Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Random notes on names and purpose

People have lots of purposes for their passions. What am I doing here?

Why bother?  First thing to note. I did not originally start translating for the sake of the music. I started reading the ancient Hebrew (not modern at all) to read the mind that formed the mind of Jesus. Do I need to stress that Jesus is fully human. I could say things about the theories, claims, and other things about his divinity, but why. I have enough of a problem with humanity. Who needs to wrestle with ... well one does anyway.

I actually have plenty to say about God too but not at the moment.

Now, besides looking into the mind that formed the mind of the human Jesus, I want to translate as closely as possible for the music that is simply sitting there (see the music page) shared with the world and helping to make the ancient text far more transparent than it was.

But transparency is obscured by conflation and lack of concordance in selection of glosses, whether deliberate or accidental.

Still there are so many unknowns.

I have not been very careful with my S's and P's, letters standing alone at the end of a verse or phrase. No matter, you can always check them out if you want at or a similar site. Individual letters I have not included in the music either. Now that I think of it, that may be something that should be pointed out, though the music is in any case highly dependent on the performers so whoever conducts, arranges, prepares or performs should check sources. The rests are as important as the notes.

I have not decided much about names. E.g. whether to render Ashur as Assyria or not. This alone will take much further study. All this things will be controllable on a batch basis as the database is populated. I.e., I may change my mind and want a more specific gloss for some presently unknown reason for the thousands of names. Here for instance is the breakdown of naming categories at the moment.

On the left is the subdivision of the designations for God, on the right the higher level breakdown of my names category.
Designations for God (left) Categories of names (right) - preliminary

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