Friday, October 26, 2018


Some of you will have wondered if this project would ever end. We are on the final countdown for the draft placement of all 305,000+ words. Ten chapters to go.
Chapter% doneVerses
Judges 164431
1 Samuel 255043
2 Samuel 135439
1 Kings 75551
2 Kings 45144
Isaiah 282829
Ezekiel 272736
Daniel 112545
Ezra 103844
Nehemiah 123547

You can see how stubborn to be guessed some chapters are. Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel are 25% more varied than Samuel and Kings. So my guessing algorithm can't get very far.

I might just do these in order. They are scheduled for November 3 and following.

What do you do when you have completed a puzzle? The children take it apart and do it again.

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