Sunday, November 15, 2015

Project status

25% roughly - a little more on a word basis, a little less on a verse basis.

Oct 26

Published on this blog or in my book on the Psalms, there are 221 of 929 chapters or 23.8%.
Today it is 232 or 25%

Oct 26
Empty verses as collected, there remain 18,131 to do or 78.3%. 
Today it is 17836 to do or 77.1%

On a word basis, Oct 26 70.6% of the 304,646 words in the database remain; 64, 093 were decided as part of my reading. Today 73.7% (80,133) of 304731 are decided. I found some verses I had not loaded into the data :!

The patterns of guessing ahead have reduced the 75000+ to just over 70000. It's a training circle. The more I correct, the more correct themselves via the software. But I still have to read them all. 

I wonder though if I will have any marbles left when I am finished this game.

20 days - 11 chapters, 295 verses, that's exactly the pace I have in my prediction. I will not keep this pace up in December - holidays in Regina (brrr!) and then Maui (ah).

Back to work in January. d.v.

Enjoy - and be critical. Don't believe everything you read and specially don't believe everything I write. There's plenty of searching to be done. But do love your neighbour.