Sunday, October 29, 2017


In my reading project to date, I have read in Hebrew and writ in English 613 chapters. And I have therefore 316 remaining. This is a unique status, a circular status. Perhaps that is why there are 929 chapters. But who knows, I may discover I am still missing chapters in my data!

Status as of  2017-10-29 Chapters Verses Words
Completed 613 13,952 172,729
66.0% 60.1% 56.6%
In process 0.7% 9.8%
To do, excluding in process 316 9,091 102,736
39.2% 33.6%

Over 60% on chapters and verses and on guessed words. The individual puzzle pieces are words: 305,360 is the current count. Of these 202,624 are done or guessed within a sequence of τωο ορ μορε Hebrew words. Pieces I have not yet even got a guess for number 20,043, or 6.6%. With a puzzle this big, one leaves a few surprises. Even some that I think are this colour or that are really not so and some I have turned over I maybe should not have.

Don't let anyone tell you this corpus of literature is easy or perspicuous. But I expect it is worth the effort even if only for the linguistic puzzle. Humans are good at puzzles. The theological puzzle may become clearer. Who knows? 

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