Friday 23 December 2022


Greetings after many weeks of silence. In fact, Advent greetings. I have been meditating a little on the significance of Advent candles. This is probably the only bit of liturgy that is reminding me of my past 70+ years nearly 80 in fact. I looked up in various places the words associated with each of the Advent candles, and I discovered that I have differing thoughts about them, and I use different colors. We traditionally have four equal white candles for the four Sundays in Advent and one red candle for Christmas.

As I thought about them, I considered that Advent itself is a time of expectation. And I agreed with the general consensus, that hope is the name of the first candle. Then I thought surely light is the second candle. Light does not appear in anyone’s list that I could find. Yet light and darkness are clearly an issue related to hope, so I consider my second candle to be light. 

What about the third and the fourth? There are so many possible keywords that it’s hard to choose just two more. Love, joy, faith, peace? And was I right to anticipate light when the entire season of Epiphany might teach more about light? Or should the Christ candle be considered the one that brings light into the world? I think I will stick with the traditional third Sunday interpretation which considers the candle to be for joy. We can’t explain joy, even if we give it the Latin name Gaudete. Siri doesn’t do Latin.

Then I will keep the word peace for the day fourth Sunday. Peace is severely lacking these days. One truly wonders what madness has overcome the human race. 

Peace is the single word of our joined hands at meal time before we begin to eat. There can be very complicated and very simple graces before or during or after a meal, but the single word, peace, is a start. Let the four white candles also stand for innocence. Hope may be lodged in a child’s presence. 

Light, joy, peace, all these words are short, but very large. In this period of expectant hope the light shows us our darkness, joy shows us our inability to trust each other, and peace shows us the immensity of our wars. 

Now, consider this: God has given us himself, his presence, and love to keep us from the ravages of ourselves. Pardon my pronouns. My language is insufficient. But so is yours. God’s self today is cold, bitter, filled with the consequences of our actions. God’s presence and love to keep us must first correct us so that we can all learn to keep ourselves. It is obviously mysterious. That is why my Christ candle is red. Red is for self-giving.

I think I had better stop this dictation. I am still sort of on holiday in the midst of the current storms. I have to return to design and build my new dwelling place. I don’t know if I will succeed but I think the experience will be important for us. Wish us luck in the new year. 

Friday 2 December 2022

Understanding the Masora - example 1

 As I noted last month, I have come across a new downloadable book on the Masoretic texts. I read more slowly Martín-Contreras on the Masora. It is a clear introduction. Verifying the masora is tricky to say the least. The annotator of the codex does not have the advantage of a computer and database. I can see immediately some of the examples in my online concordance. Of course, there may be other constraints that I am not seeing, but counting words of a particular form with accentuation is fully transparent on my concordance. You can see at a glance and I can verify that there is no error or omission from queries on my database,

Here is example 1 - dryness - krb 

/krb/ is a high usage root. It spells Horeb, e.g. בְּחֹרֵ֑ב in the domain of location. It is spelled with a tsere. And it spells sword, dagger, or ruins in the domain of violence. Here it is spelled with segol. E.g. בַּחֶ֔רֶב. In both these, the accent is on the first syllable of the root (excluding the preposition b). The concordance (linked above) gives exact counts for each combination of accents and vowels.

If you go to its next meaning, it is used for the verb to drain. And finally the result of draining, dryness, desert, deserted, etc. Here the accent is on the second syllable of the word and sometimes the third.

The example in the book is Judges 6:37 where the word occurs by itself. 

The masora, he tells me, indicates the word 16. But it's not the traditional 'tz (9+7). It is spelled iv (10+6). This raises another question. 

Is this a count? I wondered if the Masoretes were creating a concordance as they copied, or had such a tool already to hand. I see 9 references to /krb/ without suffix or prefix, three in the passage in Judges, vv 37, 39, 40. Then also Isaiah - twice, 25:5 and 61:4, then Genesis, Haggai, Ezekiel, Job, each having 1 occurrence. Then further down in the list sorted in word form sequence including diacritics, 5 more. Then I go back to Horeb and find the word once in the form without prefix or suffix, and 168 more as sword. Grand total for this root in this word form is 183 spread across several domains of usage and with varied accentuation.

What could '16' mean? Martín-Contreras cites Ginsburg:

According to the list in Ginsburg’s compilation, the sixteen references are: Gen. 31.40 (חֹ֖רֶב); Judg. 6.37, 39, 40; Jer. 36.30; 49.13; 50.38; Ezek. 29.10; Isa. 4.6; 25.4; 25.5, 5; 61.4; Zeph. 2.14; Hag. 1.11; and Job 30.30.

 Some of these are with specific prefixes. There is no solution but to look at these one at a time, and my surmise is that the '16' are too different to be considered as a group. 

M-C's conclusion is that these '16' are different because the tsere distinguishes Horeb from dryness. "those with segol and penultimate stress are cases of the common noun, [krb] drought, parching heat, desolation/dryness (Brown 1952), and those with tsere and stress on the ultima are instances of the proper name [krb] Horeb".

There are many more to ponder.

I have to leave this for a while since I have now moved and will be working from temporary locations for some time to come (3-6 months) as we build a new place to call home - temporarily of course, as is the case with all our places.

Thursday 1 December 2022

The inter-verse and inter-chapter relationships of the te'amim

In 2015, I noted this post (below) that - due to the nature of blog posts - is transient, but deserves to be noted again. Wickes 1881: A treatise on the accentuation of the three so-called poetical books on the Old Testament, Psalms, Proverbs, and Job.

I have to repeat the note because Wickes is still taught and believed and I have demonstrated repeatedly that some of his claims are materially incorrect. You can even pay to read about his incorrect theories. Why would you want to learn confusion?

The scholars cannot study the accents without the music. How many of them would know that the tifha begins each of the responses to Job and that these verses are in the accents of the 21. We must correct the confusion of history with accurate and complete information. Scholarship is wonderful, but it must be subject to scrutiny. I am an old man now and not a scholar of the guild. I discovered this relationship between the two sets of accents through the computer program I wrote to create the music. The program (2013) 'knew' the difference between the set of accents in the 21 and the set in the 3 -- and it failed on the narrator's part until I noted the presence of an accent from the 21 in that part of the text. Then all was well with the music. No growth is possible until we see what we have done wrong.

From my archives: (lightly edited)
I am testing again the thesis that individual verses of the Bible are unrelated to each other with respect to the music (from Wickes 1881) as noted in an earlier post. Wickes writes the following: "Logically, a verse may be closely connected with the one preceding or following it; but musically and accentually no such connection exists." This a false thesis. Individual verses are clearly "musically and accentually" related over a wide range within the context of stories, books, and sections of the text. Here is another illustration that shows we should read the music of the text from the beginning.

I will give you one example from the book of Job. 

Job is a series of conversations from chapter 3 to 41. Each conversation is introduced by a phrase from the narrator. The music shows that each conversation is a response to Job. It could have been just a repetition of a standard bit of punctuation - but it is not. And the narrator (using the accents from the 21 books right in the midst of all the poetry) has ample scope for singing a suitable tone of voice as each of the three friends responds to Job (the conversations themselves being with the poetic accents of the three books).

I note also that Crowther in Studies on the Masora 2022 has missed the usage of the accents from the 21 books in the narrator's part. His claim (page 301) that the accents of the 21 are used 'up to Job 3:2, and then back at 42.7' is incomplete. All the narrator's parts use the accents of the 21. These include these verses: Job 3:1, 4:1, 6:1, 8:1, 9:1, 11:1, 12:1, 15:1, 16:1, 18:1, 19:1, 20:1, 21:1, 22:1, 23:1, 25:1, 26:1, 29:1.

Have a look. Note too how Job's initial conversation has an elaborate introduction. Yahweh's introduction in chapter 38 is quiet compared to Job's introduction in chapter 3. Then note how the narrator's introduction of Job always goes from tonic to tonic, whereas the introduction to the three friends' response always begins on the third (tifha) and descends to the tonic (silluq). There are no resting points (atnah or ole-veyored) in any of these verses. Also note that Elihu's introductions are exactly equivalent to Job's. Make of it what you will - but this is not an answer beginning on the third, rather it is more like the introduction to an addendum which Job himself might have sung.

All the chapters of Job are here in their musical form.

Elihu warns about inexperience vs experience: Great men are not always wise: neither do the aged understand judgment.

Wednesday 16 November 2022

Isaiah 12 - third usage in 6 years

 Here's the snippet of Isaiah 12 as sung by the choir and congregation of St John the Divine Victoria. Thanks to Karen Coverett for extracting it from the sevice stream.

Sunday 13 November 2022

Crowther on two systems of te'amim

 I have come across a new downloadable book on the Masoretic texts. I jumped immediately to Crowther: Why are there Two Systems of Tiberian Ṭeʿamim?

(Daniel J. Crowther (PhD, University of Bristol, 2015) is an Assistant Director for Langham Scholars’ Ministry and a Research Associate of the Centre for Muslim and Christian Studies, Oxford. )

He, like Wickes, (and he appears to understand Wickes - a feat in itself) describes the music using rules about the te'amim (marks of taste). After a clear but incomplete description, he comes to no conclusion other than this:

"It seems to me intuitively sensible to take the testimony of the Masoretes more seriously when they claim to be attempting to capture an established tradition of recitation with their ṭeʿamim, not creating one through the application of an established grammar of the ṭeʿamim."

I certainly agree with him. My own posts on Wickes are not as polite or knowledgeable but I repeat a statement by Wickes who (1881 :35) complains that "these poets are not using the dichotomy consistently". And so they aren’t. They likely had not heard of it. Not one of the corrections that Wickes proposes is required for the music. The idea of continuous dichotomy should be removed from discussion. Music is subject to more nuanced shape than a hierarchy, a concept that is overused in most professions. Crowther (following Wickes) uses the word "law" as if the accents were a law unto themselves. 

But he did point out to me that in the 21 books, tifha (g or g#) always precedes the atnah (A) and the silluk (e). In contrast, in the 3 books, this restriction is not used. I admit that I hadn't noticed, though the observation is evident in the appendix to my own book, The Song in the Night. To explain it musically, the leading tone, g#, is always present in the phrase leading to the rest, and in the phrase returning to the silluq. This is not a law, but a convention. The leading tone gives the character to the phrases of the 21 books. It is a traditional augmented second in the default tone that Haïk-Vantoura uses. She is right in her mapping of the accents below the text to a modal scale. 

Scholars of the Masoretic text should start to listen to her treatise.

Scholars do not have a better explanation.

See also this later post

Wednesday 9 November 2022

It's time for Isaiah 12 again

 The liturgy calls for Isaiah 12 as a psalm. This setting here is available. Music is linked here.

Thursday 3 November 2022

Carnival #200 almost

Jim West, longtime carnival master, has done a thorough job of carnival #200 - counting his prior month carnival as 199 - a rerun.  Well, Jim, there was another carnival 199 - but it had a ? in it. It was very limited in any case. But between the two of us, there was sort of a carnival 199 even if missed.

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Sense and Sensible

 Meaning? You know how mean I think that word is. We use it to exercise control over others. We use it to reduce complexity, to narrow a reading, and to delude ourselves that we think we understand.

But what if I'm wrong and there are sensual sensible senses that speak to us in the body, that derive joy and pleasure from words - without loosing ourselves too much to - what is that word - enthusiasm.

We do become enthused - and this is good. Should we keep our heads clear and scholarly? Objective? What does that psalm say - 

תּֽוֹדִיעֵנִי֮ אֹ֤רַח חַ֫יִּ֥ים
שֹׂ֣בַע שְׂ֭מָחוֹת אֶת־פָּנֶ֑יךָ
נְעִמ֖וֹת בִּימִינְךָ֣ נֶֽצַח
11 You will make known to me a path of life,
satisfaction of gladness in your presence,
pleasures at your right hand always.
ia todiyni aork kiim
woby wmkot at-pniç
nyimot biminç nxk
tv/diy\ni ark ki\im
wby wmk\vt at pn\ic
nym\vt b/imn\c nxk

I am immediately distracted! What do I want to do with the list of roots that have similar sounding second and third letters? Several things:

  1. Explore possible sounds-like puns and word games.
  2. Determine if there is a function to the first letter as was suggested by a recent post - which I have somehow forgotten the source of.
  3. See if there are vowel similarities within a group of similar roots.

Consider the roots of this tri-colon:

  • idy - dominant gloss know - is in a group of only three roots that end in dy - The link will take you right to the spot in my post on deriving sense from the second two letters of a three letter root. You can see at the link that the three are gdy - chop, truncate, idy, and pdy retrieve. Note that /i/ being a weak letter, moves around or disappears in the various word forms that the root takes on.
  • ark - there are many roots that have rk as their second and third letters. As I study the 13 variations at the link, no particular sense springs to mind (yet) as to how the first letter of the roots might alter the significance within a usable human framework.
  • kih - interesting that we see two consecutive chets (k) in this stich. Roots ending in ih show some similarity to each other. hih is similar to kih as to be is to live. aih and dih are both raptors, birds of prey fiercely alive. xih is arid, and wih is unmindful, both the opposite of being and life.
Playing with the similar sounds from the Hebrew - maybe just nonsense.
  • you will retrieve for me a flight of raptors topyni bork aiim. (pdy for idy, brk for ark, and aih for kih).
  • you will truncate for me a rising of wild places togdyni zork xiim. (gdy - zrk - xih -- too many possibilities). zrk is not a good choice for this experiment since it is mostly used with wmw (sun) and it has come to mean shine rather than rise (as in sunrise).
Going to the section after the ole-veyored (the lesser cadence on the supertonic), the roots are 
  • wby, satisfaction, and the other roots in this form are gby, bonnet, hillock; 'tby, sink, ring; nby, bubble, ferment, xby, coloured cloth, wet; qby, defraud; rby, four, forty, four-square, and others. wby is a rich and common root. rby and wby are both used for numbers, 4 and 7 respectively. The others are far less frequently used.
  • wmk, gladness, mirth; the other roots in the group xmk, grow, sprout; qmk, flour; rmk, lance.
  • pnh, a complex root with a lot of sense but largely face to face, before, presence. The other roots are here. Which of them would take a plural in some context? 
Two odd things I wonder how to render: the feminine plural of gladness, and the direct object marker - perhaps a note of emphasis? The music is very matter of fact - not emphasizing that section at all.
Psalms 16:11 -- a path of life is angular
presence enters into rest

So can we make an alternative poem? My first cuts were dismal indeed.
qoby xmkot at-qniç -- defrauding the growth of your acquisitions
zyimot baminç rxk -- indignations in your faithfulness demolished

Interesting mechanical exercise. It could be that some roots are of a family of senses when seen together, but not all of them seem to follow such 'logic'. It could also be that some second and third letter stems are connected by the first letter such as ksh and ksd. Families of related roots - are there some, are there orphans, is there something to be learned? I don't know yet. 

The game is afoot, but I am stumbling in my first steps.

Wednesday 26 October 2022

The frequency of the middle letters of a 3-letter root in the Hebrew canon

Just for a change, having looked at the ordering of Hebrew roots by their second and third letter patterns, I thought I would escape from the dominance of the first letter and examine the middle letter of the three letter roots.

How many three-letter Hebrew roots are there? I count 1,938. This is the most common length (47.6% of all roots). Of these roots, almost 200 have middle letter vav.

Frequency of the middle letter of a three-letter Hebrew root

The three-letter roots account for 190,382 words in the Hebrew Bible -- about 62% of the total.

Frequency of words based on three-letter Hebrew roots

There is a whole lot to say, I am sure, of how these words sound and what types of sound sequences are comfortable or common in the language. It's curious to me that vav is the most frequently used 'middle' letter - curious because the letter 'v' often disappears in the various words forms of these 'hollow' roots.

Gesenius divides the Hebrew alphabet by sound classification as follows:

(a) Gutturals a h y k; (21,105)
(b) Palatals   g c q; (12,101)
(c) Dentals    d 't t; (15,601)
(d) Labials    b p; (19,177)
(e) Sibilants  x s w ; (24,224)
(f) Sonants    i v l r m n. (96,125)

At just over 50%, the sonants dominate the middle sound of a root.

Tuesday 25 October 2022

What sense can we derive from letters 2 and 3 together of a three-character root?

Here is a concordance glossary ordered by the second and third letter of three-character roots.

It was suggested in a recent post (I don't know where I read this) that /wlc/ (שלך) and /hlc/ (הלך) might be related in their sense as derived from the sound of the last two characters of the root. I thought it might be useful to display all possibilities of this class of similarity in sound in Hebrew for three-letter roots excluding the domains of Grammar and Names.

Have a look. E.g. see l't where all five roots in the group are similar. And /gah/ and /rah/ may be related through disdain and the length of the nose.

If you note issues with my classifications (domains) please let me know in a comment. I noted that cormorant was not classified as Animal so I repaired it. In a puzzle this size, there are difficulties! The links are all to the concordance. More and more it reveals my thoughts as I translated. And reveals my decisions, right or wrong, with as much translparency as possible.

dab (5) droop Grief
zab (7) wolf Animal
'tab (3) fine, good, please Flourish
iab (1) long Love
cab (30) sorrow, sorrowful, still sore Grief
wab (20) draw, draw water, drawn, drew, places drawing water Water
tab (8) amenable, long, longed come Love
dag (13) anxiety, anxious Grief
wag (27) roar Appeal
nad (6) bottle Container
gah (94) pomp, pride, proud, proud thing Sin
dah (4) dart Wings
iah (1) pertinent Character
cah (3) downcast Grief
lah (24) exasperate, exasperation, fatigue, impatient, repel, though impatient Vexation
mah (588) hundred, hundredfold, hundredth, two hundred Number
nah (24) haunt, loveliness, lovely Joy
sah (10) bushel, two bushel, utmost Measure
pah (80) quarter City
xah (7) filth, filthy Decay
rah (1445) apparition, appear, appearance, charisma, looking another, mirror, regard, saw, saw fit, see, seen, seer, sees, show, shown, sight, stare, stared down, though see, vulture Look
wah (26) commotion, noise, noisy, reduce Vexation
tah (13) little chamber City
tav (2) antelope Animal
la't (1) muffle Quiet
gal (130) redeem, redemption, sully Protect
ial (23) attempt, content, determine, dotage, go dotty, humour Approach
xal (2) shady tree Planting
wal (195) ask, asked leave, asks, beg, begged leave, greet, inquire, loan, put forward, request, require, wish Appeal
lam (35) tribe Family
nam (377) oracle Speak
ram (11) coral, wild bull Animal
tam (8) bearing twin, twin Measure
man (46) unwilling Character
man (7) vessel Work
san (2) boot Defense
xan (276) flock, lamb-, sheep, sheep- Animal
wan (16) tranquil, tranquil women, tranquility, without care Quiet
mas (77) refusal, refuse, repugnant Rebel
nap (34) adulterer, adulteress, adultery, commit adultery, commits adultery, committed adultery, committing adultery Vexation
wap (14) bear down, bearing down, bears down, sigh heavy, sighed heavy, sighing heavy, sighs heavy Vexation
nax (30) blaspheme, blasphemy, spurn Vexation
bar (4) precise Measure
bar (43) well Tool
bar (2) well Trap
iar (16) canal Water
mar (4) fret Injury
nar (2) ify Vexation
par (2) pallor Fear
par (79) adorn, comb Praise
war (15) meat, warehouse, yeast Eat
war (10) bereft Grief
war (17) leave residue, left residue, near relation, physical power, relation Human
war (221) extra, leave residue, leave trace, left residue, residual, residue, still, still here, trace, trace left Measure
tar (22) form, handsome Joy
baw (25) bindweed, disgust, stank, stink Sin
iaw (6) despair, desperate Empty
raw (355) head, round head, top Bodypart
raw (11) gang Group
raw (130) begin, first, first-quality, head, head count, headwater, preeminence, preeminent, right, sum, top, tops, ultimate Measure
raw (103) head Office
raw (254) begin, first, first line, first-fruit, foremost, former, former state, former thing, former time, precedence, primal, right begin Time
raw (7) pillow Tool
raw (1) hilltop Valley
raw (10) gall, venom Wild
qat (5) pelican, unclean bird Wings
gba (2) marsh Water
dba (1) grit Strength
kba (36) camouflage, camouflaged place, incarnate Hide
nba (119) prophecy, prophesy, through prophesy Speak
sba (9) besot, liquor, sots Eat
xba (494) host, host went, press-gang, pressed service, reliability, reliable Holy
dbb (1) glide Speak
kbb (1) inner core Bodypart
lbb (267) heart, hearten, hearty cake, ravished heart Bodypart
nbb (4) hollow Character
sbb (505) all around, around, bring around, bring round, brought around, brought round, change, circle, circle around, circled around, context, every side, go round, go round round, going round, led round, moved around, places around, places surround, round, set round, surround, turn around, turn round, turned around, turned round, turning round, turns round, went around Protect
qbb (2) pelvis, viscera Bodypart
qbb (9) hex Bound
qbb (1) alcove City
qbb (2) cab Measure
rbb (78) assail, copious, copious shower, multiplicity, multiply, sixty thousand, teen thousand, ten thousand, ten-thousand, tens thousand, twenty thousand, vast Measure
wbb (1) shattered piece Destroy
abd (149) lost, lost item, perish Death
abd (51) eliminate, elimination, perish Destroy
zbd (2) subsidize, subsidy Flourish
cbd (14) liver Bodypart
cbd (289) glorification, glorify, glorify oneself, glorious, glorious one, glorious thing, glory Holy
cbd (74) glorify, glorious, glory, heaviness, heavy Measure
ybd (1292) administer, administration, another, being serve, cultivate, cultivation, enslave, fabricate, fabrication, male servant, male slave, manservant, menservant, servant, serve, service, servitude, slave, staff servant, such serve, though serve Covenant
rbd (5) livery, tapestry, upholster City
abh (54) appetite, consent Trust
bbh (1) apple Bodypart
gbh (1) brow Bodypart
gbh (49) haughtiness, haughty Character
gbh (45) aloft, give stature, given stature, high lofty, loft, loftiness, lofty, looks down, stature Look
dbh (9) defamation, infamy Shame
kbh (6) shroud Hide
cbh (24) quench Eat
lbh (1) glimmer Fire
ybh (15) thick, thicken, thickness Measure
xbh (14) distend, please Rule
rbh (262) exceed, excess, excessive, extent, frequent, gave increase, gives increase, increase, many, many time, much, multiple, thoroughly Measure
wbh (136) captive, captivity, captor, capture, carry, lead captive, led captive, take captive, taken captive, took captive Exile
tbh (28) barge, creel Work
rbv (3) grandeur Rule
wbv (2) agate Mineral
gbk (5) baldness forehead Bodypart
dbk (2) sacrifice Offer
zbk (698) altar, offer, offering, sacrifice Offer
'tbk (62) slaughter Death
nbk (1) woof Appeal
wbk (16) commend, commendation, sooth, soothe Praise
kb't (5) beat out, beating out Harvest
lb't (3) thrown headlong Bound
nb't (72) look, notability, notice, see take note, take note, taken note, takes note, taking note, took note, took notice Look
yb't (11) collateral, collateral debt, deflect, fetch, give collateral, take collateral debt Work
xb't (1) ply Measure
wb't (56) band Group
wb't (135) sceptre, through sceptre Rule
xbi (16) gazelle, gazelle host, hosts gazelle Animal
xbi (19) estate, status Measure
abc (1) braid together Work
nbc (1) fountainhead Water
sbc (7) interweave, interwoven, thicket Planting
rbc (3) fry Eat
wbc (17) fretwork, mesh, wreath City
abl (81) lament, lamentable Grief
gbl (258) border, set border, set borders around, through border Defense
hbl (78) futile, futility, utter, weightless Empty
zbl (6) residence, resident City
kbl (14) pang, pushes out Birth
kbl (22) rope Bound
kbl (54) company, held pledge, margin, marginalize, pledge, take pledge, takes pledge, territory, through pledge, two pledge Covenant
kbl (2) company Defense
kbl (16) hurt, inflict pain, inflicted pain, inflicting pain Injury
kbl (5) pilot Office
'tbl (17) dip, dipped material Eat
ibl (23) hunk, produce, productive, ram horn Harvest
ibl (1) running sore Illness
ibl (22) convey, escort Walk
ibl (3) waterway Water
cbl (2) fetter Defense
nbl (49) corpse Bodypart
nbl (18) demean, wither Character
nbl (11) jar, jars, skin-bottle Container
nbl (41) senseless, senseless women, senselessness Foolish
nbl (25) lute Music
sbl (28) bear burden, bearing burden, bears burden, burden, burden carry, burden-bearer, sock Poor
qbl (14) receive, undergo, underwent Receive
wbl (17) stalk, stalks grain Planting
wbl (5) flood, wake Water
tbl (39) mayhem, such world, world Form
ibm (10) combine, husband brother, sister-in-law Family
abn (284) bearing-stool, gems, stone Strength
gbn (1) cheese Eat
gbn (1) hump-back Valley
zbn (1) want gain Measure
lbn (1) white Flourish
lbn (37) bleach, white, whiten Light
lbn (24) frankincense, poplar Planting
lbn (17) brick, brick-make, tile Work
abs (3) manger Container
abs (2) stuff Eat
cbs (51) fuller, scour Pardon
gby (4) bonnet Clothe
gby (74) hillock Valley
'tby (9) sank, sink, sunk Destroy
'tby (50) finger-ring, ring Work
nby (14) bubble, bubble up, ferment, font, tumble, zealous Eat
xby (10) carpet colour, coloured cloth, variegate, wet Clothe
qby (8) defraud, lees Sin
rby (3) copulate Birth
rby (15) four-square, square Measure
rby (541) fortieth, forty, four, four generation, four part, fourfold, fourteen, fourteenth, fourth, fourth part, great great grand Number
rby (1) lying down stretching out Rest
wby (345) adjure, allegiance, oath, ones swore, sate, satiation, satisfaction, satisfy, swear, swear refrain, swear word, swears oath, swore, sworn Covenant
wby (17) two week, week Measure
wby (599) being seventy, seven, seven time, seven-fold, sevenfold, seventeen, seventeenth, seventh, seventh time, seventy, sworn Number
qbx (129) collect, collection, rally Send
rbx (36) lay, place recline, recline Rest
wbx (13) cramp, filigree, filigreed, filigreed coat Joy
abq (9) powder, wrestle Wild
dbq (61) appendage, cleave, cling, clung, determined cleave, direct cleave, follow close, followed close, follows close, loyal, solder, stay close, stayed close Praise
kbq (15) clasp Love
wbq (5) leave, left Defense
abr (10) feather, pinion, soar Wings
gbr (350) grandly valiant, lady valour, man valour, men valour, mistress, prevail, queen-mother, valiant, valiant child, valiant man, valiant men, valiant one, valour Strength
dbr (51) pestilence Illness
dbr (17) designate, subjugate Rule
dbr (2205) -speech, address, annals, conversation, even word, matter, ones speak, said word, speak, speak being, spoke, spoken, such word, tale, through word, word Speak
dbr (4) bee, bees, swarm bee Wings
dbr (373) interaction, matter, routine, something, speak, such thing, thing, wherewithal Work
hbr (1) analyst Work
kbr (11) brace, charm Character
kbr (3) cobble, cobbled together City
kbr (55) companion, partner, partnership Family
kbr (8) stripe Injury
cbr (7) intense, intensity Character
cbr (9) great deal, many Measure
cbr (9) already Time
cbr (9) cushion, fabric, grate Tool
sbr (1) intend Human
ybr (2) mature corn Eat
ybr (618) across, being passed through, bring across, bypass, cross, cross through, crossing-barge, employ, ford, go, goes, gone, infuriate, itinerant, pass, pass onward, pass through, passage, passed through, passenger, passer-by, passes through, passing through, reaching across, such passes through, thoroughfare, transfer, transferal, traverse, went through Meet
ybr (47) draw blade, furious, fury, hide, interfere, outburst Wrath
xbr (8) accumulate, accumulate thing, accumulation Flourish
qbr (216) cemetery, entomb, it tomb, ones entomb, tomb Death
wbr (13) crushed corn, get crushed corn, return crushed corn Eat
wbr (207) being broken, break, break open, breaker, broke, broken, brokenness, get crushed corn, rake, rift, shatter, slake, wreck Judgment
wbr (10) inspect, reliance, rely, steadfast reliance, wait Trust
wbr (13) peddle, procure Work
gbw (4) pearl Animal
dbw (55) honey, hump Eat
kbw (33) bandage, bind, binds together, binds up, bound, boundary, saddle Defense
ibw (95) dried up, dries up, dry, dry land, dry out, dry up, drying up Wild
cbw (129) young lamb Animal
cbw (14) control, lost control, take control, took control Rule
cbw (1) hassock Tool
cbw (4) kiln Work
lbw (157) cloth, clothe, put, put cloth, raiment Clothe
ybw (1) rancid Character
wbw (1) astound Character
kbt (6) pan, pans Container
ybt (1) gnarl Character
ybt (21) bundle together, cord Tool
xbt (1) bundle Harvest
wbt (20) cease, eradicate, put down Destroy
wbt (177) cease, keep sabbath, kept sabbath, put stop, recuperation, sabbath Rest
kga (1) giddiness Fear
wga (20) augment, huge, many, much Measure
kgb (5) grasshopper Animal
igb (3) ploughed field Work
ngb (87) south, southern, southward Measure
ygb (8) dote Love
ygb (6) pipe Music
rgb (2) clod Planting
wgb (37) retreat, set high, sets high Protect
kgg (78) feast, festival, festive, festive sacrifice, festivity, keep feast Covenant
wgg (23) going astray, inadvertent, went astray Sin
bgd (216) garment, wardrobe Clothe
bgd (53) betray, betrayal, given treachery, treacherous, treachery Vexation
mgd (12) quality, quality thing, things quality Work
ngd (12) clear, conspicuous, sight, tell, told Look
ngd (42) herald, heraldry Office
ngd (4) aristocrat Rule
ngd (372) announce, clear, evidence, evident, herald, known, sure clear, tell, told Speak
sgd (16) homage, pay homage, paying homage Praise
dgh (1) spawn Flourish
hgh (40) meditate, meditation, muse, mutter, ponder quiet Speak
igh (27) give sadness, sad, sadden, sadness Grief
ngh (27) illuminate, illumination, luminous Light
ygh (7) pancake Eat
wgh (26) error, misplace, reel, stray Sin
wgh (5) abound, much abound Work
kgv (3) cleft Wild
rgz (52) shudder Fear
ngk (13) gore, push back, pushing back Destroy
wgk (3) peer Look
agl (1) cache Container
dgl (18) banner, banner set up, set up banner Defense
mgl (2) sickle Trust
sgl (8) treasure trove Work
ygl (49) calf Animal
ygl (25) wagon Container
ygl (21) diameter, entrench, hoop, track, trench Way
ygl (3) hoop Work
rgl (6) stride Approach
rgl (262) around feet, feet, foot, foot-, footstool, pilgrimage, two feet Bodypart
rgl (2) slander Character
rgl (27) pilgrimage, spy, survey, surveyor Plan
wgl (5) consort Joy
wgl (2) rape Violence
agm (1) disconsolate Character
agm (14) bulrush, pool Water
ygm (1) dolorous Grief
rgm (20) crowd, crowd-, given interpretation, pelt Character
agn (3) goblet Container
dgn (41) grain Harvest
mgn (69) shield Tool
ngn (30) accompany, music, musician, orchestra, perform, performance, performed music, string, string play, warble Music
ngn (5) vat, vats Place
sgn (22) prefect Office
ygn (1) remain shut up Birth
rgn (7) natter Speak
igy (49) exertion, keep work, labour, weariness, weary Work
ngy (148) contagious, join, touch Approach
ngy (79) contagion Illness
pgy (49) but, butt, came across, come across, comes across, compel, compulsion, fate, intervene Approach
rgy (38) bring moment, ease moment, every moment, find ease, find moment ease, moment, moment ease, momentary, uneasy Time
wgy (7) crazy, driven crazy Defense
wgy (3) craziness Illness
agp (7) legion Defense
ngp (82) plague, stub Illness
agr (4) coin, stockpile Economy
dgr (2) foment Wings
kgr (54) attire, sash, wear, wore Clothe
igr (5) afraid Fear
mgr (1) heave Enemy
mgr (2) heave Violence
ngr (9) wring out, wrings out, wrung out Water
sgr (1) caul Bodypart
sgr (97) drudgery, imprison, inset, latch, lock, locksmith, placed bar, prison, quarantine, stitched up, stitching up Bound
sgr (13) fringe, inset Clothe
sgr (9) gold bar Mineral
ygr (2) thrush Wings
pgr (24) carcass Death
wgr (5) issue Birth
ngw (126) bring close, brought close, bump, came close, come close, lump, overture Approach
ngw (23) exact, exacting tax, exploit, harass, taskmaster Violence
pgw (14) meet, meet together, met, met together Meet
rgw (6) such throng, throng Family
bda (7) contrivance, contrive, idle talk Character
yda (8) remove Judgment
adb (1) wilt Grief
ndb (57) freely offer, freewill, freewill offering, offer willingly, offered willingly, willing, willing offering, willingly, willingly offer Offer
ndb (20) prince Rule
bdd (14) isolate, isolation, solitude Bound
bdd (23) linen Clothe
bdd (41) equal part, shaft Work
gdd (1) groove Defense
gdd (30) raiding party, raiding-party Group
gdd (8) self-slash, slash Injury
gdd (6) collaborate, collaboration, collaborator Plan
gdd (2) coriander Planting
kdd (10) keen Measure
kdd (1) keen Wild
idd (3) toss Chance
mdd (121) armour, levy, measure, shirt Measure
ndd (6) sequester Hide
ndd (29) fled, flee, ride, vagrant Hurry
qdd (17) bow, bowed head, stooped cassia Covenant
rdd (6) wrap Clothe
wdd (83) devastate, devastation, devastator Violence
wdd (3) harrow Work
gdh (4) levee Water
ddh (2) go solemnity, went solemn procession Covenant
hdh (1) park Approach
kdh (6) cheer Joy
idh (144) confess, gave thank, give thank, given thank, thank, thankful, thanksgiving Joy
ndh (28) perk, segregate, segregation Receive
ydh (8) deck Clothe
ydh (86) given testimony, near testimony, testimony Covenant
ydh (150) assembly, colony, depose, menstrual Judgment
pdh (73) pray ransom, purchase price, ransom Protect
xdh (1) laid waste Destroy
xdh (4) design Plan
rdh (4) rule Office
rdh (22) rule Rule
wdh (328) corn-blast, country, countryside, field Place
mdv (2) legging Clothe
ndk (56) banish, being banish, entice, impel Exile
qdk (8) delirium, incandescent, red garnet Fire
gdi (16) male kid, young goat, young kid Animal
kdi (1) chest Bodypart
ydi (14) finery, trapping Clothe
bdl (1) ligament Bodypart
bdl (46) difference, different, differentiate, differentiation, smelt Measure
bdl (3) tin Mineral
gdl (53) pulpit, tower Defense
gdl (671) develop, exaggerate, great, great one, great stone, great thing, greatly magnify, greatness, grew, grew up, grow, grown, grown up, grown-up, grows up, inflate, magnify, old, privilege, promote, rear, self-promotion, sounded off, visualize - great Measure
kdl (62) finite, given relief, leave alone, leaves off, left alone, left off, refrain, set aside, sets aside, setting aside, terminate Destroy
adm (784) adam, agriculture, debris ground, dust-bowl, earthling, ground, human, humanity, humus Human
adm (29) dyed red, ruddy, ruddy stuff Light
adm (3) sard Mineral
hdm (2) member Bodypart
hdm (6) -stool Tool
qdm (131) east, east wind, eastern, eastward Measure
qdm (120) advance, antiquity, came, come, confront, confrontation, first, forestall, go, old, precede, precedent, prior, prior status, quest, quite old, stall, things old Time
rdm (14) entranced, stupefy, stupour, trance, unconscious Quiet
adn (57) socket Work
ndn (1) tips Economy
ndn (2) sleeve Tool
ydn (11) enthrall, specialty food Joy
ydn (15) time Time
hds (6) myrtle Planting
gdy (21) chop, chop off, chopped down, chopped off, truncate Destroy
idy (1122) acknowledge, acquaint, acquaintance, ascertain, clue, even know, famous, forecast, give knowledge, given knowledge, hav clue, inform, intimate, knew, know, knowledge, knowledge yah, knowledgeable, known, letting known, opinion, renown, set down, whereabouts known, why know, wizard, wizardry Joy
pdy (1) retrieve Protect
gdp (11) revile Sin
hdp (11) drive out, driven out, drives out, drove out, evict Defense
ndp (9) blow, blown, wind-blown Wild
ydp (9) surfeit Measure
rdp (144) persecute, persecution, persecutor, pursue, pursuit, run, though pursue Violence
wdp (9) blight, blighted corn Violence
bdq (11) refurbish Work
kdq (2) prickly shrub Wild
xdq (323) just, justice, justify, right, righteous, righteousness, saving righteousness, such righteousness, verily righteousness Holy
adr (49) excellence, excellent, fit king, majestic, majestic cape, majestic one, majesty, threshing-deck Holy
gdr (36) build fence, bursar, fence, guard-fence Protect
hdr (49) give honour, honour Joy
kdr (39) inner room, room City
cdr (1) onslaught Destroy
ndr (91) vow, vows Covenant
sdr (2) colonnade, order Measure
ydr (42) troop Group
ydr (7) lag, lags Hurry
ydr (3) hoe, hoed Tool
pdr (3) suet Cut
qdr (16) mourn, wan Grief
qdr (5) blackness Light
wdr (3) sedition, struggle Sin
gdw (4) rich heap Harvest
kdw (348) month, new, new moon, new thing, renovate Time
ydw (4) lentil Planting
qdw (806) holiness, holy, holy one, holy prostitute, holy prostitution, holy thing, quite holy, sacred portion, sanctify, sanctuary, things sanctify Holy
ahb (252) love Love
dhb (24) gold, reach gold Mineral
zhb (389) gold, golden, shekels gold Mineral
ihb (64) ascribe, care, provide, provision, take care Praise
lhb (33) flame, point Fire
lhb (2) point Strength
xhb (4) yellow Light
rhb (6) bold, boldness, defy Stand
lhg (1) study Character
nhg (33) advance, drive, driven, drove, lead, led Stand
whd (2) cairn witness, notoriety Character
ghh (2) cure Illness
chh (18) dim, lessen Light
lhh (2) consternation, male consternation Character
mhh (9) linger Hurry
nhh (13) moan, plaintive Grief
qhh (4) dull Defense
bhv (3) void Form
thv (21) disorder, formless Form
bh't (1) marble Light
lh't (13) blaze Fire
rh't (5) girder, trough City
ahl (349) form tent, pitched tent, tent Place
ahl (4) aloes Planting
bhl (55) brash, thrust out, vex, vexation Vexation
mhl (1) dilute Work
nhl (11) oases, refresh Flourish
xhl (11) bright, neigh Flourish
qhl (168) congregate, congregation, convene, declaim Covenant
dhm (1) astound Fear
zhm (1) finds foul Illness
lhm (2) tidbit Measure
nhm (10) disquiet, growl Grief
whm (11) onyx Mineral
bhn (16) big toe, thick digit, thumb Bodypart
chn (794) being priest, including priest, priest, priesthood, priests', serve priest, served priest Holy
bhq (1) freckle Illness
nhq (2) bray Appeal
ghr (3) proffer Send
dhr (3) prance Joy
dhr (2) pine Planting
zhr (25) admonish, brilliance, brilliant Teaching
'thr (206) being cleanse, clean, cleaner, cleanness, cleanse, get clean, lustre, lustrous, pronounce clean Joy
mhr (5) dowry, put up dowry Covenant
mhr (108) impetuous, move swift, moved swift, precipitate, precipitous, rush headlong, rushed headlong, rushes headlong, swift, swiftness Hurry
nhr (5) radiance, radiant, sunbeam Light
nhr (144) flow together, river, two river Water
nhr (1) hollows Wild
shr (12) crescent, spherical Measure
xhr (23) clarified oil, press oil Planting
xhr (24) midday, noon, noon day Time
xhr (1) porthole Work
bva (2637) bring, brought, brought colonist, came, come, come duty, come pass, comply, conduct, cue rise set, cue set, cued set, enter, entrance, entry, go, go down, goes, goes down, going down, income, introduce, others came, progress, recede, set, sets, summon, therefore come, well come, went, wield Walk
kva (16) discourse, divulge Teaching
nva (10) hinder, hindrance Rule
wva (56) nothing worth, nothing worthwhile, shva, vain, vanity, worth nothing Empty
wva (2) gloat Measure
avb (17) necromancer, necromancy, wineskin Work
gvb (4) great grub Wings
dvb (1) sap Decay
zvb (55) discharge, gush, gush out, gushed out, out gush Water
kvb (2) endanger, insolvent Violence
'tvb (742) best, better, dealt well, do well, feel good, fine, good, good one, good thing, goodness, goodness yah, merry, much better, please, practice well, seemed good, seems good, top notch, well, well off, well thought, well-, well-practice, went well Flourish
nvb (11) profit Economy
wvb (1084) bring back, brought back, get back, give riposte, ones turn, paid tribute, repair, reply, restoration, restore, return, return back, returned back, reversal, reverse, revert, riposte, turn, turn back, turncoat, turned back, turning back, turns back, zigzag Covenant
tvb (8) respond, return Appeal
kvg (5) ambient, ambit, compass Measure
mvg (17) soft, soften Harvest
svg (2) buffer, move Love
svg (12) repulse, spineless Shame
yvg (3) parasitical, seethe Covenant
pvg (6) numb, numbness, respite Grief
wvg (1) build hedge Defense
avd (3) incendiary Fire
avd (11) rationale, topic Rule
gvd (5) invade, invasion Violence
dvd (6) pannier Container
dvd (21) aunt, uncle Family
dvd (65) beloved, caress, infatuate, infatuation, mandrake, nipple, such infatuation, two beloved Love
hvd (26) acclamation, splendour Holy
zvd (6) stew Eat
zvd (36) presume, presumption, presumptuous, stew, though presumptuous Sin
kvd (22) riddle Rule
nvd (6) heap Place
nvd (5) aimless, waver Sin
nvd (25) aimless, asking sympathy, condole, flit, heap, move aimless, nod, show sympathy, sympathy Walk
svd (21) council, deliberation, intimacy, intimate, secret counsel, secret intimacy Hide
yvd (115) attestation, call witness, give witness, protest, relieve, testify, though witness, witness Judgment
yvd (230) further, though further Measure
yvd (258) continue, continue around, indeed, longer, never, past, persistent, still, still exist, very Time
xvd (1) buckler Defense
xvd (25) game, hunt, provender, victual Eat
xvd (62) being hunt, chase, fortress, hound, hunt Strength
rvd (7) refugee, restless, restlessness Poor
avh (58) desirable, desire, draw line, intense, intense desire, intensely desire Love
gvh (17) body Bodypart
gvh (6) hubris Character
dvh (9) infirm, infirmity Illness
hvh (20) calamity Violence
zvh (2) cornerstone City
kvh (6) breathe Birth
kvh (7) municipality City
'tvh (3) spin, spun Work
cvh (10) brand Bound
lvh (12) borrow, borrower, lend Economy
lvh (18) ally, garland, loan Work
nvh (38) home, stayed home City
yvh (22) perverse, perversity, pervert, wretch Sin
xvh (1) command Office
xvh (684) command, commission, gave command, gave commission, give command, set, set order Rule
qvh (4) bucket, reservoir Container
qvh (86) await, expect, expectation, lying wait, quietly wait, wait Trust
qvh (2) shirr Water
rvh (20) saturate, saturation Water
wvh (23) agreed, alike, attribute, confer, consider equal, considered equal, equal, equalize, resemble Teaching
tvh (5) constrain, constraint, scratch graffiti, scratched graffiti Bound
bvz (29) contempt, contempt hold, contemptible, contemptuous, disdain, held contempt, hold contempt Hate
gvz (2) past, sever Time
lvz (8) drift, hazel, refractory Character
yvz (4) beat hasty retreat, enfold, retire Hurry
dvk (4) rinse Water
kvk (1) bracelet Clothe
kvk (18) thorn Planting
'tvk (13) plaster Work
lvk (44) board, mallow, tablet Work
nvk (157) appease, came rest, gave rest, give rest, given rest, gives repose, holiday, repose, rest, rest given, restful, resting-place Rest
pvk (2) soot Fire
pvk (4) respiration, respire Life
pvk (9) blow, snort Wild
xvk (5) complain, complaint Vexation
rvk (397) aspirate, breathing-room, interval, spirit, sprite, ventilate, wind, windy, wisp Holy
wvk (1) ruminate Speak
wvk (11) ditch Violence
kv't (8) thread Defense
lv't (5) clutch Clothe
mv't (50) crosspiece, dislodge, hegemony, move, slip Vexation
nv't (1) displace Vexation
sv't (1) fall Judgment
qv't (7) put up, upset Grief
wv't (33) fall, rove, scourge, whip Vexation
avi (26) woe Grief
gvi (561) nation, national, nationhood Group
dvi (4) melancholy Grief
bvc (5) perplex, perplexity Bound
hvc (4) came, come, go, go up Walk
mvc (5) pauper Poor
svc (1) jug Container
svc (9) makeup, put makeup, rub, up Covenant
pvc (4) antimony Mineral
wvc (1) entwine City
wvc (8) entwine, entwined branch Protect
avl (2) turpentine tree Planting
zvl (1) vilify Vexation
kvl (29) birth, birth between, brings birth, brought birth, endure birth, endured birth, enduring birth, turmoil Birth
kvl (19) dance Flourish
kvl (22) sand Mineral
kvl (43) dance, turmoil, twist, writhe, writhed birth Vexation
'tvl (18) cast-, hurl, hurl down, hurled down, hurls down, throw down, thrown down Violence
cvl (3) knave, knavery Character
cvl (20) nourish Protect
cvl (14) abide, rein Rule
lvl (13) loop Tool
mvl (53) circumcise, circumcision, cut down, cuts down, cutting edge, cutting-edge, hubbub, snip, snippet, tailless Cut
yvl (62) injustice, unjust Sin
pvl (2) bean Planting
qvl (512) crackle, declaration, quest, rumble, shuffle, tone, voice Appeal
wvl (12) skirt, tendered skirt Clothe
hvm (18) discomfit, discomfiture, discomfort, excite Vexation
kvm (4) brown Light
ivm (2371) day, day long, day out, day require, day span, days, days ago, days stretch, few day, full year, many day, other day, plurality day, regular, today, two day, very day, working day Time
nvm (13) slumber, snooze Quiet
xvm (47) fast Eat
qvm (4) blur, sneer Decay
qvm (38) height Measure
qvm (600) arise, arisen, arose, hold high, quicken, quickly arise, quite arisen, raise, raise up, raised up, raises up, raising up, upheld, uphold, waking arise Meet
qvm (482) arise, assignation, place, take place Place
qvm (8) risen corn Planting
rvm (274) altitude, bred, contribute, contribution, exalt, exaltation, high, high fashion, high ground, lift high, lifted high, lifting high, lifts high, mightily high, places prominence, prominence, prominent, quite full exalt, ready, recover, stamp, tall Flourish
rvm (99) contribute, contribution, contributor, receiving contribution Offer
wvm (1) garlic Eat
wvm (611) being set up, define, label, laid, laid up, lay up, pitch, place, put, put out, put up, puts, render, set, set out, set place, set up, sets, sets out, sets place, sets up, setting up, suggest, tow Rule
avn (80) mischief, mischievous Sin
avn (14) vigour, virility Wild
hvn (28) high value, highly value, prime, valuable, value Measure
zvn (6) necessity, plump, plumpness Eat
cvn (283) aim, base, establish, order, preparation, prepare, reliable, stability Protect
lvn (81) bide, bide time, bode time, hang around, hanging around, hung around, lodge, staying power, stick around, stop City
lvn (22) grumble Speak
nvn (1) propagate Birth
nvn (1) parasite Illness
yvn (231) iniquity Sin
pvn (1) distract Grief
bvs (17) tread down, treading down, trod down, trodden down Destroy
kvs (23) spare Pardon
cvs (36) cup, cups Container
cvs (3) owl Judgment
nvs (171) haven, such withdraw, withdraw, withdrawal, withdrawn, withdrew Protect
svs (141) horse, louse, mare Animal
svs (1) crane Wings
bvy (2) boil Water
gvy (24) expire Death
zvy (13) quaver, unnerve Fear
lvy (3) gasp Vexation
nvy (40) disarrange, nod, totter, totter off, vagabond, wag, waggle, waver fro, wavered fro, wavering fro Walk
rvy (84) blast triumph, give blast triumph, jubilant, jubilation, raise shout, raised shout, raising shout, shout triumph, shouted down, shouted triumph, triumph Joy
wvy (44) cried help, cries help, cry, cry help, crying help Appeal
gvp (3) put trunk, trunk limb, trunks limb Bodypart
kvp (7) port Water
nvp (71) brandish, elevate, elevation, sprinkle, wave, wave offering Offer
nvp (2) elevation Valley
svp (1) rear end Bodypart
svp (13) come conclusion, conclude, conclusion Plan
svp (1) flounder Trap
svp (6) havoc, spread havoc, spreads havoc Violence
svp (42) reed, storm-wind Water
yvp (102) flew, flight, fly, fowl Wings
xvp (1) ...treetop Planting
xvp (7) cascade, peep Wild
qvp (2) apes Animal
rvp (3) convulse, convulsion, crushed grain Fear
wvp (4) bruise Injury
avx (9) importune, tight Hurry
bvx (6) eggs Bodypart
bvx (8) sea silk Clothe
dvx (1) turned joy Joy
kvx (3) outside City
kvx (54) abroad, outside, street Place
lvx (30) hold scorn, insinuate, insinuation, scorn, scornful Hate
lvx (2) translator Work
mvx (4) squeeze Work
nvx (2) bud Planting
pvx (65) dispersal, disperse, propel, scattered bit Send
xvx (29) blade, bloom, blossom, tassel Flourish
qvx (2) lock Bodypart
qvx (9) bristle, summer fruit Harvest
qvx (33) awake, awaken, awoke Judgment
qvx (7) bristle Planting
qvx (14) spend summer, summer Time
qvx (13) bramble Wild
rvx (108) footman, footmen, race Hurry
mvq (1) mock Violence
yvq (2) compress Violence
pvq (10) draw forth, drawing forth, drawn forth, draws forth, furnish Flourish
xvq (30) agonize, agony, distress, stress, stressful Vexation
wvq (20) leg, legs Bodypart
wvq (4) lane, souk City
wvq (6) aspiration, bountiful Flourish
avr (204) aperture, enlighten, first light, give light, gives light, light, light-give, lighten, lit up, pyre, reveal, shine light, show light Light
bvr (67) bore, cistern, pit, pits Trap
gvr (72) abode, amass, colonize, reside, reside here, storehouse City
gvr (127) guest, hospitality, whelp Family
gvr (30) awe, stand awe, stood awe, terrify, terror, terrorize Fear
dvr (4) generation, pyre City
dvr (10) tenancy, tenant Group
dvr (174) all generation, days, down through, generation, lo generation, loiter, the, through generation Time
dvr (2) ball Tool
zvr (87) closed up, estrange, passing strange, squash, strange, strange women, stranger Family
zvr (2) estrange, stranger Illness
kvr (10) hole, pale City
kvr (5) cream-white, cream-white cotton Planting
'tvr (30) row, rows, tor Defense
cvr (20) laver Covenant
cvr (9) cor, origin Measure
cvr (17) chafing pan, cor, forge, scaffold Tool
mvr (23) alter, alteration, exchange, restitution, though alter Vexation
svr (11) stubborn Character
svr (298) depart, departure, frying pan, gone off, obligation, put aside, puts aside, putting aside, scamper off, stay, turn aside, turned aside, turning aside, turns aside Send
yvr (8) colt, foal Animal
yvr (101) naked skin, nude, nudity, skin Bodypart
yvr (36) blind, blindness Illness
yvr (80) arousal, arouse, bare chaff, rouse Stand
yvr (39) cave Wild
pvr (7) frustrate, measures juice, pur, winepress Measure
xvr (46) armored neck, neck Bodypart
xvr (29) fortification, fortify Protect
xvr (96) besiege, consolidate, diplomatic, fortification, laid siege, point, rock, rocky Strength
xvr (41) besiege, laid siege, lay siege, siege Violence
qvr (25) fountain, spurt, web, webs Protect
wvr (80) bull Animal
wvr (11) barrier, token Defense
wvr (15) scrutinize Look
tvr (5) bullock Animal
tvr (2) salesperson Economy
tvr (25) exploration, explore, pearl-string Seek
tvr (14) turtledove Wings
bvw (153) ashamed, put shame, reticent, shame, shameful part Shame
dvw (1) white tailed deer Animal
dvw (6) thresh Harvest
dvw (12) pound Violence
kvw (26) came quick, hurry, necessary, readiness, scurry Hurry
'tvw (1) swoop Hurry
lvw (5) knead Work
mvw (25) deviate, extricate, feel, felt Flourish
nvw (1) despondent Grief
pvw (4) frisk Wild
rvw (31) want Poor
wvw (66) joy, joys, sang joy, sing joy, singing joy Joy
avt (86) assent, sign Covenant
'tvt (1) fast Eat
mvt (1001) being execute, dead, deaden, death, deathbed, die, died, dies, dying, execute, execution, heading death, point death, put death, puts death, render lifeless, rendered lifeless, renders lifeless, such put death Death
svt (1) vesture Clothe
svt (18) divert, incite, persuade, prod, though incite Injury
yvt (14) distort, distortion, look perversion, subversive, subvert Teaching
aza (3) add heat, added heat, additional heat Fire
bza (2) criss-cross Walk
azb (10) hyssop Pardon
czb (50) hoax, liar, lie, lied, lies, lying Trust
yzb (223) assist, defer, delegate, delegation, disavowal, discard, forsake, forsaken, forsook, left Vexation
mzg (1) mixed wine Eat
azd (2) vanish Send
bzh (43) despicable, despise Hate
gzh (11) cut-stone Flourish
kzh (13) torso Bodypart
kzh (159) envision, gaze, manifest, manifestation, perceive, vision Look
kzh (19) visionary Office
mzh (1) gaunt Eat
nzh (24) spatter Covenant
rzh (1) cypress Planting
rzh (9) emaciate, lean, leanness Poor
mzv (1) granary Harvest
bzz (78) despoil, loot Hate
gzz (27) fleece, mow, shear Work
yzz (74) she-goat, she-goat hair Animal
yzz (171) strength, strengthen, strong, stronghold Strength
pzz (2) nimble Character
tzz (1) lop Harvest
azl (12) deplete, evaporate, gad, go, gone way, went Walk
gzl (2) fledgling, fledgling pigeon Animal
gzl (42) ravage, rob, robbery, robs Destroy
nzl (19) exude, flow, zodiac Water
gzm (3) nymph Animal
nzm (17) -r, earring, ring Clothe
rzm (1) scowl Defense
azn (42) gave ear, give ear, gives ear, lend ear, listen Appeal
azn (188) ear, ears, earshot, through ear Bodypart
azn (16) balance Measure
azn (1) spade Tool
rzn (7) rule-maker Office
gzy (3) stump Planting
wzp (3) glance Look
bzq (7) sudden epiphany Light
kzq (364) caulk, courage, courageous, encourage, give courage, given courage, held resolute, hold resolute, holds resolute, most resolute, resolute, resolute hold, resolutely held, resolutely hold, resolutely took hold, resolve, revamp, show resolute Stand
nzq (5) affront Injury
yzq (1) barricade Protect
azr (32) gird, gird up, girdle, girt, self-gird Clothe
bzr (2) dispel Send
gzr (33) adjudicate, adjudication, adjudicator, disconnect, part, unconnect, unconnected place Love
nzr (53) abstain, consecrate, consecrate self, consecrated one, consecrated thing, consecration, nazirite Covenant
nzr (1) constellation Heaven
yzr (137) help, ledge Strength
pzr (10) prodigal love, scatter Send
wzr (21) twine Work
mka (7) clap, impale, raise high five Joy
skb (7) rag, rags, shred Clothe
rkb (199) bloat, breadth, broad, broaden, enlarge, open wide, piazza, plaza, spacious, spacious room, wide, width City
akd (981) another, as, first, once, other, several, single, single out, singly, specific, thing, unity Number
ikd (160) altogether, single, solitary, together, unify, unique, uniqueness, unit Whole
ckd (32) conceal Hide
pkd (1) dread Bodypart
pkd (73) dread, dreadful thing, stands dread Fear
wkd (25) bribe, bribery Economy
dkh (11) push, pushiness, trip Hurry
'tkh (3) -shot, inward part Bodypart
mkh (36) brush past, engine, erase, wipe, wipe out, wiped out, wipes out Destroy
nkh (40) guide, superintend Protect
skh (2) file, scrape Injury
pkh (44) viceroy Office
xkh (1) sober Character
wkh (177) prostrate, prostration, worship Praise
wkh (4) swim Water
akv (3) marsh-plant Planting
akz (133) catch hold fast, grasp, held, held fast, hold, hold fast, holds fast Protect
pkz (4) brag, braggart, reckless Character
akk (3) hearth City
zkk (4) dam, dislocate, dislocation Clothe
xkk (5) dazzle, glow Flourish
xkk (7) aglow, glow, hot spot, scorched place Wild
wkk (22) depress, press down, pressed down, presses down, self-destruction, self-destructive Vexation
wk't (6) malleable Character
wk't (81) butcher, butchery Death
wk't (1) squish Work
lki (21) cheek, jawbone, two cheek Bodypart
lkc (6) lick, licked up Rule
gkl (18) burning coal, coal Fire
dkl (6) perturb Fear
zkl (3) perturb, perturbation Fear
ikl (49) give hope, hope, wait hope, waited hope Covenant
ckl (1) paint Character
nkl (282) effect inheritance, gave inheritance, given inherit, given inheritance, heritage, inherit, inheritance, leaves inheritance, legacy Covenant
nkl (141) inherit, torrent, wadi Water
rkl (3) ewe, ewes Animal
wkl (7) aged beast, fierce lion Animal
ikm (9) conceive, conception, heat, re-conceive Birth
ikm (123) heat, huff, imaged heat Wrath
lkm (1) intestine Bodypart
lkm (493) battle, bread, fight, fought, war, warrior, wars Defense
lkm (305) banquet, bread, loaves bread, partake, picnic Eat
nkm (123) comfort, consolation, console, re-create, regret, show pity, showed pity, sigh Holy
pkm (3) hot coal Wrath
rkm (29) womb, womb two Bodypart
rkm (106) compassion, compassionate, find compassion, finds compassion, nurture, passionate Love
rkm (2) white vulture Wings
bkn (31) test, try, watchtower Judgment
dkn (1) entertain Music
dkn (1) millet Planting
'tkn (10) grind, ground Work
dkp (5) sped, unrelent, unrelenting Hurry
ikp (5) barefoot, being barefoot Clothe
skp (2) hurtling down Work
rkp (3) brood Birth
wkp (1) ceil City
wkp (2) consumption Illness
wkp (2) seagull Wings
lkx (32) grip, kept grip, restrict, restriction Hate
mkx (16) wound Violence
nkx (1) press Hurry
rkx (77) keep wash, trust, wash, wash- Water
wkx (2) pride Animal
dkq (2) jostle Vexation
xkq (15) sport Character
rkq (163) afar, afar off, distance, distant, distant place, far, far off, keeps distance, put distance, put far, puts distance, remote Distant
wkq (5) pulverize Destroy
wkq (20) as sky, sky Heaven
wkq (52) amuse, gambol, hilarity, laugh, laughingstock, laughter, tease Joy
akr (353) aftereffect, aftermath, afterward, backward, butt end, consequence, delay, farthest part, follow, hindquarter, inclination, last, last one, late, later time, latter, latter end, morrow, next day, rear, rearward, result, straggler, things follow, tomorrow Time
bkr (245) choice, choose, chose, chosen, chosen one, deliberate, prime, prime youth, young man, young men, youth prime, youths prime Covenant
'tkr (8) hemorrhoid Illness
nkr (2) sniffler, snuffle Vexation
skr (1) tortoiseshell Bodypart
skr (1) carapace City
skr (29) bought sold, buy sell, vendor, ware Economy
skr (1) palpitate Illness
pkr (1) artisan Work
xkr (2) tawny Light
wkr (9) black, blackest dawn, swarthy Light
wkr (13) early seek, seek early, seeking early, seeks early, sought early Seek
wkr (27) dawn, times dawn Time
ikw (21) enroll genealogy, enrolled genealogy, genealogy, through genealogy Measure
ckw (29) cringe, disown, dissimulate, dissimulation, founder Enemy
lkw (3) conjurer, worry Office
lkw (5) amulet, conjure, conjurer, worry Rule
nkw (33) snake Animal
nkw (10) augury, took omen, use augury, uses augury Covenant
nkw (161) brass, brass chain, brazen, brazen say, brazenness, copper Mineral
skw (2) volunteer plant Planting
rkw (3) stir Joy
tkw (1) leather Clothe
tkw (13) dyed indigo, indigo dye Light
nkt (22) infiltrate, penetrate, pin, pin down, pinned, pinned down, pins, stow Judgment
pkt (11) crater, inner bore, panic Fear
wkt (188) batter, destroy, destruction, destructive, impair Destroy
tkt (1) underpart Bodypart
tkt (36) low, lower, lower deck, lower part, lowest part, nether part, nethermost part Distant
b'ta (6) rash speak, speak rash, speaking rash, spoke rash Speak
k'ta (149) offer sin offering, offered sin, offering sin, sin, sin offering Offer
k'ta (446) borne loss, heavy sin, mid sin, miss, sin, sin offering, sinful, sins, use sin Sin
m'ta (6) came, come Approach
k'tb (10) dress Defense
q'tb (4) canker Illness
r'tb (2) wet Water
a'td (6) brierpatch Place
p'td (4) topaz Mineral
k'th (32) wheat Planting
m'th (193) branch Group
m'th (30) bier, branch, couch Rest
m'th (65) rod, rods Rule
n'th (217) bend, bent, bulge, decline, hearten, look bend, nuance, push, push off, stretch, stretch out, stretched out, stretches out, stretching out, swerve, though stretched out Seek
y'th (19) wrap, wrap up Clothe
w'th (6) veer Approach
w'th (28) acacia Planting
b'tk (182) belief, confidence, confident, even trust, giving trust, put trust, trust Trust
w'tk (9) places unfold, unfold Protect
q't't (2) crack Destroy
r't't (2) nervous, nervousness Fear
b'tl (7) idle, stop Measure
n'tl (7) carrier, taken up, tolerable, tolerate, took up Defense
q'tl (11) kill Death
a'tm (8) narrow, plug Trust
k'tm (1) dampen Rule
w'tm (8) oppose, opposition Rebel
b'tn (72) belly, belly-home Bodypart
b'tn (1) pistachio nut Planting
y'tn (1) pail City
q'tn (108) least, least deserve, less, lesser thing, shrink, tiny, unimportant, wee, young Measure
w'tn (34) accusation, accuse Hate
n'ty (69) plant Harvest
k'tp (3) seize Bound
't'tp (3) frontlet Covenant
n'tp (1) storax Planting
n'tp (6) stutter Speak
n'tp (15) drop, droplet, ear-droplet Water
y'tp (17) disable, drape, draped cloak, overwhelm, sleeve-frock Clothe
q'tp (5) -pluck, pluck, pluck off Harvest
w'tp (37) charge, douse, downpour, drown, overflow Water
a'tr (3) close, hamper Bound
k'tr (2) twig Planting
m'tr (55) rain, refrain rain Water
n'tr (3) target Bound
n'tr (1) mind Office
n'tr (22) cell, held back, hold back, holds back, mind Rule
y'tr (1) crown Flourish
y'tr (32) crown Rule
p'tr (21) excuse, firstling, purse Plan
q'tr (1) knot Bodypart
q'tr (1) incense altar Covenant
q'tr (119) burn incense, burn smoke, burned incense, burned smoke, burning incense, burning smoke, burnt incense, fuse, knot Fire
q'tr (66) incense Planting
q'tr (2) vapour Water
w'tr (1) side Bodypart
w'tr (26) overseer Office
l'tw (5) hone Defense
n'tw (43) abandon, out tendril, tendril Vexation
p'tw (1) tunic Clothe
r'tw (6) dash piece, dashed piece Violence
gia (62) gorge Valley
qia (13) disgorge, vomit, vomit out, vomited out Eat
aib (288) enemy, enmity, here enemy, hostile Enemy
rib (134) contend, contender, contention, dispute, reason, strife, strive, strove Judgment
wib (27) grey hair, grey-hair, hoary age Time
sig (8) dross, swill Eat
aid (24) misfortune Violence
gid (7) sinew Bodypart
cid (9) scale Defense
pid (3) disaster Destroy
wid (6) lime Mineral
aih (3) falcon, raptor Wings
dih (2) kite Wings
hih (3624) being, happen, such, though Time
kih (822) alive, allowed live, animal, compared life, continue live, even life, gave life, give life, given life, gives life, keep alive, keep live, keeps alive, kept alive, left alive, life, lifetime, live, living creature, living thing, outlive, raw, revive, stay alive Life
xih (24) arid, arid place, aridity, wild place, wild thing Wild
wih (1) unmindful Character
div (1) ink Measure
ziz (3) wild creature Animal
ziz (10) post City
gik (8) burst, burst out Destroy
rik (71) find fragrance, fragrance, smell Life
wik (3) shrub Planting
wik (39) blather, ponder, shrub Speak
'ti't (16) besom, dirt, muck, mucky Vexation
yi't (11) bird prey, birds prey, pounce Wings
wi't (2) oars Tool
ail (180) hart, ram, rams Animal
ail (24) portico City
ail (11) impotent, potency, potentate Strength
gil (57) caliber, overjoy, rejoice Joy
kil (263) ability, bulwark, force, forceful, reinforce, weal, wealth, wealthy, worthy Strength
lil (238) night, night long, night span, tonight Time
aim (19) horrible, horror Fear
mim (582) through water, water, water reflect, watery Water
yim (1) vehemence Strength
bin (260) acumen, between, discern, gave discern, get point, give understand, gives discern, giving understand, indiscernible, interstice, minding - discern, ones understand, understand, understandable, understood Teaching
din (78) advocacy, advocate, case, dissension, sentence Judgment
din (64) province Rule
hin (22) hin Measure
zin (5) countenance Light
iin (145) mire, through wine, wine, wine-soaked Eat
min (31) species Form
nin (3) posterity Birth
yin (871) - - eye, eye, eyes, eyes, eye, eyesight, glance eye, sight, spring, through eye, visible Bodypart
yin (4) colour Light
yin (47) spring Water
xin (1) milestone Covenant
yip (20) exhaust Destroy
kix (19) outward, outward show Measure
diq (6) siege-wall Defense
kiq (39) bosom, chest, embrace, gutter, lap Bodypart
piq (1) thin Violence
riq (60) bare, emptiness, empty, empty-headed, without Empty
gir (1) stucco City
'tir (5) domicile Group
nir (70) fiery, fire, lamp, nigh lamp Light
sir (29) -pot, garden-pot, pot, pots Container
sir (4) prickle Harvest
yir (1097) city City
xir (12) hinge, notification, notify, spasm Rule
qir (76) house wall, sidewall Protect
rir (2) spittle Bodypart
rir (1) ooze Water
wir (177) female sing, male sing, sang, sing, singers female, singers male, song, sung Music
aiw (2185) -one, adult, another, anyone, cohort, every, every person, everyone, hero, man, men, other, person, personal, real, representative, ride, soldier, someone, spouse, such Human
liw (3) codger cat Animal
wiw (3) alabaster Light
wiw (5) raisin, raisin cake Planting
wiw (2) wizened Time
tiw (4) billy-goat Animal
bit (2153) hearth home, house, household, inside, mansion City
bit (1) smelling-bottle Container
bit (20) inside, inside house Place
zit (38) olive, olive grove, olive tree Planting
wit (102) fundamental, impose, lay off, mark, put, set, set up, sets, warp, wild growth Rule
bca (4) balsam tree Planting
dca (22) castration, contrite, contrition, crush, crushed contrition, look crush, many contrite Injury
nca (7) crestfallen, gum Exile
rcb (1) knee Bodypart
rcb (248) carried chariot, chariot, chariot-horse, charioteer, ridden, ride, rider-stone, rode, rode off Defense
rcb (2) ride Work
wcb (275) emission, laid down, laid out, lain, lain down, lay down, lie, lie down, lie together, lies down, litter, lying, lying down Rest
lcd (123) being caught, catch, caught, caught out, conquer, remove Trap
ncd (3) descendant Family
bch (148) beside, weep, wept Grief
dch (7) crush Injury
zch (1) crystal Form
zch (24) clear, clearness, zero dirt clear Pardon
kch (14) person tarry, tarry Hurry
kch (3) fishhook Work
mch (20) defeat Enemy
nch (521) gash, stricken, strike, struck Destroy
nch (11) mill, strike, struck Work
pch (4) trickle, vial Water
wch (1) lust Character
wch (4) icon, iconic, show-piece Covenant
wch (3) imagination Plan
wch (1) harpoon Tool
ick (87) argue, correct, correction, finds correct, reasoning prove, referee, referee together, refereed, reproof, reprove Teaching
wck (122) find, forget, forgot, forgotten, forgotten one, found Teaching
dci (1) crushing wave Water
mcc (3) diminish Shame
scc (5) booth, lair Covenant
scc (76) booth, lair, overshadow, screen, shadow, tabernacle, undercover Protect
rcc (7) ease, fluster, mollify, temper Stand
wcc (5) subside Character
acl (921) ate, ate up, devour, eat, eat fill, eat up, eaten, eaten up, eats, fed, feed, food, fuel, give eat, knife, ones eat, provide food Eat
icl (211) accomplish, endure, i-will-endure, overpower, such Stand
ncl (5) canny, con, cunning Plan
scl (22) silliness, silly Character
rcl (23) merchant, through merchant Economy
rcl (5) merchants sell, scandal-monger Work
wcl (35) bereave Death
wcl (6) consolidate Protect
wcl (96) contemplate, gave insight, give insight, given insight, gives insight, giving insight, insight, insightful, surely insight, teach insight Teaching
kcm (340) increase shrewdness, shrewd, shrewd folk, shrewd thing, shrewdness, wisdom, wise, wise men Teaching
wcm (19) backside Bodypart
wcm (68) early, early morning, go early, insistence, insistent, rise early, rise up early, risen early, rising early, rose early, rose up early Hurry
scn (13) cherish, custom, destitute Love
scn (8) destitute, meagerness Poor
wcn (18) neighbour Group
wcn (273) dwell, dwell here, dwelling-place, dwelt, erect, find roost, finds roost, neighbour, roost Place
tcn (6) quantity, recipe Measure
tcn (24) stability, stabilize, stable Strength
mcs (9) tally Measure
ncs (7) material wealth Work
ycs (2) ankle-clasp Clothe
ycs (1) tinkle Music
rcs (4) clique, tether Family
acp (2) arm-twist Bound
acr (7) farmer Work
bcr (3) hot young dromedary Animal
bcr (143) birthright, firstborn Family
bcr (22) first ripe fig, first ripe fruit, first ripen Planting
dcr (3) rams Animal
hcr (1) insult Illness
zcr (88) male Human
zcr (288) archive, archivist, bring remembrance, lasting memory, memorable, memorial, memory, remember, remembrance, remind, zealous, zero, zion remember, zoomed memory Work
mcr (94) ones being sold, revenue, sale, sell, seller, selling-price, sold Economy
ncr (2) expression, mask Character
ncr (88) alien, alien woman, alienate, alienation, foreign, foreign colleague, looking foreign Group
ncr (45) recognizable, recognize, unrecognizable Look
scr (3) stop Plan
ycr (19) agitate, agitation, agitator Vexation
wcr (59) -ard, boozer, drunk, drunkard, drunken, drunkenness, intoxicate, intoxication, strong drink, through strong drink Eat
wcr (74) contract, earn, earns wage, fare, find earn, hire, mercenary, wage, wage-earner Economy
rcw (5) steed Animal
rcw (32) belong, obtain, property Work
nct (2) fortune Work
sct (1) take heed Quiet
kla (13) disease, torrents god Injury
'tla (9) patchwork Light
cla (37) -fold, doubly confine, holding-pen, restrain, restraint Rule
mla (375) corroborate, fill, fulfill, fulfillment offering, full, fullness, fully, gave full, generous, infill, inlaid, thorough Flourish
sla (1) set side side Measure
pla (87) demonstrating wonder, extraordinary, plentiful wonder, wonder, wonderful, wonderful thing, wonderful work Joy
tla (2) uncertain Measure
glb (1) barber Work
klb (138) cheese, choicest, galbanum, gross, gross fat, grossness, milk Harvest
clb (31) dog, dogs Animal
clb (2) hamper Measure
wlb (5) equidistant, frame Measure
blg (5) smile, why smile Approach
dlg (5) leap, leapt Flourish
ylg (1) stammer Speak
plg (7) entangle Character
plg (15) course, plunge, pouring stream, stream Water
wlg (22) snow, white snow Water
gld (1) scarred skin Bodypart
kld (1) weasel Animal
kld (5) transience, transient Time
ild (650) beget, begot, begotten, birth, born, boy, boys, bring birth, chick, childhood, confirmed succession, female juvenile, fertile, gave birth, girl, give birth, given birth, gives birth, giving birth, juvenile, kindred, male juvenile, male newborn, male peer, midwife, nativity, newborn, ready give birth, succession, successor, toddle Birth
sld (1) leap joy Injury
alh (5) rump Bodypart
alh (31) avowal, imprecation Covenant
alh (6) alack, sob Grief
alh (11) elm Planting
alh (10) censure Wrath
blh (2) curb, without curb Approach
blh (48) fade, fail, fright, tariff, wear out, wearing out, worn out Decay
glh (129) exile, exiles go, go exile, gone exile Exile
glh (10) globe, hand mirror Tool
glh (126) disclose, disclosure, discover, exile, give discovery, uncover Trust
dlh (3) portal City
dlh (103) column, distill, gateway, lid, portal, pull up, pulled up, trellis, tress Flourish
klh (14) began entreaty, entreat, entreaty Appeal
klh (3) jewel Clothe
klh (14) cake Eat
klh (89) aghast, crave, entreat, ill, illness, sick, sicken, sickness Illness
klh (1) illness Injury
'tlh (2) lambkin Animal
clh (28) bride, daughter-in-law, daughters law, daughters-in-law Family
clh (15) faint Seek
clh (226) consume, consuming end, consuming means, consummate, consummate end, consummation, find end, finish, found end, know finish, things consummate Whole
nlh (1) benefaction Plan
slh (4) suspend Bound
slh (1) suspended basket Container
slh (2) spur Planting
ylh (20) stair, upper City
ylh (384) ascend, bring up, burnt offering, came up, come up, comes up, goes up, offer, offer up, offered up, offering, offering up, offers up Offer
ylh (17) leaf, leave Planting
ylh (865) ascend, ascendance, ascendancy, ascendant, ascent, bring up, bringing up, brings up, brought up, came up, climb, come up, comes up, coming up, conduit, get up, go up, goes up, going up, gone up, got up, grew up, pretext, such come up, went up Walk
ylh (25) degree, great degree, trim Work
plh (7) distinguish, reserve Protect
xlh (1) pray Covenant
xlh (6) roast Eat
qlh (8) parched grain Eat
qlh (25) disgrace, lower class, multiple disgrace Shame
wlh (1) afterbirth Birth
wlh (27) ease, ease approach, eases out, give ease, serenity Quiet
tlh (28) hang, hung Death
wlv (4) quail Wings
ylz (24) exult, exultant, exultation Joy
alk (3) corrupt Sin
glk (23) shave, shaven Clothe
dlk (3) roil Vexation
clk (2) full old age Time
mlk (49) detritus, dissipate, salt, salt plain, salt-seafarer Wild
slk (50) forgive, forgiven, forgiveness, pardon Pardon
plk (22) break forth, component, revere, reverence, slice Rule
xlk (74) basin, hustle, prosper, prosperous, send prosperity, thrive, useful Flourish
qlk (2) cauldron Container
wlk (6) javelin, weapon Defense
wlk (879) dismiss, dismissal, dispense, extend, extend such, extension, handing, parting gift, put, reach, reach out, reached out, send, send back, send off, send out, send such, sender, sending out, sends out, sent, sent down, sent off, sent out, set loose, sets loose, shoot Send
kl't (1) clinch Trap
ml't (96) cement, escape, help escape, helped escape, lay, lets escape, provide escape Protect
pl't (80) anyone secure, secure, security Protect
ql't (21) asylum, handicap Exile
wl't (55) authority, dominate, domineer, escutcheon, faculty, give faculty, legal, taken authority, takes authority Rule
cli (30) insides, kidney, vital centre Bodypart
cli (221) inner pouch, such vessel, vessel Container
cli (103) article, cargo, instrument, skiff, such cargo, such instrument Work
yli (1) pestle Work
tli (1) trident Defense
hlc (1563) amble, avoid walk, came, come, expedition, gait, go, go back, goes, goes down, gone, got, gush, led, meander, ones walk, ongoing, plod, proceed, procession, promenade, rush, sail, sidle, slither, slithering off, strut, such go, to, toll, travel, usher, walk, walk around, walk off, walk out, walk up, walked offstage, walked through, walker, walking intent, walks off, went, went off, went rush Walk
mlc (2967) began reign, begun reign, king, kingdom, kings', leader, monarch, queen, reign, royal, royalty Office
mlc (426) began reign, king, kingdom, reign, royal, royal estate, royalty, sovereign Rule
plc (8) sector City
plc (2) spindle Tool
wlc (2) cormorant Animal
wlc (126) being cast down, cast, cast down, cast off, cast out, casting out, fling, flung, kiss good- Send
bll (4) fodder, gave fodder Eat
bll (43) mangle, mingle Joy
gll (53) cairn, figurine, through figurine Covenant
gll (20) dung, roll dung, rubble Destroy
gll (10) billow, roll Water
gll (54) cairn, get, go, plaque, roll, rolled up, sake, scroll Work
dll (9) brought low Poor
hll (231) bluster, boast, boastful, dunderhead, give praise, gives praise, hallelu, madden, played fool, praise, praiseworthy, render praise Praise
zll (1) sprig Planting
zll (7) glutton, gluttony, vile, vileness Sin
kll (2) whistle Character
kll (181) profanation, profane, profanity, question Holy
kll (99) commence, eat start, far, start, start use, started use Measure
kll (1) grotto Wild
'tll (2) awn, put up rain-awning Hide
ill (38) howl, torment, tormentor Enemy
cll (15) perfect, perfection Praise
cll (5) entire, entire line, finish Whole
mll (73) give speech, speak, speech, spoke, thing Speak
sll (1) floorboard City
sll (15) woven pannier Container
sll (11) extol Joy
sll (39) highway, ramp Place
yll (46) furnace, ill-treat, shackle Bound
yll (47) prodigal, prodigality, through wantonness, wanton, wantonness Character
yll (14) bring, brought, came, go, went Walk
yll (42) glean grape, grape-glean, grapes glean, practice Work
pll (167) intercede, intercessor, mediate, pray, through intercessor Praise
xll (1) cicada Animal
xll (3) quiver, shady place, submerge Fear
xll (23) cymbal, quiver, tingle, tingling brass Music
qll (20) fleet, quick Hurry
qll (73) light, lighten, lightening trifle, slight, slight thing, slightness, trifle Measure
qll (40) burnish, denial, deny, dwindle, fine-tune, trifle Speak
wll (2) spoil Destroy
wll (92) pilfer, spoil, take spoil, taken spoil Violence
tll (1) venerable Character
tll (1) wavy Love
tll (4) mound Measure
alm (1) gut Bodypart
alm (45) porch City
alm (5) sheaf, sheave Harvest
alm (19) dumb, porch, sheave Quiet
glm (2) baby clothe, embryo Human
hlm (11) smite, smitten, smote Enemy
hlm (3) diamond Mineral
hlm (1) mallet Tool
klm (120) dream, dream-stone Joy
clm (69) humiliate, humiliation Shame
slm (1) ladder Tool
ylm (35) dissemble, obscure, obscure stripling, obscurity Hide
ylm (462) adolescence, another era, era, eras, eras come, eras past, even everlasting, even old, everlasting, everlastingly, evermore, forever, never, old, stripling, verily forever, youthful vigour Time
xlm (34) image, semblance Form
wlm (11) apparel Clothe
wlm (62) peace offering Offer
wlm (421) שׁ peace, dessert, full pay, good shape, paid, pay, payback, payoff, pays back, peace, peace offering, peaceable, remains whole, repaid, repay, welfare, well, well being, well-shape, whole, wholeness, wholly Whole
tlm (6) ridge Harvest
bls (1) tender Measure
yls (2) take solace Joy
yls (1) peacock thrill Wings
pls (9) level, level out Rule
qls (8) ridicule, ridiculous Speak
bly (51) being swallowed up, blast, swallow, swallow up, swallowed up Eat
gly (3) quarrel Character
ily (4) fang Bodypart
sly (61) cliff, cliff-dwelling, craggy rock Praise
sly (1) winged locust Wings
yly (1) ribs Bodypart
yly (1) slurp up Eat
xly (40) rib, ribs Bodypart
xly (8) halt, rib Walk
qly (34) hang, sling, sling out, slung Defense
alp (10) drove Measure
alp (510) million, thousand, two thousand Number
alp (69) captain Office
alp (2) educate Teaching
dlp (1) implore Seek
dlp (4) drip, leak Water
klp (50) adapt, blade, renew, renewal, renewed braid Joy
slp (9) undermine Destroy
ylp (6) languish Vexation
wlp (2) flip off, flipped off Covenant
wlp (23) being clip, draw, drawn, drew Cut
alx (1) badger Hurry
klx (57) bare, gala-dress, gear, genus, ready-arm, rein, rescue Protect
mlx (2) gratify Praise
ylx (9) elate, elation Joy
plx (10) totem, tremor Fear
blq (2) depopulate Empty
dlq (11) hot pursuit, hotly pursue, inflame, inflammation Violence
klq (22) flatter, flattery, slippery, slippery part, smooth, smooth thing, smoothness Character
klq (201) allot, chosen share, divide, division, parcel, part, share, want share Covenant
ilq (9) cankerworm, pygmy Animal
mlq (2) wring off Work
slq (5) came, came up Approach
ylq (1) leech Animal
glw (2) curled up Look
klw (5) being vanquish, vanquish Empty
plw (4) wallow Decay
wlw (752) day yesterday, days gone, equerry, every three, great grand, third, third day, third measure, third time, thirteen, thirteenth, thirtieth, thirty, thirty thing, three, three day, three year, three-ply, triangle, triple, trisect Number
wlw (8) equerry Office
slt (53) fine flour Eat
tlt (17) third, thirty, three Number
gma (6) gulp, rush Planting
'tma (287) defile, pronounce unclean, unclean, uncleanness Holy
xma (42) thirst, thirsty, thirsty ground Eat
gmd (1) half-cubit Measure
kmd (66) attract, attraction, attractive, attractive thing, attractiveness, being attractive, covet, coveted thing, covetousness, find attractive, finds attractive Character
lmd (94) being taught, expert, fillip, learn, student, taught, teach Teaching
ymd (650) foothold, give stand, install, keep foothold, kept foothold, pillar, stand, stand back, stand still, standing here, standing pillar, standing up, standing-place, steady, stood, stood back, stood down, stood still, stood up, through pillar Stand
xmd (2) acre Measure
xmd (19) couple, pair, paired cover Whole
xmd (6) circlet Work
wmd (91) exterminate, extermination Destroy
amh (68) clan, maidservant, metropolis Family
amh (251) cubit, two cubit Measure
bmh (108) high place Covenant
dmh (56) akin, liken, likeness, suppose Form
dmh (59) dumb - mute - still, mute, undone, whisper Quiet
hmh (34) murmur, snarl Speak
zmh (20) agenda, lewd, lewdness Plan
kmh (11) poison, poisonous Wrath
cmh (2) pine Love
xmh (4) headscarf Clothe
rmh (7) maggot Animal
rmh (12) heave, heaved place Send
rmh (71) deceit, deceitful, deceive, deception, through deceit, unready Trust
tmh (15) astonish, marvel Joy
xmk (45) grew, grow, grown, growth, sprout Harvest
qmk (14) flour Eat
rmk (15) lance Tool
wmk (269) glad, gladden, gladness, mirth, mirthful Joy
km't (1) snail Animal
qm't (2) overrun Destroy
wm't (14) chuck down, chucked down, lurch, remit, remittance Cut
smc (49) placed support, rug, support, sustain, wants support Protect
tmc (21) held up, maintain, retain Protect
aml (18) enfeeble, feeble Poor
gml (53) camel Animal
gml (61) benefit, camel, get even, getting even, grow, mature, nursing child, paid back, recompense, reward, wean Whole
kml (44) pity, show pity, shows pity Pardon
nml (2) ant, ants Animal
sml (5) statue Covenant
yml (75) miserable, misery, toil Work
qml (2) fester Destroy
dmm (364) blood, bloodshed, bloody, guilt shed blood Bodypart
hmm (13) confuse Vexation
zmm (42) intend, intent, intention, multifarious scheme, scheme, schemer, such scheme, zone Plan
kmm (3) hot Birth
kmm (26) grows warm, hot, warm, warmth Wrath
ymm (3) dim Hide
rmm (10) celebrate, celebration Flourish
wmm (202) appall, causing desolation, desolate, desolation, puzzle, stun Destroy
tmm (207) complement, complete, completely spent, completely sum, completely up, completeness, completion, filled full, naivety, show complete, thus complete Whole
amn (1) artist Form
amn (218) amen, believe, confidante, depend, dependable, faith, faithful, faithfulness, foster, near faithful, note faithful, nurse, put faith, puts faith, reared faithful, truly, verify, verity Trust
dmn (9) compost Destroy
zmn (1) cooked up together Plan
zmn (19) season, session Time
kmn (7) sun-pillar Covenant
'tmn (36) burial, buried treasure, bury Violence
imn (184) even right hand, right, right hand, right side, take right, turn right Bodypart
imn (17) south, south side, south wind, southern Measure
cmn (3) cumin Planting
wmn (216) compared oil, dense, density, oil, oils, oily, stout, stout thing Joy
wmn (178) eigh-, eight, eighteen, eighteenth, eightieth, eighty, octave Number
hms (1) sizzle Wild
kms (68) do violence, violence, violent, violently remove, violently shake off Violence
kms (2) screech owl Wings
cms (5) breech Clothe
cms (1) stock Economy
yms (10) carry, laid load, laying load, onerous Harvest
rms (26) trample Violence
dmy (26) tear Grief
wmy (1223) broadcast, fame, give hear, hear, hear - listen, heard, heed, lest hear, message, music, ones hear, paid heed, pay heed, report Appeal
amx (2) bay Light
amx (50) assurance, assure, sure Protect
kmx (27) leaven, sour, sour person, vinegar Eat
qmx (7) extract, extraction, openhand Measure
wmx (3) detriment, tad Measure
kmq (3) curve Covenant
ymq (106) deep, inscrutable, inscrutable thing, valley Valley
xmq (5) bunches raisin, shrivel Water
amr (3) lamb Animal
amr (5478) bidden, figure, indicate, looking say, mention, promise, pronounce, said, said..., say, sayings, says, such said, such say, talk, tout, uppermost offshoot, vocal, women said Speak
gmr (6) obliterate, perfect peace Destroy
zmr (1) chamois Animal
zmr (5) snuffer Covenant
zmr (120) all sing psalm, music, psalm, psalm-singing, psalmist, sing psalm, yin psalm Music
zmr (14) prune, pruned sprig, pruning hook Work
kmr (42) ass Animal
kmr (6) red wine Eat
kmr (3) red, redden Light
kmr (14) homer Measure
kmr (1) asphalt Mineral
kmr (24) clay, foam, mortar, red mud, slather Water
imr (3) amend Covenant
cmr (12) ascetic, crave, eclipse, fever Sin
cmr (1) dragnet Tool
nmr (7) leopard Animal
smr (3) shiver Grief
ymr (2) merchandise Economy
ymr (19) bale Harvest
xmr (22) wool, woolen, woolly foliage Animal
wmr (5) nail City
wmr (5) dreg Eat
wmr (581) adamant, bodyguard, choir, detention, disregard, guard, guardian, keep, keep watch, keeping watch, keeps watch, kept, kept watch, night watch, shelter, watch, watchman Protect
wmr (9) spike Wild
tmr (1) frond Eat
tmr (36) palm tree, palm-tree, signpost, spreading frond Planting
amw (5) last night Time
kmw (561) fifteen, fifteenth, fifth, fifth rib, fiftieth, fifty, five, five-part, groups five, take fifth part Number
rmw (34) creep, creeper, creeping organism Animal
wmw (2) battlement Defense
wmw (157) sun Heaven
wmw (1) attend Protect
amt (127) true, truth, truthful Trust
kmt (3) flask Container
ymt (13) exactly, fellow, match Family
xmt (17) annihilate, clipped off, finality, stricken, vaporize Destroy
ana (13) beseech Seek
'tna (4) basket Measure
mna (3) number Number
qna (84) jealous, jealousy, moved jealousy, zeal Protect
wna (165) hate, hate-, hatred Hate
wna (3) mutate, transform Stand
gnb (59) considered stolen, steal, stealth, stole, stolen, theft, thief, thieve Vexation
znb (10) tail Bodypart
znb (3) subservience, subservient, wagged tail Character
ynb (20) grape Planting
dng (4) wax Planting
yng (20) delicacy, delicate, delicate woman, delight exquisite, delights exquisite, exquisite, exquisite delight Joy
png (1) pastry Eat
ynd (2) tie Rule
anh (3) moan, rueful Grief
anh (10) opportune, opportunity, taking opportunity Walk
bnh (472) began build, build, build up, building took, building up, built, built up, built-up area, during build, manner, pattern, rebuild, rebuilt, shape City
bnh (19) straw Planting
znh (135) harlot, harlotry, play harlot, played harlot, playing harlot, plays harlot, prostitute, prostitution, through harlotry Bound
knh (364) arm, army, camp, encamp, encampment, hover, spear Defense
knh (47) army, camp, two army Group
inh (19) suppress, suppression Violence
cnh (4) entitle Family
cnh (2) cane, entitle Plan
mnh (13) appoint Covenant
mnh (55) apportion, fathom, fathomable, portion Measure
snh (6) bush Planting
ynh (372) answer, expound Appeal
ynh (2) furrow Harvest
ynh (89) afflict, affliction, inflict, jam, though afflict Injury
ynh (10) business, busy Work
pnh (732) about-face, face, face face, face forward, faced backward, faced forward, presence, put face, rather face, save face, surface, verily face Bodypart
pnh (10) prefer, preference, show preference Character
pnh (721) face, prepared soil, presence, present Meet
pnh (27) corner Place
xnh (18) grappling hook Tool
qnh (61) livestock Animal
qnh (156) acquire, acquisition, acquisitiveness, bought, buy, buys, purchase Economy
qnh (32) calamus Planting
rnh (1) rattle Approach
wnh (31) adjust, feign, pretend, pretense, variance, vary Character
wnh (966) between two, duplicate, equivalence, equivalent, repeat second time, repeated second time, second, second order, second time, twelfth, twelve, twice, two, two thing, twofold Number
wnh (2) revise Rest
wnh (891) college, diverse, second, second time, second type, substitute, two, two year, unmark, year, year out, year span, yearling Time
tnh (15) fee, fees, pay fee, pay respect, pays fee Economy
ynv (8) gentle, gentleness Character
ynv (27) afflict Injury
gnz (7) depository Work
ank (23) sigh Grief
znk (20) foul, reject, very far reject, zero Vexation
ink (60) allow, leave, leave off, left Rest
xnk (3) put down Meet
kn't (5) embalm, ripen Planting
yni (94) impoverish, near poverty, poor, poverty Poor
wni (41) scarlet Light
anc (4) plumb, plumbline Measure
knc (18) dedicate, dedication Covenant
xnm (1) frazzle Death
qnm (3) cinnamon Planting
ann (2) cavil, whine Appeal
gnn (9) defend Defense
knn (209) continue supplication, grace, gracious, graciousness, ingratiate, mercy gracious, supplicate, supplication Appeal
ynn (100) cloud, fortuneteller Heaven
qnn (18) cubicle, nest Rest
rnn (93) joyful cry, loud joy, loud shout, shout, shout aloud, shout joy, shouted joy, shouting joy Joy
wnn (10) sharp, sharp teach, sharpen, sharply taught, whet Cut
wnn (8) gibe Wild
ans (2) duress Bound
bns (1) rant Wrath
cns (17) find storeroom, garner, storeroom Harvest
cns (3) garner Protect
wns (1) cincture Clothe
cny (37) bring heel, brought heel, subdue, wits Judgment
mny (29) withheld, withhold Appeal
xny (2) modest, modesty Character
anp (2) face Bodypart
anp (2) heron Wings
anp (15) angry Wrath
knp (26) hypocrisy, hypocrite, hypocritical, pollute Character
'tnp (1) soil Holy
cnp (16) hem, hems Clothe
cnp (94) cover wing, two wing, wing Wings
ynp (12) bough, full bough Family
xnp (21) head-dress, turban, twirl Clothe
qnx (1) wrench Tool
anq (1) ferret Animal
anq (14) groan Grief
znq (2) bound Approach
knq (3) strangle Injury
inq (40) nanny, nursing mother, nursling, nursling shoot, sapling, suckle, wet-nurse Birth
ynq (4) necklace, pendant Clothe
ynq (1) available Covenant
pnq (1) indulge Character
cnr (42) harp Music
xnr (1) waterfall Water
anw (13) incurable Human
ynw (12) amerce, fine Rebel
cnt (7) confederate Family
csa (141) chair, enthrone, full moon, throne Rule
nsg (11) relocate Rule
psg (1) pass between Stand
ksd (250) covenant mercy, kind, kindness, mercy, show kind, show mercy, showing mercy Whole
isd (82) found, foundation, foundation laid, institute, laid foundation, lay foundation, reason City
hsh (8) hush Quiet
ksh (59) refuge, take refuge, taken refuge, takes refuge Protect
csh (185) blindfold, cover, frill, take cover Protect
msh (7) temptation Sin
msh (5) dissolve, slimy, thaw Water
nsh (21) prove, proven, tried out, venture Meet
nsh (15) tempt, tried out Rebel
wsh (18) plunder Violence
csk (3) cut, cut up Rule
nsk (6) extirpate Destroy
psk (18) lame, limp Injury
psk (3) pass Walk
msc (6) portiere Holy
msc (9) mix, mixture Water
nsc (128) libation, molten image, molten metal, offer libation, offered libation, spill out, spilled out, spilling out, warp web Offer
nsc (1) duke Office
ksl (6) caterpillar Animal
ksl (1) decimate Destroy
csl (6) hip, hips Bodypart
csl (82) dullard, folly, stupid, stupidity Foolish
psl (60) emboss, graven image, sculpt Holy
asm (2) barn Measure
bsm (29) spice Planting
ksm (3) muzzle Bound
csm (5) keep trim, spelt Eat
qsm (33) say sooth, soothsay, soothsayer Covenant
asn (5) harm Injury
ksn (13) hoard, invincibility, invincible Strength
rsn (4) bridle Clothe
mss (20) enforce service, enforced service, forced service, taxation Exile
mss (5) tax Rule
mss (21) decay, melt, molten Water
nss (22) spinnaker, standard, symptom Covenant
yss (6) new pressed wine, new wine press, press Eat
pss (7) many hued, minute amount, vanish Measure
qss (1) amputate Cut
rss (1) moisten Water
rss (2) shard Wild
wss (5) booty, rifle, took booty Violence
nsy (160) began migrate, begin migration, import, migrate, migration, migration order, missile, pull out, pulled out, pulling out, pulls out, set side, sprung Protect
wsy (13) being riven, rive, riven Wrath
asp (2) wreak Destroy
asp (201) gather, gathered sayings, ingather, pride Harvest
asp (2) billet Protect
asp (1) rabble Send
ksp (9) clay Human
isp (206) add, add repeat, additional, adds, adds repeat, farther, get next, longer continue, next, repeat, repeatedly add Measure
csp (1) salivate Character
csp (5) ache Love
csp (416) money, pieces silver, silver, silver piece Mineral
wsp (1) hacked piece Violence
nsq (4) take off, take up, taken up, took up Wings
asr (120) bind, bond, bondage, bonds around, bound, hitch, hitch strap, prisoner, strap, straps hitch Bound
bsr (5) sour grape Planting
ksr (60) defective, deprivation, deprive, lack, less, wane Plan
isr (99) bewilder, chasten, mentor, tutor, warn Teaching
qst (3) ink well Tool
bya (11) seek, sought Seek
lyb (1) sneer Meet
ryb (137) famine, famish, hunger, hungry, scarcity, starve, voracious Eat
tyb (139) abhor, abhorrent, abominable, abomination Sin
lyg (27) deride, derision, derisive, take pleasure derision Judgment
iyd (255) appointed place, appointed time, appointment, best date, compatible, engage Covenant
myd (8) joint, unstable, vacillate Vexation
syd (14) balustrade, confirm, find sustenance, sustain Strength
xyd (27) 'ts-our march, march, pace Walk
xyd (3) armlet, stepping-chain Work
ryd (9) tremble Fear
byh (6) hoe simmer, simmer, solicit Seek
gyh (2) low, lows Appeal
zyh (2) sweat Water
iyh (10) scoop, shovel Covenant
myh (8) abdomen, inner part Bodypart
myh (26) abdomen, innards, inner part, particle Human
syh (1) storm Wild
pyh (2) puff up, puffed up Appeal
xyh (5) saunter, stoop Place
ryh (221) associate, befriend, friend Family
ryh (4) pastor Office
ryh (201) association, graze, pasture, resolution, shepherd, shepherd such, shepherds', tend Work
wyh (4) look, respect Flourish
wyh (15) hour, look, respect Look
tyh (53) slow down, time wander, wander Sin
byv (2) petition Approach
iyz (1) barbarous Character
lyz (1) exotic Character
by't (2) kick Rebel
iy't (2) garb, prudence Clothe
ly't (1) ladle Eat
my't (124) brief, decrease, few, hint, insignificant, least hint, less, little, scarce, short, short order Measure
dyc (9) extinguish Destroy
zyc (1) extinct Destroy
myc (3) emasculate, fondle Violence
byl (32) husband, marry Family
byl (69) husband, owed, owner, senior, superior Office
byl (5) husband, own, owner, owns Rule
gyl (1) abort Death
gyl (10) loathe Sin
iyl (4) mountain goat Animal
iyl (23) use, useless Work
myl (2) exterior cloak Clothe
myl (64) trespass Sin
nyl (11) bolt, door-bolt City
nyl (26) pair sandal, put sandal, sandal, shod, shoe Clothe
pyl (111) amount due, draw, work, work out Work
ryl (6) fluttering veil, stagger Violence
wyl (4) fistful, narrow passage Measure
zym (34) denounce, indignant, indignation Wrath
'tym (7) discretion, madness Character
'tym (30) taste, tasty dish Eat
'tym (28) warrant, warranty Rule
nym (28) pleasant, pleasantness, pleasure Joy
pym (11) anvil, bell Tool
pym (119) beaten down, foot, footfall, pulse, pulse time, second time, time, time time, two time Walk
rym (20) thunder, thunderous Light
'tyn (2) lade, stab Work
iyn (9) ostrich Animal
wyn (38) buttress, lean, relax, staff, stave Judgment
cys (79) grief, grieve, grievous, grievous behaviour, provoked grief, provokes grief Grief
lyy (1) impulsive Speak
ryy (772) bring evil, brought evil, deal ill, deject, dejection, disservice, do evil, evil, evil intent, evil one, evil state, evil thing, evil women, evildoer, get hurt, grimace, hurt, hurtful, injure, injury, lead evil, spite injury, worse, worse evil Sin
wyy (2) muddy Character
wyy (16) dandle, revel, wherefore revel Joy
tyy (4) misuse Character
zyp (13) being outrage, frail, outrage Wrath
iyp (22) effort, get tire, great effort, summit, tire Decay
syp (4) fissure, schism, schismatic Enemy
syp (8) apex, lop apex Measure
ryp (5) drip Water
wyp (2) tempest thought Vexation
iyx (180) advice, advise, advisor, conspiracy, conspire, consult, consultation, counsel, counselor, take counsel, took advice, took counsel Plan
ryx (2) harry, scuttle Destroy
zyq (92) appeal, muster Appeal
xyq (76) 'ts crying out, called forth, cried out, cries out, cry out, crying out, mobilize, outcry, tza cry out Appeal
byr (6) kine Animal
byr (12) brute, brutish Character
byr (69) kindle Fire
byr (2) browse Injury
byr (17) shrive, shriven, shrove Wrath
gyr (30) give rebuke, giving rebuke, god rebuke, rebuke Judgment
zyr (10) far between, somewhat close Measure
iyr (61) forest Wild
nyr (5) brush, brush off, brushed off Exile
nyr (1) tinder Fire
nyr (258) lad, lads, lass, young lass, youngster Human
nyr (1) yell Speak
nyr (96) young, youth, youthful Time
nyr (7) toss, tossed around, tossed out Vexation
syr (31) came out tempest, storm-toss, tempest, tempestuous Wild
pyr (4) gawk, parting gape Love
xyr (34) diminutive, lesser account, little account, small, small one, small part Measure
qyr (15) platter Defense
wyr (1) hairy goat Animal
wyr (43) hair, hairy Bodypart
wyr (417) fold, gate, gatekeeper, nigh gate City
wyr (13) sweep, sweeping tempest, swept, swept aside Destroy
wyr (5) disagreeable, horrendous thing Fear
wyr (32) barley Planting
wyr (1) drizzle Water
tyr (7) razor, scabbard Defense
gyw (9) shake, shaken Fear
ryw (47) quake, rustle Fear
byt (20) alarm Fear
qpa (4) congeal, curdle, hoarfrost Water
rpa (104) fully heal, heal, healing image, household god, medicine, physician Whole
lpd (14) torch Light
spd (46) bewail, wail Grief
xpd (1) adhere Decay
qpd (4) excise, porcupine Animal
qpd (1) excise warp Work
rpd (4) outspread City
aph (27) bake Work
kph (16) canopy, hood, laminate, laminated canopy Heaven
iph (80) beautiful, beautify, beauty, fair, fairness, miracle Joy
cph (1) pacify Character
sph (17) snatch Plan
xph (52) overlaid, overlay Clothe
xph (42) look out, looked out, looking out, lookout, looks out Look
rph (43) desist, slack, slacked off, slacken, slacking off Bound
rph (9) timid, timidity Character
wph (168) bank, brim, lip, lippy, lips, upper lip Bodypart
wph (1) yogurt Eat
wph (12) language Speak
wph (11) protrude, protruding place, protrusion Vexation
kpz (12) haste, hasten Hurry
'tpk (5) cloak Clothe
'tpk (9) frieze, hand-breadth Measure
ipk (1) gasping breath Grief
npk (2) petulant Character
npk (7) stoke Defense
npk (6) exhale Life
npk (1) bellow Tool
spk (2) long veil Clothe
spk (3) co-inhere, co-inherence Holy
spk (10) deform, lesion Injury
spk (4) accidental plant Planting
wp't (644) astute, astuteness, framework, give judgment, judge, judgment, lessons judgment, living judgment, mid judgment Judgment
dpi (1) blemish Illness
ypi (3) leave Planting
hpc (119) always change, change, changeable, changeable thing, delinquent, hit, overturn, pillory, turn, wayward, waywardness Stand
npc (4) emerald Mineral
wpc (1) penis Bodypart
wpc (111) pour, pour out, poured out, pouring out, pours out, shed Harvest
wpc (6) pour, pour out, pouring out Water
apl (23) gloom, gloomy, unripe Light
'tpl (3) smear Injury
cpl (7) double Measure
npl (465) anything fall, fall, fall down, fall out, fallen, fallen down, falling down, fallout, fell, fell helter-skelter, flap, helter-skelter, let fall, lot fall, miscarriage, miscarry, pending fall, such fall Destroy
spl (2) tureen Eat
ypl (3) inflate Illness
ypl (4) promontory Place
wpl (76) abase, debase, humble, low place, lowly place Shame
tpl (10) fickleness, insipid, wrongdoing Character
wpm (1) mustache Bodypart
apn (1) roundly Character
gpn (55) vine Eat
kpn (6) two handful Bodypart
cpn (2) penury Poor
spn (8) deck, earmark, panel City
xpn (187) north, north wind, northern, northward, occlude, seclude, treasure, treasured place, treasured up Measure
wpn (4) cony, hyrax Animal
wpn (1) mystery Flourish
aps (49) come end, end, ends, extreme, final, shallow, terminate, termination Distant
rps (1) submit Bound
rps (4) submissive, submit Character
rps (1) float Container
ipy (10) shine Light
xpy (7) anaconda, excrement, patty Animal
wpy (7) profusion Measure
app (5) envelop Protect
kpp (2) considered faultless, faultless Hide
'tpp (1) mince Character
cpp (5) disturb Vexation
spp (31) door-keep, doorway, threshold Place
xpp (2) twitter Wings
tpp (5) drum Music
kpx (125) delight, delightful Joy
npx (28) disembark, populate, sledgehammer, smash Destroy
qpx (1) spring Approach
qpx (6) shut, shut up Bound
apq (7) repress, took charge Appeal
dpq (3) driven hard, knock Approach
npq (13) appropriate, came out, come out, outlay Walk
spq (8) cuff Defense
rpq (1) recumbent Protect
wpq (2) compact Character
wpq (2) sharp practice Violence
apr (24) ash Fire
gpr (8) pitch Fire
kpr (1) mole Animal
kpr (23) dig deep, excavate, probe Seek
kpr (17) confound, disappoint Shame
'tpr (2) fingernail Bodypart
cpr (32) cub, cubs, cubs - young lion, cubs', lion cub, young lion Animal
cpr (3) crock Container
cpr (29) cover Hide
cpr (132) ark-cover, cover-offer, cover-price, find cover-price, over-cover Offer
cpr (2) henna Planting
cpr (2) frost Water
spr (510) book, correspondence, count, declare, number, record, recount, sapphire, scribble, scribe, secretary, through book Appeal
ypr (5) faun Animal
ypr (9) lead Mineral
ypr (111) dust, dusty, fauna, grime, grimy Wild
xpr (7) he-goat Animal
xpr (1) nail Bodypart
xpr (1) prize Flourish
xpr (47) beak, bird, early bird Wings
xpr (1) quit Work
wpr (82) agreeable, glisten, marquee, shophar Music
tpr (4) sew, sewed together Work
kpw (22) free, freedom, saddle-bag Flourish
kpw (24) disguise, investigate, master, plan, takes cover Plan
'tpw (1) inert Quiet
cpw (1) cower Fear
npw (65) cadaver, throat Bodypart
npw (692) -hold, anyone, being, being - being, cadaver, everyone, group, group being, groups together, integrity, peril, regroup, self, self-, selfish, selves, such selves, throat, very self, very selves Life
rpw (4) slime, turbid Character
tpw (65) arrest, marine, occupant, occupy, take up, taken up, takes up, took up Bound
zpt (3) tar Wild
cpt (4) bind, bound Bound
lpt (5) mangy, tossed turn, tussle Vexation
npt (5) even flowing honey, honeycomb Flourish
wpt (3) ordain Covenant
wpt (6) ash-heap, hearth-stone, two hearth-stone Fire
ixa (1143) anyone going out, bring forth, bring out, bringing forth, bringing out, brings forth, brings out, brought forth, brought out, bulge out, came forth, came out, come, come forth, come out, comes forth, comes out, coming forth, coming out, duty, emerge, emergence, exeunt, exit, forth, get out, go, go forth, go out, goes forth, goes out, going forth, going off duty, going out, goings forth, goings out, gone forth, gone out, offspring, out came, outgo, sally, sally forth, source, vanish, went forth, went out Walk
mxa (455) find, find out, found, found out, found suitable, whatever found Seek
kxb (28) hew, hewn, hews, mason Work
ixb (58) being station, certain, fix, present, station Stand
nxb (134) firmness, garrison, haft, laid out, lay out, monitor, monument, post, stand firm, stand firmly, standing firm, stands firm, stood firm, stood firmly, take stand, takes stand, taking stand, took stand, tortoise, women stand Stand
yxb (56) configure, disabuse, hardship, idol, idolize, pain, pained fetish, torture Covenant
qxb (1) shorn sheep Animal
qxb (4) bottom, size Measure
ixg (16) exhibit, stay put Rule
rxd (1) envious Character
kxh (162) come mid, distribute, half, half much, half way up, halve, mid, middle, other half, reach half, reach half way up, reaches half-life Measure
mxh (61) milk, press out, pressed out, suck, suck out, unleaven, unleavened bread Eat
nxh (21) plumage, struggle Vexation
yxh (2) backbone Bodypart
pxh (15) gape, parted open, parts open, set free, setting free Covenant
qxh (130) culmination, endmost, endmost part, extreme, extremity, frontier, limit, limited number, other extremity, part, selvage, shore, short-change Distant
qxh (14) dictator, lieutenant, magistrate Office
rxh (113) accept, acceptable, acceptance, bidding, favorable, favour, find acceptance, find favour, finds favour, found acceptable, found acceptance, found favour, reasoned acceptance, seek favour Protect
mxk (13) forehead Bodypart
nxk (2) juice Eat
nxk (66) lead, leader, leadership Office
nxk (43) always, lasting, never, perpetual, perpetuity, victory Time
pxk (8) crunch, erupt Harvest
qxk (3) fennel Planting
rxk (49) demolish, instrument violence, murder Death
axl (2) joint Bodypart
axl (2) elect Covenant
axl (6) held reserve, hold reserve, taper Hide
bxl (1) onion Eat
nxl (217) deliver, deliverance, delivery, emancipate, remove Flourish
yxl (18) sloth, slothful, sluggard Sin
pxl (3) peel Work
yxm (111) bone, debone, respect bone, skeletal Bodypart
yxm (74) number, numerous, numerous thing, selfsame, sheer number, staunch, staunchness Measure
pxm (2) fracture Destroy
kxn (3) forearm Bodypart
bxy (39) extort, extortion, find mark, finds mark, gain, seeking gain, seeks gain Work
ixy (13) berth, bunk, spread out, spread out bed Rest
pxy (11) inflicted wound, inflicting wound, wound inflict, wounds inflict Injury
qxy (17) cassia, cut, cut out, inner corner Flourish
qxy (1) plane Tool
rxy (3) awl Work
kxp (2) hasty Hurry
qxp (66) enrage, rage, raging foam Wrath
rxp (11) pave, tessellate, tessellation Work
wxp (1) smidgen Measure
kxx (2) platoon Defense
nxx (5) spark, sparkle Fire
qxx (105) brought end, end, ends, outskirt, summation, sunder Distant
rxx (21) bits, compete, damage, splinter Destroy
bxq (7) blister, dough Eat
ixq (46) decant, dump out, dumped out, impede, infuse, infusion Water
ixq (18) mold Work
axr (86) fund, treasurer, treasury Economy
bxr (81) drought, enclose, enclosure, gather grape, gathered grape, grape-gather, grape-gatherer, vintage Protect
kxr (203) court, grass, village City
kxr (18) grass Planting
ixr (76) fashion, fashioner, feature, potter, refashion Work
nxr (65) blockade, nip, observant, observation, observe, preservation, preserve, preserved thing, scion, translate Protect
yxr (52) coerce, coercion, contain, detain, through coercion Bound
yxr (11) conclave Covenant
pxr (8) cost, urge Approach
qxr (2) discourage Grief
qxr (99) harvest, ones reap, reap Harvest
qxr (8) short-, shorten, shortness Measure
ixt (23) char Fire
iqb (16) cask, wine-vat Eat
nqb (22) female Human
nqb (6) distinctly say, hammer, hammer out, pick-ax, pierce Tool
nqb (23) bore through, drill, full hole, pierce Work
yqb (10) heel, took heel Bodypart
yqb (3) supplant Trust
yqb (17) foot firmly plant, foot plant, footprint, footstep, hindmost, supplant Walk
rqb (8) rot, rotten, rottenness Destroy
iqd (23) burn, burning mass Fire
nqd (2) herdsfolk, herdsman Family
nqd (13) cracker, speckle, stud Work
yqd (8) streak, truss, white-sock Bound
pqd (42) office, officer, officiate Office
pqd (339) absence, absence notice, absent, census, conscript, conscription, entrust, given trust, given visitation right, notices absent, officer, place visitation, precept, revisit, take census, took census, visit, visitation Teaching
rqd (9) skip Joy
wqd (1) lash Bound
wqd (10) almond, vigilant almond, vigilant almond tree Planting
wqd (12) alert, vigilant Teaching
kqh (1) bash Violence
iqh (3) obedience, obey Defense
nqh (95) acquit, cleaning pan, exempt, held innocent, hold innocent, holding innocent, innocence, innocent, innocent twig, pristine Protect
nqh (3) cleaning pan Work
yqh (2) pressure Vexation
wqh (97) cupbearer, cupbearing, drank, drench, drink, flume, gave drink, give drink, gives drink, irrigate, irrigation, letting drink Eat
aqv (1) ibex Animal
lqk (1) jaws Bodypart
lqk (990) commodity, get, got, laid hold, lay hold, laying hold, lays hold, receive, take, take up, taken, tong, took, tuition Protect
pqk (22) gave sight, give sight, given sight, gives sight, giving sight, receive sight, received sight, sight Look
rqk (20) apothecary, compound, perfume, piquant Planting
lq't (40) ganged together, glean, pick, pick up, picked up, picking up Harvest
wq't (42) give quiet, quiet, quietness Quiet
mql (18) club, stick Tool
sql (22) engulf, engulf stone, engulfed stone, jettison, ringed stone Violence
yql (4) crook, crooked way Walk
wql (163) appraisal, appraise, assess, shekel, spend, weigh, weigh out, weight Measure
tql (2) teqel Measure
nqm (79) avenge, revenge, take vengeance, taken vengeance, took revenge, vengeance, vengeance sure Destroy
rqm (21) embroider, embroidery Joy
zqn (22) beard, even beard, old Bodypart
zqn (213) age, aged, ages, old, old age, old man, old men, old women Time
tqn (4) straighten, straightened out Measure
bqy (2) hatch Birth
bqy (2) bekah Measure
bqy (72) crevasse, grassland, split, split two Valley
iqy (11) display, unseat Violence
pqy (4) decoration, gourd Work
rqy (23) expand, expanse, expansive Heaven
rqy (6) pummel Work
wqy (8) abate, hollow depression, plunge, throw line Work
tqy (2) guarantee, guaranteed Covenant
tqy (58) sound, sound clap, sound slap, sounds slap Music
tqy (10) stick, stuck Tool
zqp (3) being uplift, uplift Teaching
nqp (25) circuit, due course, encompass, halter, strike, striking off, strikings off Measure
wqp (28) clerestory, lean look down, leaned look, leaning look, leans look, leans look down, lintel, looked down, looking down, looks down Look
tqp (20) actuate, energetic, energize, energy, overcome Strength
wqx (46) detest, detestable, detestable thing Hate
bqq (3) cruse Container
bqq (9) evacuate, evacuator, fail Empty
dqq (38) dwarf, finely grind, finely ground, flimsy, ground fine, stamp, stamp out, stamped out Destroy
zqq (6) purge Judgment
zqq (1) purge Work
kqq (24) engrave, lawgiver, prescribe, prescription Judgment
lqq (7) lap, laps Eat
mqq (12) rot Destroy
rqq (19) spit, wafer, wafer-thin Eat
wqq (7) shift, shiftless Human
bqr (184) herd, ox, oxen Animal
bqr (228) enquire, enquiry, every morning, morning, reflect, reflection Time
dqr (12) thrust through, thrusting through Destroy
kqr (40) examination, examine Judgment
iqr (75) esteem, glint preciousness, pick out, precious, precious one, precious thing, preciousness, rare Measure
nqr (7) crevice, quarried out, quarry Work
yqr (17) barren, barren female, female barren, male barren, offshoot, stump Birth
yqr (4) hamstring, hamstrung Bodypart
yqr (3) root out, rooted out Harvest
wqr (1) ogle Sin
wqr (120) deal false, deceitful, false, false hope, falsehood, proven false, scandal, through falsehood Trust
bqw (233) demand, seek, sought, sought out, though sought Seek
iqw (41) entrap, set trap, through trap, trap Trap
lqw (11) final crop, maturing rain, ultimate maturity Measure
nqw (6) knock, laid trap, lay trap, lays trap Trap
yqw (22) devious, devious thing, deviousness Enemy
bra (55) create, creation, creator Heaven
zra (1) nauseate Illness
kra (1) latrine Decay
ira (431) fear, fearful, fearful thing, fearfulness, yes - fear Fear
mra (2) lord Office
mra (3) crop, flap, flighty Wings
pra (11) wild ass, wild donkey Animal
qra (911) acclaim, call, call out, called out, calls out, converge, convergence, convocation, convoke, encounter, invite, partridge, proclaim, query, recitation, recite Appeal
arb (60) ambush, lay wait, lie wait, lies wait, lurk, lurking place, lying wait, slit, through slit Hide
grb (4) scab Illness
zrb (1) constrict Approach
krb (429) dagger, ha sword, put sword, ruin, sword Violence
krb (13) drain, drained dry Water
krb (88) desert, desertification Wild
srb (1) prick Planting
yrb (46) ensure, gave surety, give surety, given surety, giving surety, insurance, insure, intermingle, market, surety Economy
yrb (142) evening, sunset Heaven
yrb (19) dulcet, sweet, sweeten, west, westward Measure
yrb (5) willow Planting
yrb (67) gloaming, set, steppe Valley
yrb (19) raven, swarm fly, swarming fly Wings
yrb (9) weft Work
xrb (4) sear Fire
qrb (378) approach, bring near, bring near such, bring together, bringing near, brings near, brought near, came near, cheek jowl, close combat, come near, comes near, coming near, draw near, drawing near, draws near, inner, near, near-term, nearness, quick, quite near, such bring near Approach
qrb (21) entrail Bodypart
qrb (91) oblation Offer
wrb (2) mirage Light
arg (16) shuttle, weave, weaver shuttle, wove, woven Work
hrg (177) slain, slay, slew Death
krg (1) longer ease Poor
yrg (7) terrace, yearn Love
wrg (5) intertwine, intertwining branch Work
brd (34) dapple, hail Water
grd (1) scrape Vexation
krd (54) apprehend, apprehension, apprehensive, apprehensiveness, careful, carefulness Fear
'trd (6) dribble, ostracize Time
ird (383) bring down, bringing down, brings down, brought down, came down, come down, coming down, descend, descending down, descent, down, down descent, go down, goes down, going down, gone down, hanging down, run down, running down, take down, taken down, went down Covenant
ird (1) come down Destroy
mrd (30) mutinous, mutinous women, mutiny Rebel
nrd (3) spikenard Planting
yrd (2) onager Animal
prd (17) mule Animal
prd (28) gone separate way, kernel, separate Protect
wrd (5) pleat Clothe
wrd (29) survival, survive, survivor Measure
arh (6) coffer Container
arh (8) coffin, corral, forage Harvest
arh (195) ark Holy
brh (10) ingest, meal, pick eligible, pick meal Eat
grh (20) gram, meddle, stroke Time
hrh (59) big, forewarn, implant, pregnancy, pregnant, pregnant women, progenitor Birth
hrh (6) big, overweening Measure
zrh (37) fan, sift, winnow Judgment
zrh (2) fan, pitchfork Tool
krh (2) tunic Clothe
krh (95) burn, fierce, glow Fire
krh (47) burn anger, burned anger, burning anger, ferocity, fierce, fierceness, smoldering anger Wrath
irh (6) archer Defense
irh (80) early rain, help learn, instruct, instructed through, instructor, shoot, shot, shot through, taken instruction, throw Teaching
crh (6) bargain, gouge Cut
crh (20) -dig, bargain, concern, dig, digs, digs up, dug, dug up Work
mrh (70) provocateur, provocation, provocative, provoke Rebel
srh (10) revolt, sullen Rebel
yrh (1) genital Bodypart
yrh (84) expose, exposed place, exposure, genital, nakedness, sheath, upend Light
prh (1) rats Animal
prh (148) bearing fruit, fruit, fruitful Flourish
qrh (105) befall, befallen, chance, come meet, eventually met, laid rafter, laying rafter, rafter, town, transpire City
qrh (9) chance, event Measure
qrh (7) eventually meet, eventually met, read Meet
wrh (5) perseverance, persevere, princess Character
wrh (9) arm-chain, got underway, loose, loosen Clothe
wrh (9) chain mail Defense
arz (75) cedar Planting
grz (1) exclude Bound
grz (4) adze Tool
krz (1) strings bead Work
crz (2) cry, proclamation Appeal
prz (9) hamlet City
ark (74) caravan, diet, path, ration card, road, take path, wayfarer Way
brk (69) fugitive, put flight, ran, run, runaway lane, runs, runs out Hurry
zrk (36) rise, risen, rose Approach
zrk (16) native, native born Group
zrk (58) east, easterly side, rise, sunrise, zenith-bearing Measure
'trk (3) encumber, encumbrance Work
irk (41) moon Heaven
mrk (2) apply, marr Work
srk (8) sprawl Rest
prk (58) brood, flourish, though flourish Flourish
xrk (2) scream Vexation
qrk (23) bald, baldness, baldy Decay
qrk (7) ice, icy Water
kr't (2) engraver, engraving tool Work
ir't (2) surrender Bound
mr't (15) pare, polish Work
pr't (2) intone, loose grape Music
wr't (5) lacerate, laceration Destroy
ari (89) lion, lions' Animal
'tri (2) fresh Wild
xri (6) balm Planting
qri (7) contrariness, contrary Character
arc (156) elongate, length, lengthen, lengthy, longevity, loosen tension, patience, patient, prolong, proper, retract, slow, such length Measure
brc (26) knee Bodypart
brc (422) bend knee, bless, blessing pool, kneel, knelt, went way Covenant
drc (769) direct, direct way, direction, directly, director, finds way, go, hold way, journey, tread, tread out, trod, trodden, trodden way, via, way, ways, wayward, yes direct Way
krc (3) lattice, set motion, singed City
irc (63) flank, thigh, two flank Bodypart
src (5) president Office
yrc (138) arrange, arranged place, compare, comparison, pre-arrange, rank, rearrange Stand
prc (25) veil Clothe
prc (6) cruelty, harsh Injury
xrc (1) need Measure
wrc (2) thong Clothe
wrc (1) embroil Hurry
grl (77) dice, lot, lots Chance
krl (3) nettle Planting
yrl (53) fore-skinned, foreskin, foreskin expose, see fore-skinned Bodypart
grm (7) cartilage, strong bone, strong-boned Bodypart
grm (2) pick clean, picked clean Eat
zrm (13) inundate, inundation Water
krm (86) ban, bans, destroy utterly, destroyed utterly, devote, devotion, mutilate, put ban, utter destruction, utterly destroy Destroy
krm (5) fishing net, scythe Tool
'trm (56) ere, time past Time
crm (100) vine-dresser, vineyard Eat
crm (1) vineyard Flourish
yrm (22) craft, craftiness, crafty, subtle, subtlety Character
yrm (26) naked Clothe
yrm (2) chestnut Planting
yrm (12) pile, piled up Stand
prm (3) wrest Violence
qrm (2) layer Approach
grn (36) headed threshing-floor, threshing-floor Harvest
srn (23) axle-tree, chieftain Office
qrn (88) horn, two horn Bodypart
qrn (6) intense brightness, intensely bright Light
trn (3) mast Defense
grs (2) ground down, ground up Vexation
hrs (46) overthrew, overthrow, overthrown, shove through Destroy
krs (5) hot sun, sunburn Illness
prs (34) bisect, claw, hoof Bodypart
prs (1) legates persia Economy
prs (2) redistribute Measure
prs (2) buzzard Wings
qrs (11) knob Tool
qrs (2) duck Work
ary (1) bottom Place
gry (22) cut short, disadvantage, lower, recess, remove advantage, subtract Send
dry (1) arms Bodypart
zry (86) arm, arms Bodypart
zry (299) seed, seeder, sow, sown, sows, vegetable Harvest
iry (71) curtain, drew curtain, irritate, irritation, shimmering curtain City
cry (8) limb Bodypart
cry (1) bow down Praise
cry (36) bow, bow down, bowed down, bowing down, bows down, shank Rule
pry (18) dishevel, neglect, negligence, negligent, shun Character
pry (276) pharaoh, premier Office
xry (55) leper, leprosy, leprous Illness
qry (67) rip, rips, segment Destroy
wry (3) anything superfluous Injury
grp (2) fist Bodypart
grp (1) punch Destroy
grp (1) clumps earth Wild
krp (7) autumn Harvest
krp (114) come autumn, espouse, reproach, risk Vexation
'trp (58) prey, tear, tearing piece, tore, torn, torn piece Violence
yrp (42) behead, break nape, breaks nape, nape, scruff, seep, spray, tail Bodypart
xrp (35) crucible, refine, refined till Judgment
wrp (141) cremate, incinerate, incineration, incinerator, seraph, seraphim Fire
arx (804) earth, earthbound, earthward, land Heaven
arx (1722) earth, land, through land