Monday, May 2, 2016

Recitation note frequency

I have been wondering what the frequency of use of a reciting note is for the music of the te'amim.

The preliminary results are in for the book of Genesis.

For recitation greater than 12 notes:
0 C4
0 D4
52 E4
0 F4
0 G4
11 A4
166 B4 - the favored note for long recitations
29 C5

For recitation > 4 notes (less than 4 is hardly recitation)
15 C4
38 D4
501 E4
54 F4
120 G4
217 A4
1058 B4
630 C5

The dominant B still wins. But the subdominant has more than I expected. Still this is only one book. I can get the results into a table from my music program. The results could improve my syllable counts.  Programming (aka hacking via SQL queries) again.

Here are the counts for the whole Bible > 12 notes
0 C4
5 D4
756 E4
30 F4
0 G4
168 A4
2935 B4
513 C5