Friday 7 October 2022

BS Carnival 199?

Did anyone see a Biblical Studies carnival for September? I note a few interesting links. Jim posted his carnival again from a year ago - Plus ça change...

So what's up from last September (2022) -- 

Not the standard carnival...

Hebrew Scriptures

I did a bunch of posts at the end of the month -- some of them responding to Claude Mariottini e.g. on Jezebel and his scheduled posts on the difficulties of translation. The one on dung you might find interesting.

A post that started my work this past fortnight was responding to Ken Schenck on the accents of the Hebrew Bible. In my search for easier ways to appreciate the Hebrew Bible, I stress the music as an essential element of learning.

The Torah site had its usual set of excellent posts - particularly this one on Hannah. "Why did the biblical author digress from the course of his tale to build up Hannah as a personality of dignity and memorable talents, when the historical or theological purposes of the tale do not require it?"

New Testament

Don Lowe on μονογενὴς and how "This word played a major role in the formation of historic Christian doctrine."

The Synoptic problem got a post here.

Marg Mowczko has a post on the Samaritan woman.

James McGrath has found himself in Oxford for a few months continuing his work on John the Baptist.  James Davila points out an article related to McGrath's work here


The Eye (no -- not Tolkein) by Deborah Forger. "What might the eye, the sense of sight, and the desire of many in the ancient world to see God tell us about points of continuity and discontinuity between Jews and Christians in antiquity?"

Brent Niedergall posted on Phillip Long's new Book, The Book of Enoch for Beginners.

In Memoriam

The month was dominated by the Queen's death and funeral. James McGrath posted on the music here.

There was a lot more -- and some of it struck me as I noted it during the month -- but I didn't take any notes and haven't the time to pursue it further. Add comments if you have memories of September posts you would like to note.

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