה of appearanceראה מאד veryמאד בתולה a virginבתולה ואישׁ and manאישׁ לא noלא ידעה had known herידע ותרד and she came downירד העינה toward the springעין ותמלא and filledמלא כדה her pitcherכד ותעל and came upעלה
17וירץ and racedרוץ העבד the servantעבד לקראתה to encounter herקרא ויאמר and he saidאמר הגמיאיני let me gulpגמא נא pleaseנא מעט a little ofמעט מים the waterמים מכדך from your pitcherכד
18ותאמר and she saidאמר שׁתה imbibeשׁתה אדני my Lordאדון ותמהר and she was swiftמהר ותרד and brought downירד כדה her pitcherכד על ontoעל ידה her handיד ותשׁקהו and gave him to drinkשׁקה
19ותכל and when she finishedכלה להשׁקתו letting him drinkשׁקה ותאמר she saidאמר גם alsoגם לגמליך for your camelsגמל אשׁאב I will drawשׁאב עד tillעד אם evenאם כלו they have finishedכלה לשׁתת imbibingשׁתה
20ותמהר and she was swiftמהר ותער and she upendedערה כדה her pitcherכד אל intoאל השׁקת the flumeשׁקה ותרץ and racedרוץ עוד furtherעוד אל toאל הבאר the wellבאר לשׁאב to drawשׁאב ותשׁאב and she drewשׁאב לכל for allכל גמליו his camelsגמל
21והאישׁ and the manאישׁ משׁתאה in a commotionשׁאה לה for herל מחרישׁ kept silentחרשׁ לדעת to knowידע ההצליח did prosperצלח יהוה Yahwehיהוה דרכו his wayדרך אם orאם לא notלא
22ויהי and it happenedהיה כאשׁר that asאשׁר כלו finishedכלה הגמלים the camelsגמל לשׁתות imbibingשׁתה ויקח that tookלקח האישׁ the manאישׁ נזם a earringנזם זהב goldזהב בקע a bekahבקע משׁקלו its weightשׁקל ושׁני and twoשׁנה צמידים circletsצמד על forעל ידיה her handsיד עשׂרה tenעשׂר זהב shekels of goldזהב משׁקלם weightשׁקל
23ויאמר and he saidאמר בת daughterבת מי whoseמי את are youאת הגידי tellנגד נא pleaseנא לי meל הישׁ is there inישׁ בית the house ofבית אביך your fatherאב מקום a placeקום לנו for usל ללין to lodgeלון
24ותאמר and she saidאמר אליו to himאל בת the daughter ofבת בתואל Bethuelבתואל אנכי I amאנכי בן son ofבן מלכה Milcahמלכה אשׁר whichאשׁר ילדה she gave birth toילד לנחור for Nahorנחור
25ותאמר and she saidאמר אליו to himאל גם bothגם תבן strawבנה גם and alsoגם מספוא silageמספוא רב in abundanceרב עמנו we haveעם גם alsoגם מקום a placeקום ללון to lodgeלון
26ויקד and bowed his headקדד האישׁ the manאישׁ וישׁתחו and worshipedשׁחה ליהוה to Yahwehיהוה
27ויאמר and he saidאמר ברוך blessed isברך יהוה Yahwehיהוה אלהי the God ofאלוה אדני my masterאדון אברהם Abrahamאברהם אשׁר whoאשׁר לא notלא עזב has forsakenעזב חסדו his kindnessחסד ואמתו and his truthאמת מעם withעם אדני my masterאדון אנכי Iאנכי בדרך on the journeyדרך נחני guided me toנחה יהוה Yahwehיהוה בית the house ofבית אחי the brother ofאח אדני my masterאדון
28ותרץ and racedרוץ הנער the lassנער ותגד and she toldנגד לבית the household ofבית אמה her motherאם כדברים about thingsדבר האלה theseאלה
29ולרבקה and Rebekah hadרבקה אח a brotherאח ושׁמו and his name wasשׁם לבן Labanלבן וירץ and racedרוץ לבן Labanלבן אל toאל האישׁ the manאישׁ החוצה outsideחוץ אל toאל העין the springעין
30ויהי and it happenedהיה כראת when he sawראה את --את הנזם the earringנזם ואת andאת הצמדים the circletsצמד על onעל ידי the hands ofיד אחתו his sisterאח וכשׁמעו and when he heardשׁמע את --את דברי the words ofדבר רבקה Rebekahרבקה אחתו his sisterאח לאמר sayingאמר כה thusכה דבר spokeדבר אלי to meאל האישׁ the manאישׁ ויבא that he cameבוא אל toאל האישׁ the manאישׁ והנה and beholdהנה עמד he stoodעמד על byעל הגמלים the camelsגמל על byעל העין the springעין
31ויאמר and he saidאמר בוא come inבוא ברוך blessed ofברך יהוה Yahwehיהוה למה whyלמה תעמד standעמד בחוץ outsideחוץ ואנכי and Iאנכי פניתי I have before meפנה הבית the houseבית ומקום and a placeקום לגמלים for the camelsגמל
32ויבא and cameבוא האישׁ the manאישׁ הביתה towards the houseבית ויפתח and untiedפתח הגמלים the camelsגמל ויתן and he gaveנתן תבן strawבנה ומספוא and silageמספוא לגמלים for the camelsגמל ומים and waterמים לרחץ to washרחץ רגליו his feetרגל ורגלי and the feet ofרגל האנשׁים the personsאישׁ אשׁר thatאשׁר אתו were with himאת
33ויושׂם and was setשׂום לפניו before himפנה לאכל foodאכל ויאמר but he saidאמר לא notלא אכל I will eatאכל עד untilעד אם without failאם דברתי I speakדבר דברי my wordsדבר ויאמר and he saidאמר דבר speakדבר
34ויאמר and saidאמר עבד servant ofעבד אברהם Abrahamאברהם אנכי am Iאנכי
35ויהוה and Yahwehיהוה ברך blessedברך את --את אדני my masterאדון מאד very muchמאד ויגדל and he became greatגדל ויתן and he gaveנתן לו himל צאן sheepצאן ובקר and oxenבקר וכסף and silverכסף וזהב and goldזהב ועבדם and servantsעבד ושׁפחת and handmaidsשׁפחה וגמלים and camelsגמל וחמרים and assesחמר
36ותלד and gave birth toילד שׂרה Sarahשׂרה אשׁת wife ofאשׁה אדני my masterאדון בן a sonבן לאדני to my masterאדון אחרי afterאחר זקנתה she was oldזקן ויתן and he has givenנתן לו himל את --את כל allכל אשׁר thatאשׁר לו he hasל
37וישׁבעני and made me swearשׁבע אדני my masterאדון לאמר sayingאמר לא notלא תקח you will takeלקח אשׁה a wifeאשׁה לבני for my sonבן מבנות from the daughters ofבת הכנעני the Canaaniteכנעני אשׁר whoseאשׁר אנכי Iאנכי ישׁב have settledישׁב בארצו in landארץ
38אם ratherאם לא --לא אל toאל בית the house ofבית אבי my fatherאב תלך you will goהלך ואל and toאל משׁפחתי my familyמשׁפחה ולקחת and takeלקח אשׁה a wifeאשׁה לבני for my sonבן
39ואמר and I saidאמר אל toאל אדני my masterאדון אלי perhapsאולי לא notלא תלך will walkהלך האשׁה the womanאשׁה אחרי after meאחר
40ויאמר and he saidאמר אלי to meאל יהוה Yahwehיהוה אשׁר whomאשׁר התהלכתי I walkהלך לפניו beforeפנה ישׁלח will sendשׁלח מלאכו his angelמלאך אתך with youאת והצליח and will prosperצלח דרכך your wayדרך ולקחת and you will takeלקח אשׁה a wifeאשׁה לבני for my sonבן ממשׁפחתי from my familyמשׁפחה ומבית and from the house ofבית אבי my fatherאב
41אז thenאז תנקה you will be exemptנקה מאלתי from my avowalאלה כי whenכי תבוא you comeבוא אל toאל משׁפחתי my familyמשׁפחה ואם and ifאם לא notלא יתנו they will permitנתן לך youל והיית then you will beהיה נקי exemptנקה מאלתי from my avowalאלה
42ואבא and I cameבוא היום todayיום אל toאל העין the springעין ואמר and I saidאמר יהוה Yahwehיהוה אלהי the God ofאלוה אדני my masterאדון אברהם Abrahamאברהם אם ifאם ישׁך there is yourנשׁך נא nowנא מצליח prospering ofצלח דרכי my wayדרך אשׁר thatאשׁר אנכי Iאנכי הלך have comeהלך עליה upon herעל
43הנה beholdהנה אנכי Iאנכי נצב will take a standנצב על overעל עין the spring ofעין המים waterמים והיה and let it beהיה העלמה the young womanעלמה היצאת who emergesיצא לשׁאב to drawשׁאב ואמרתי and I sayאמר אליה to herאל השׁקיני let me drinkשׁקה נא pleaseנא מעט a little ofמעט מים the waterמים מכדך from your pitcherכד
44ואמרה and she saysאמר אלי to meאל גם alsoגם אתה youאתה שׁתה imbibeשׁתה וגם and alsoגם לגמליך for your camelsגמל אשׁאב I will drawשׁאב הוא sheהוא האשׁה be the womanאשׁה אשׁר thatאשׁר הכיח finds correctיכח יהוה Yahwehיהוה לבן for the son ofבן אדני my masterאדון
45אני Iאני טרם beforeטרם אכלה I finishedכלה לדבר speakingדבר אל toאל לבי my heartלב והנה and beholdהנה רבקה Rebekahרבקה יצאת emergedיצא וכדה and her pitcherכד על overעל שׁכמה her backsideשׁכם ותרד and she came downירד העינה toward the springעין ותשׁאב and she drewשׁאב ואמר and I saidאמר אליה to herאל השׁקיני let me drinkשׁקה נא pleaseנא
46ותמהר and she was swiftמהר ותורד and brought downירד כדה her pitcherכד מעליה from over herעל ותאמר and she saidאמר שׁתה imbibeשׁתה וגם and alsoגם גמליך your camelsגמל אשׁקה I will let drinkשׁקה ואשׁת and I imbibedשׁתה וגם and alsoגם הגמלים the camelsגמל השׁקתה drankשׁקה
47ואשׁאל and I askedשׁאל אתה herאת ואמר and I saidאמר בת daughter ofבת מי whomמי את --את ותאמר and she saidאמר בת the daughter ofבת בתואל Bethuelבתואל בן son ofבן נחור Nahorנחור אשׁר whomאשׁר ילדה gave birth toילד לו for himל מלכה Milcahמלכה ואשׂם and I setשׂום הנזם the earringנזם על forעל אפה her noseאף והצמידים and the circletsצמד על forעל ידיה her handsיד
48ואקד and I bowed my headקדד ואשׁתחוה and I prostrated myselfשׁחה ליהוה Yahwehיהוה ואברך and I blessedברך את --את יהוה Yahwehיהוה אלהי the God ofאלוה אדני my masterאדון אברהם Abrahamאברהם אשׁר whoאשׁר הנחני had guided meנחה בדרך on a journey ofדרך אמת truthאמת לקחת to receiveלקח את --את בת the daughter ofבת אחי the brother ofאח אדני my masterאדון לבנו for his sonבן
49ועתה so nowעתה אם ifאם ישׁכם it is for youישׁ עשׂים to undertakeעשׂה חסד kindnessחסד ואמת and truthאמת את withאת אדני my masterאדון הגידו make it clearנגד לי to meל ואם and ifאם לא notלא הגידו make it clearנגד לי to meל ואפנה and I will faceפנה על toעל ימין the right handימן או orאו על toעל שׂמאל the leftשׂמאל
50ויען and answeredענה לבן Labanלבן ובתואל and Bethuelבתואל ויאמרו and they saidאמר מיהוה from Yahwehיהוה יצא emergesיצא הדבר this thingדבר לא notלא נוכל we are able toיכל דבר speakדבר אליך with youאל רע evilרעע או orאו טוב goodטוב
51הנה beholdהנה רבקה Rebekahרבקה לפניך before youפנה קח takeלקח ולך and goהלך ותהי and may she becomeהיה אשׁה a wifeאשׁה לבן to the son ofבן אדניך your masterאדון כאשׁר asאשׁר דבר has spokenדבר יהוה Yahwehיהוה
52ויהי and it happenedהיה כאשׁר that asאשׁר שׁמע heardשׁמע עבד the servant ofעבד אברהם Abrahamאברהם את --את דבריהם their wordsדבר וישׁתחו he prostrated himselfשׁחה ארצה to the earthארץ ליהוה to Yahwehיהוה
53ויוצא and brought forthיצא העבד the servantעבד כלי vessels ofכלי כסף silverכסף וכלי and vessels ofכלי זהב goldזהב ובגדים and garmentsבגד ויתן that he gaveנתן לרבקה to Rebekahרבקה ומגדנת and things of qualityמגד נתן he gaveנתן לאחיה to her brotherאח ולאמה and to her motherאם
54ויאכלו and they ateאכל וישׁתו and they imbibedשׁתה הוא heהוא והאנשׁים and everyoneאישׁ אשׁר thatאשׁר עמו was with himעם וילינו then they lodgedלון ויקומו and they aroseקום בבקר in the morningבקר ויאמר and he saidאמר שׁלחני send meשׁלח לאדני to my masterאדון
55ויאמר and saidאמר אחיה her brotherאח ואמה and her motherאם תשׁב let sitישׁב הנער the lassנער אתנו with usאת ימים a few daysיום או or soאו עשׂור tenעשׂר אחר after thatאחר תלך she will goהלך
56ויאמר and he saidאמר אלהם to themאל אל notאל תאחרו do delayאחר אתי meאת ויהוה for Yahwehיהוה הצליח has prosperedצלח דרכי my journeyדרך שׁלחוני send meשׁלח ואלכה that I may goהלך לאדני to my masterאדון
57ויאמרו and they saidאמר נקרא we will callקרא לנער the lassנער ונשׁאלה and ask herשׁאל את fromאת פיה her mouthפה
58ויקראו and they calledקרא לרבקה to Rebekahרבקה ויאמרו and they saidאמר אליה to herאל התלכי will you goהלך עם withעם האישׁ manאישׁ הזה thisזה ותאמר and she saidאמר אלך I will goהלך
59וישׁלחו and they sentשׁלח את --את רבקה Rebekahרבקה אחתם their sisterאח ואת andאת מנקתה her nannyינק ואת andאת עבד the servant ofעבד אברהם Abrahamאברהם ואת andאת אנשׁיו his menאישׁ
60ויברכו and they blessedברך את --את רבקה Rebekahרבקה ויאמרו and they saidאמר לה to herל אחתנו our sisterאח את --את היי may you becomeהיה לאלפי thousands ofאלף רבבה tens of thousandsרבב ויירשׁ and may possessירשׁ זרעך your seedזרע את --את שׁער the gate ofשׁער שׂנאיו those who hate themשׂנא
61ותקם and aroseקום רבקה Rebekahרבקה ונערתיה and her lassesנער ותרכבנה and they rodeרכב על onעל הגמלים the camelsגמל ותלכנה and they wentהלך אחרי afterאחר האישׁ the manאישׁ ויקח and tookלקח העבד the servantעבד את --את רבקה Rebekahרבקה וילך and he wentהלך
62ויצחק and Yitschaqיצחק בא cameבוא מבוא from the entry ofבוא באר the well ofבאר לחי Lifeחיה ראי Seeing Meראה והוא for heהוא יושׁב inhabitedישׁב בארץ in the land ofארץ הנגב the Negevנגב
63ויצא and went forthיצא יצחק Yitschaqיצחק לשׂוח to ruminateשׂוח בשׂדה in the fieldשׂדה לפנות in the face ofפנה ערב eveningערב וישׂא and he lifted upנשׂא עיניו his eyesעין וירא and he staredראה והנה and beholdהנה גמלים camelsגמל באים comingבוא
64ותשׂא and lifted upנשׂא רבקה Rebekahרבקה את --את עיניה her eyesעין ותרא and she sawראה את --את יצחק Yitschaqיצחק ותפל and fellנפל מעל fromעל הגמל the camelגמל
65ותאמר and she saidאמר אל toאל העבד the servantעבד מי who isמי האישׁ manאישׁ הלזה thisזה ההלך meanderingהלך בשׂדה in the fieldשׂדה לקראתנו and encountering usקרא ויאמר and saidאמר העבד the servantעבד הוא he isהוא אדני my masterאדון ותקח and she tookלקח הצעיף a blanketצעיף ותתכס and covered herselfכסה
66ויספר and recountedספר העבד the servantעבד ליצחק for Yitschaqיצחק את --את כל allכל הדברים the thingsדבר אשׁר thatאשׁר עשׂה he had doneעשׂה
67ויבאה and had her comeבוא יצחק Yitschaqיצחק האהלה towards the tent ofאהל שׂרה Sarahשׂרה אמו his motherאם ויקח and he tookלקח את --את רבקה Rebekahרבקה ותהי and she becameהיה לו hisל לאשׁה wifeאשׁה ויאהבה and he loved herאהב וינחם and was comfortedנחם יצחק Yitschaqיצחק אחרי afterאחר אמו his motherאם
Words: 918 Stems: 191

אב father (742) ancestor (446) parent (30) forebear (4) ancestral (1)
אבה consent (50) appetite (4)
אדון lord (194) master (102)
אהב love (252)
אהל tent (346) pitched tent (2) form tent (1)
אז onset (1) -- (1) back (1)
אח kin (340) brother (289) sister (108) sibling (8) being kin (1) both (1) family tie (1)
אחר follow (135) tomorrow (48) afterward (45) aftermath (33) last (14) delay (13) morrow (12) backward (9) latter (7) result (5) latter end (4) late (3) later time (3) consequence (2) farthest part (2) hindquarter (2) aftereffect (1) butt end (1) inclination (1) last one (1) next day (1) rear (1) rearward (1) straggler (1) things follow (1)
אישׁ man (523) person (396) men (363) anyone (82) soldier (61) everyone (56) -- (54) -one (31) such (10) adult (8) representative (6) another (4) other (3) personal (3) another person (1) cohort (1) every (1) every person (1) hero (1) real (1) ride (1) someone (1) spouse (1) there (1)
אכל eat (463) devour (148) ate (92) food (82) eaten (59) eats (36) fed (8) feed (8) fuel (6) knife (4) -- (3) eat up (3) give eat (3) ate up (1) eat fill (1) eaten up (1) ones eat (1) provide food (1)
אלה imprecation (17) avowal (14)
אלף thousand (459) two thousand (28) -- (20) million (3)
אם mother (216)
אמת truth (112) true (10) truthful (4) there truth (1)
אף nose (32) nostril (14) snout (1)
ארץ land (1,717) earth (739) earthward (62) through land (5) earthbound (1) part earth (1)
אשׁה wife (408) woman (238) women (121) mate (2)
באר well (43)
בגד garment (214) wardrobe (2)
בוא come (915) came (661) enter (304) bring (239) brought (236) go (80) went (40) income (38) entry (26) conduct (18) going down (14) entrance (13) set (8) -- (4) come duty (4) comply (4) cued set (3) goes (3) recede (3) summon (3) there came (3) cue set (2) introduce (2) progress (2) brought colonist (1) come pass (1) cue rise set (1) go down (1) goes down (1) others came (1) sets (1) therefore come (1) well come (1) wield (1)
בית house (2,124) household (20) -- (4) mansion (3) hearth home (1)
בן children (2,535) child (1,687) son (370) sons (190) he- (50) squab (10) little one (6) -- (5) ben- (3) male foal (3) -kin (2) calf (2) grandson (2) kids (2) children - (1) cubs (1) destiny (1) eaglet (1)
בנה build (192) built (189) built-up area (44) straw (19) built up (10) manner (9) build up (8) pattern (7) shape (4) began build (2) during build (2) rebuilt (2) building took (1) building up (1) rebuild (1)
בקע bekah (2)
בקר morning (213) oxen (105) herd (76) reflect (9) enquire (3) ox (3) enquiry (1) every morning (1) reflection (1)
ברך bless (401) blessing pool (15) knelt (2) -- (1) bend knee (1) kneel (1) went way (1)
בת daughter (535) she- (2) -- (1) daughter-of- (1) pupil (1)
בתולה virgin (42) maiden (10) virginity (6) proof virginity (2)
גדל great (535) magnify (27) greatness (24) grew (20) old (11) great thing (10) promote (10) exaggerate (5) great one (4) rear (4) grown (3) privilege (3) develop (2) grow (2) grown up (2) grown-up (2) inflate (2) greatly magnify (1) grew up (1) grows up (1) self-promotion (1) sounded off (1) visualize - great (1)
גמא rush (5) gulp (1)
גמל camel (53)
דבר word (1,046) spoke (483) speak (476) thing (196) spoken (183) matter (159) -- (4) routine (4) annals (2) interaction (2) something (2) such thing (2) tale (2) through word (2) wherewithal (2) -speech (1) address (1) conversation (1) even word (1) ones speak (1) said word (1) speak being (1) such word (1)
דרך way (481) ways (156) journey (54) direct (26) tread (20) direction (8) trodden (5) via (4) trod (3) tread out (2) -- (1) direct way (1) directly (1) director (1) finds way (1) go (1) hold way (1) trodden way (1) wayward (1) yes direct (1)
הלך walk (471) go (452) went (358) come (80) meander (26) gone (23) led (19) goes (18) travel (14) usher (13) amble (9) came (8) rush (7) proceed (6) procession (6) -- (4) walk off (4) gush (3) toll (3) plod (2) strut (2) walk out (2) avoid walk (1) expedition (1) gait (1) go back (1) goes down (1) got (1) ones walk (1) ongo (1) promenade (1) sail (1) sidle (1) slither (1) slithering off (1) such go (1) there went (1) to (1) walk around (1) walk up (1) walked offstage (1) walked through (1) walker (1) walking intent (1) walks off (1) went off (1) went rush (1)
זהב gold (365) shekels gold (13) golden (11)
זקן old (183) aged (13) old age (10) ages (2) old man (2) age (1) old men (1) old women (1)
זרע seed (244) sow (37) sown (13) sows (2) vegetable (2) seeder (1)
חמר ass (42)
חסד kindness (189) mercy (48) kind (6) show kind (2) covenant mercy (1) covenant-merciful-kindness (1) show mercy (1) showing mercy (1) there kindness (1)
חרשׁ silent (22) deaf (13) kept silent (7) wooded height (6) keep silence (5) silence (5) keep silent (3) kept silence (3) incise (2) keeps silent (2) sultry (2) keeping silent (1) keeps silence (1) speechless (1)
טוב good (564) better (56) well (32) goodness (27) fine (18) best (11) merry (11) seems good (3) good one (2) much better (2) please (2) seemed good (2) -- (1) dealt well (1) feel good (1) good thing (1) goodness yah (1) practice well (1) top notch (1) well off (1) well thought (1) well- (1) well-practice (1) went well (1)
טרם ere (19) time past (1)
יד hand (1,546) tenon (6) handy (5) -- (1) pointer (1) times handy (1) tossed hand (1)
ידע know (734) known (142) knowledge (124) knew (61) wizard (9) -- (6) acknowledge (5) set down (5) acquaint (4) acquaintance (4) inform (4) clue (3) opinion (3) forecast (2) ascertain (1) even know (1) famous (1) give knowledge (1) given knowledge (1) intimate (1) knowledge yah (1) knowledgeable (1) letting known (1) renown (1) there acquaintance (1) whereabouts known (1) why know (1) wizardry (1)
יום day (1,262) days (809) today (203) day long (43) -- (14) regular (11) day span (8) two day (5) many day (3) day require (2) full year (2) very day (2) day out (1) days ago (1) days stretch (1) few day (1) other day (1) plurality day (1) working day (1)
יכח correction (23) referee (21) correct (17) reprove (12) reproof (5) argue (4) refereed (2) finds correct (1) reasoning prove (1) referee together (1)
יכל overpower (19) endure (10) all (3) accomplish (2) -- (1) such (1)
ילד gave birth (128) born (99) succession (52) give birth (33) juvenile (27) newborn (23) giving birth (21) boy (20) beget (18) given birth (17) midwife (10) nativity (9) begotten (7) kindred (7) gives birth (6) male peer (6) there born (5) begot (4) successor (4) childhood (3) birth (2) boys (2) girl (2) male newborn (2) toddle (2) bring birth (1) chick (1) confirmed succession (1) female juvenile (1) fertile (1) male juvenile (1) ready give birth (1)
ימן right hand (100) right (71) right side (11) even right hand (1) take right (1) turn right (1)
ינק suckle (21) nursling shoot (6) nursl (4) nanny (3) wet-nurse (3) nursing mother (2) sapling (1)
יצא brought out (114) go forth (105) emerge (102) went out (85) came out (83) went forth (70) came forth (65) bring forth (60) go out (53) come forth (50) brought forth (49) bring out (41) going out (41) come out (34) exeunt (18) goes out (17) comes forth (16) going forth (15) coming forth (11) comes out (9) exit (9) gone out (9) brings forth (8) gone forth (8) offspring (8) goes forth (7) -- (5) bringing out (5) emergence (5) brings out (4) come (4) source (4) goings forth (3) bringing forth (2) bulge out (2) coming out (2) go (2) going off duty (2) goings out (2) out came (2) sally forth (2) all came out (1) and went out (1) anyone going out (1) duty (1) forth (1) get out (1) outgo (1) sally (1) there emerge (1) vanish (1)
ירד descend (144) come down (39) came down (37) go down (35) went down (28) brought down (25) bring down (22) going down (13) gone down (7) descent (6) run down (5) coming down (4) running down (4) take down (3) brings down (2) taken down (2) -- (1) bringing down (1) descending down (1) down (1) down descent (1) goes down (1) hanging down (1)
ירך flank (33) thigh (25) two flank (5)
ירשׁ possess (154) dispossess (67) new wine (40) possession (28) dispossession (3) -- (1) effect dispossession (1) gave possess (1) heir (1) license (1) taken possession (1)
ישׁב settle (357) inhabitant (240) sit (197) inhabit (131) sat (97) seat (54) sits (36) immigrant (10) persist (9) sat down (5) situate (4) emigrant (2) sitting here (2) -- (1) already settle (1) bid sit (1) habitable shape (1) house-gue (1) inhabitable (1) resettle (1) seat governance (1) sit tight (1) situation (1) yonder seat (1)
כד pitcher (18)
כלה finish (101) consume (82) consummation (15) consuming end (12) consummate (5) find end (4) consuming desire (1) consuming means (1) consummate end (1) found end (1) know finish (1) things consummate (1) till finish (1)
כלי vessel (215) inner pouch (5) such vessel (1)
כסה cover (179) blindfold (3) frill (2) take cover (1)
כסף silver (376) money (24) pieces silver (9) silver piece (7) ache (1)
לב heart (599) heartfelt (2) -- (1) doubtful heart (1)
לון lodge (47) stop (17) bide (8) bide time (2) stick around (2) bode time (1) hang around (1) hanging around (1) hung around (1) staying power (1)
לקח take (408) took (385) receive (78) taken (72) lay hold (15) get (6) tong (6) tuition (5) laid hold (4) take up (4) got (3) lays hold (2) commodity (1) laying hold (1)
מגד quality (8) quality thing (2) things quality (2)
מהר swift (73) impetuous (10) moved swift (8) rush headlong (6) move swift (5) precipitous (2) precipitate (1) rushed headlong (1) rushes headlong (1) swiftness (1)
מים water (576) through water (2) watery (2) -- (1) water reflect (1)
מלא fill (169) full (114) fulfill (42) fullness (28) fully (10) inlaid (6) corroborate (1) fulfillment offering (1) gave full (1) generous (1) infill (1) thorough (1)
מלאך messenger (163) angel (55)
מספוא silage (5)
מעט little (50) few (35) insignificant (15) decrease (9) brief (5) less (4) hint (2) least hint (1) scarce (1) short (1) short order (1)
משׁל governor (21)
משׁפחה family (301) throughout family (2)
נגד clear (137) told (96) tell (61) announce (42) evident (26) -- (4) evidence (3) herald (1) known (1) sure clear (1)
נהר river (136) flow together (5) two river (3)
נזם earring (15) -r (1) ring (1)
נחה guide (38) superintend (2)
נחם comfort (77) sigh (30) regret (7) consolation (4) show pity (2) console (1) re-create (1) showed pity (1)
נטה stretched out (65) bend (56) stretch out (34) bent (22) stretching out (10) stretch (8) push (7) swerve (5) decline (2) stretches out (2) bulge (1) hearten (1) look bend (1) nuance (1) push off (1) though stretched out (1)
נער lad (116) lass (61) lads (52) youngster (28) young lass (1)
נפל fall (232) fell (121) fallen (77) miscarry (7) there fell (6) lot fall (3) miscarriage (3) fall down (2) fall out (2) fallen down (2) -- (1) anything fall (1) falling down (1) fell helter-skelter (1) flap (1) helter-skelter (1) let fall (1) pending fall (1) such fall (1) there fallen (1)
נצב monument (41) monitor (21) stand firm (12) stood firm (11) taking stand (8) standing firm (7) garrison (6) take stand (5) post (4) laid out (3) stands firm (3) took stand (3) firmness (2) stood firmly (2) haft (1) lay out (1) stand firmly (1) takes stand (1) tortoise (1) women stand (1)
נקה innocent (52) hold innocent (11) held innocent (9) exempt (7) acquit (5) innocence (4) holding innocent (2) cleaning pan (1) innocent twig (1) pristine (1)
נשׁך interest (15) take interest (5) bite (4) bit (2) bitten (1) chomp (1) earns interest (1) takes interest (1) there (1)
נשׂא bear (227) lifted up (168) lift up (142) load (61) bore (40) borne (22) lifting up (17) take (9) lifts up (8) swell (6) assume liability (5) partial (5) took (5) mist (4) take up (4) forbear (3) forbearance (3) liability (3) lift (3) shown partiality (3) assumed liability (2) bear up (2) being lifted up (2) supply (2) accord (1) calculate (1) care package (1) cart (1) partiality (1) show partiality (1) shows partiality (1) such take (1) taken (1) wave (1)
נתן give (840) gave (421) given (290) position (93) assign (82) consign (67) permit (60) yield (43) daub (23) put forth (13) grant (11) connect (7) demonstrate (6) donation (3) give up (3) prevent (3) -- (2) chant (2) take (2) tighten (2) gave permission (1) give here (1) giving due (1) let (1) net (1) play (1) refrain give (1) responsible (1) though give (1) though permit (1)
ספר count (152) recount (69) scribe (8) secretary (5) number (3) sapphire (2) declare (1) scribble (1)
עבד servant (783) serve (270) service (147) servitude (27) manservant (15) male slave (8) slave (8) administration (4) cultivate (4) another (3) male servant (3) being serve (2) fabricate (2) staff servant (2) administer (1) cultivation (1) enslave (1) fabrication (1) menservant (1) such serve (1) though serve (1)
עד until (334) till (149) long (47) -- (27) endless (8) even (4) during (2) such (2) even till (1) up (1)
עוד further (61) though further (1)
עזב forsake (88) forsaken (79) forsook (31) delegation (7) defer (5) assist (4) delegate (3) discard (3) -- (1) disavowal (1) left (1)
עין eyes (657) sight (104) eye (101) spring (48) eyesight (2) visible (2) - - eye (1) eyes, (1) eyes, eye (1) glance eye (1) through eye (1)
עיר city (1,098)
עלה ascend (208) go up (110) went up (97) brought up (93) came up (92) come up (67) bring up (48) ascent (46) going up (17) ascendant (10) coming up (10) brings up (9) conduit (9) gone up (9) comes up (6) ascendancy (5) goes up (5) ascendance (4) bringing up (3) climb (3) get up (3) pretext (3) such come up (3) burnt offering (2) -- (1) got up (1) grew up (1)
עלמה young women (5) young woman (4) alamit (1)
עמד stand (324) stood (157) pillar (107) install (35) stand still (3) standing-place (3) give stand (2) keep foothold (2) kept foothold (2) stood back (2) stood up (2) foothold (1) lo stand (1) stand back (1) standing here (1) standing pillar (1) standing up (1) steady (1) stood down (1) stood still (1) there stood (1) through pillar (1)
ענה answer (367) expound (5) afflict (1)
ערב evening (139) sunset (3)
ערה nakedness (49) expose (26) sheath (5) exposure (2) upend (2) genital (1)
עשׂה deed (133) construct (126) deal (56) undertake (47) undertook (40) dealt (38) interleave (22) construction (18) undertaken (18) make (15) do (12) -- (5) operate (4) ply (4) out (3) similar construction (3) take action (3) task (3) through deed (3) act (2) being (2) doer (2) such (2) that (2) there (2) up (2) -do (1) .. (1) achieve (1) all (1) ask deal (1) exercise (1) mark deed (1) operation (1) operator (1) ought (1) particular deed (1)
עשׂר -- (306) twenty (305) ten (169) tenth (78) tithe (34) eleven (19) eleventh (17) twentieth (9) tens (3) ten time (2) getting tithe (1) teen (1) twenty piece (1) twenty-first (1)
עת time (288) due time (4) such time (4) duration (1) period (1) tide (1)
עתה -- (2) minute (2)
פה mouth (354) collar (8) funnel (3) 'read lips' (1) -- (1) pucker (1)
פנה presence (714) face (679) surface (40) -- (4) present (4) rather face (3) about-face (2) face forward (2) faced forward (2) face face (1) faced backward (1) prepared soil (1) put face (1) save face (1)
פתח open (130) carve (20) loose (5) set wide open (3) unsheath (2) untie (2) -- (1) hinge-socket (1) open way (1) opened way (1) parting open (1) penetration (1) perfect, open (1) swords unsheath (1) unsheathes sword (1) vent (1)
צאן flock (155) sheep (118) lamb- (2) sheep- (1)
צלח prosper (42) thrive (21) basin (5) prosperous (2) useful (2) hustle (1) intercede (1) send prosperity (1)
צמד circlet (6)
צעיף blanket (3)
קדד bowed head (14) stooped cassia (2) bow (1)
קום place (480) arise (250) arose (188) raise up (42) raise (27) upheld (23) raised up (19) uphold (18) arisen (16) raising up (5) -- (2) raises up (2) there arise (2) assignation (1) hold high (1) quicken (1) quickly arise (1) quite arisen (1) take place (1) there arose (1) waking arise (1)
קרא call (622) encounter (119) proclaim (62) recite (41) convocation (23) called out (13) acclaim (8) call out (5) invite (4) query (4) converge (3) partridge (2) recitation (2) calls out (1) convergence (1) convoke (1)
קרה town (77) transpire (9) beam (4) befall (3) befallen (3) rafter (3) laid rafter (2) chance (1) come meet (1) eventually met (1) laying rafter (1)
ראה see (551) saw (351) seen (169) appearance (100) appear (82) show (63) sees (52) stare (23) regard (15) seer (13) shown (9) mirror (4) sight (3) vulture (2) apparition (1) charisma (1) saw fit (1) stared down (1) there appear (1) though see (1)
רב many (231) abundant (123) abundance (100) much (34) multitude (24) great (16) many thing (5) firmly (3) manifold (3) plenary (3) -- (2) great thing (2) largess (2) lots (2) munificent (2) right many (2) ר many (1) being abundant (1) given multitude (1) many time (1) richly abundant (1) skill (1) such abundant (1) there much (1) very (1)
רבב multiply (30) ten thousand (13) tens thousand (9) vast (8) copious shower (6) -- (2) twenty thousand (2) assail (1) copious (1) multiplicity (1) sixty thousand (1) teen thousand (1) ten-thousand (1)
רגל feet (163) foot (88) around feet (3) foot- (2) stride (2) footstool (1) pilgrimage (1) surveyor (1) two feet (1)
רוץ race (97) footmen (9) footman (2)
רחץ wash (73) wash- (2) keep wash (1) trust (1)
רכב chariot (148) ride (63) charioteer (15) rode (15) chariot-horse (3) carried chariot (1) ridden (1) rider-stone (1) rode off (1)
רעע evil (635) hurt (48) hurtful (18) evildoer (15) injure (11) injury (9) deject (8) worse (5) bring evil (3) dejection (3) brought evil (2) do evil (2) get hurt (2) -- (1) deal ill (1) disservice (1) evil intent (1) evil one (1) evil state (1) evil thing (1) evil women (1) grimace (1) lead evil (1) spite injury (1) worse evil (1)
שׁאב draw (12) drew (5) draw water (1) drawn (1) places drawing water (1)
שׁאה noise (18) commotion (3) noisy (3) reduce (2)
שׁאל ask (130) request (24) inquire (14) beg (5) wish (5) asks (4) require (3) -- (2) begged leave (2) loan (2) put forward (2) asked leave (1) greet (1)
שׁבע swore (78) swear (49) sworn (38) oath (35) adjure (10) allegiance (1) ones swore (1) swear refrain (1) swear word (1) swears oath (1)
שׁוב return (601) turn (322) restore (65) turn back (15) bring back (11) turncoat (10) reply (9) turned back (9) brought back (7) reverse (7) -- (5) return back (5) paid tribute (3) repair (3) turning back (2) get back (1) give riposte (1) ones turn (1) restoration (1) returned back (1) reversal (1) revert (1) riposte (1) turns back (1) zigzag (1)
שׁחה worship (94) prostrate (82) prostration (1)
שׁלח sent (459) send (195) extend (57) send out (50) set loose (28) sent out (20) dismiss (16) reached out (9) reach out (8) put (6) send off (3) sending out (3) sends out (3) -- (2) dispense (2) extend such (2) extension (2) reach (2) sender (2) sent down (2) dismissal (1) handing (1) parting gift (1) send back (1) send such (1) sent off (1) sets loose (1) shalach (1) shoot (1) siloah (1)
שׁם name (862) there (676) -- (97) reputation (9) thereto (6) repute (5) heading there (2) reputable (1)
שׁמים heaven (455) heavenward (3)
שׁמע hear (669) heard (422) broadcast (37) report (27) pay heed (22) fame (13) paid heed (8) heed (7) message (6) ones hear (3) -- (2) music (2) give hear (1) hear - listen (1) lest hear (1)
שׁמר keep (308) watch (100) guard (52) kept (52) keep watch (33) shelter (13) guardian (4) keeping watch (4) watchman (3) adamant (2) detention (2) night watch (2) -- (1) bodyguard (1) choir (1) disregard (1) keeps watch (1) kept watch (1)
שׁנה two (510) second (167) twelve (122) second time (26) twelfth (19) twice (9) twofold (9) -- (5) equivalent (3) repeat second time (2) second order (2) two thing (2) between two (1) duplicate (1) equivalence (1) repeated second time (1)
שׁער gate (378) gatekeeper (36) fold (1) nigh gate (1)
שׁפחה handmaid (45) female slave (9) female servant (3) handmaiden (3) maid (1) slave-girl (1) slavery (1)
שׁקה cupbearer (28) drink (28) irrigate (13) give drink (12) gave drink (8) drank (2) cupbearing (1) drench (1) flume (1) gives drink (1) irrigation (1) letting drink (1)
שׁקל shekel (101) weight (29) weigh (15) appraisal (8) assess (4) spend (3) appraise (2) weigh out (1)
שׁתה imbibe (218) party (47) -- (2) beverage (2) desiccate (1) drunk- (1) ebb (1) let party (1)
שׂדה field (328) country (7) countryside (3) corn-blast (1)
שׂוח ruminate (1)
שׂום set (238) set up (119) put (106) set place (38) render (30) define (26) sets up (10) set out (9) sets (8) sets place (4) laid (3) lay up (3) put out (3) put up (2) -- (1) being set up (1) label (1) laid up (1) pitch (1) place (1) puts (1) sets out (1) setting up (1) suggest (1) tow (1)
שׂמאל left (46) left hand (19) left side (1) take left (1) turn left (1)
שׂנא hate (146) hatred (17) -- (1) hate- (1)