Saturday, May 7, 2016

Modern prophecy

Nobody reads the ancient prophets. But I hope you've read the Globe Focus this morning. Global warming, Air Rage, and Aggressive Nationalism are the targets.

Doug Saunders on Global Warming
Mark Kingwell on Air Rage
Jeffrey Simpson on fierce Nationalism

There's also a full opinion piece on Trump and the Aberdeen golf course. Here's how bullies rule the playground. But - to those who are bullied, is there any recourse?

Is it possible to find the right questions here? As one who is an ordinary person in a first class seat with a tendency to seek consensus and compromise and as one who sees that human activity is needed by us all to maintain our earthly home, I hardly have a voice in the schoolyard. Lies are possible anywhere. Perhaps we are all simply tied up in our own conceits. If even 99.9% of us face this, will the 1% bully us into division and tribalism and cause us to put our self-interests first?