Sunday, May 22, 2016

Animals in the Bible

Help me out here, some of these things are not like the others. Can you find them? This first one is easy. I have bolded the first few errors that I see, can you see others?

The errors might be spelling, or the gloss is not an animal of creation, or what else. Eventually I will be able to list all the glosses I have used and all my compromises by domain and sub-domain. At the moment I have 129 distinct combinations for 3768 distinct roots. About 30 each. And I have about 8,583 distinct glosses - that is too many because as you can see, I am including singular and plural, and so on.

איל hart(13), ram(17), rams(31),
אלף drove(1), oxen(5), thousands(10),
אפעה asp(1),
ארי lion's(3), lion(21), lions'(2), lions(1),
אתון donkey(2), donkeys(1), she-donkeys(2),
בהמה beast(38), beasts(15), behemoth(1), cattle(22), hte beast(1), o beasts(1),
בקר heifer(2), herd(15), herds(2), oxen(44),
גבשׁ pearls(1),
גדי kids(1),
גוב great grub(2),
גזם nymph(3),
דב bear(4), dreadful bear(1),
דג fish(14), fishes(5),
זאב than wolves(1),
זבוב fly(1), zebub(4),
זיז wild creature(2),
זנה harlotries(3),
חגב grasshopper(1),
חזיר boar(1),
חמר ass(6),
חסל caterpillar(5), decimate(1),
ילע fangs(2),
ילק cankerworm(4), pygmy(3),
יעל mountain goats(1), what use(1),
יען is null(2), ostriches(1),
כבשׂ young lamb(15), young lambs(16), young rams(1),
כלב dog(5), dogs(3),
כן gnats(2),
כפר cover over(21), cover-price(4), cub(2), cubs - young lions(1), cubs'(1), cubs(3), lion cubs(1), mercy seat(22), over-covering(1), young lion(3), young lions(3),
לביא great cat(2), great cats(1), old lion's(1), old lion(1), old lions(1),
לישׁ codger cat(1),
נחשׁ brass(25), brazen(3), serpent(2), snake(10),
נמר leopards(1), than leopards(1),
סוס horse(9), horses(16), mares(1),
עגל calf(2), calves(4),
עור when foal(1),
עזז she-goats(17),
עכבישׁ spider's(1),
עכשׁב viper(1),
עפר faun(5),
עקרב scorpion(1),
עתד eager(3), goats(18),
פר bull(1), bulls(2), cow(1), young bull(15), young bulls(10),
פרא wild ass(3), wild donkeys(1),
פתן adder(3), adders(2),
צאן flock(26), flocks(6), lamb-(2), lambkin(1), sheep(43), sheep-(1),
צבי gazelle host(2), gazelle(2), hosts gazelle(3), status(1),
צלל cicada(1),
צמר wool(2),
צפרדע frogs(2),
קטב canker(1),
קפד procupine(1),
קצב shorn sheep(1),
ראם coral(1), wild bulls(3),
רחל ewe(2),
רמה maggot(3),
רמשׂ creep(8), creeper(9), creepers(2), creeping organism(2), creeps(3),
שׁבל stalks grain(3),
שׁבלול slug(1),
שׁור over ox(1), ox(12),
שׁחל aged beast's(1), aged beast(2), fierce lion(2),
שׁחץ pride(2),
שׁפן conies(1),
שׂה lamb(2), newborn lamb(1),
שׂעיר kid(12), kids(1), seir(3),
תולע crimson(4), worm(4),
תור turtledove(2),
תחשׁ dyed indigo(1),
תנין dragon(3), dragons(7),