Friday, December 15, 2017

An arbitrary milestone

With the last post I am at 70% complete. Who knew that 650, 50*13 was 70% of the chapter count in TNK? Unless I am missing something, that leaves 279 chapters left to read. Some of these are in chunks and I may elect to do them in sequence! E.g. Genesis, the Joseph novella. Or Ezekiel, the description of the 'house' we began to see in chapter 40.

A chapter or two of the first 24 of Genesis remain and then two chunks: 25-34 and 37-48 are untouched. 8 scattered chapters of Exodus remain, and 6 of Leviticus, 16 of Numbers, and 6 of Deuteronomy. Substantial parts of the former (79) and latter prophets (74) remain to do and of the remainder, 65 chapters, all in the last section of TNK. The 12, the books of truth and the scrolls are all done.

In the last 26 weeks, the text of 164 chapters has been changed. Individual words in 633 chapters have changed for one reason or another, sometimes related to the text, sometimes to the stem, often to the domain and subdomain on which I am doing a bit more experimentation. The number of chapters first posted in the period is 147. I am somewhat surprised by this. I had thought more of the text earlier than June of this year would have changed, not just the word-by-word. Generally when I change the text, my intent is to update the blog also.

I have experimented with a published copy including some samples of the music. I am in no hurry though. When you 'publish' in this way the translation by itself, that being the purpose of the publication, the tweaks are overwhelming.

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