Monday, June 4, 2018

Networked blogs

I think my automated posts to Facebook at 4 am every morning are going to stop on June 6. This feature was provided by Networked blogs and now they want not to do it anymore. Some of my friends will be delighted since they get too many posts about my 'reading' project. I will probably share my links manually to FB and Twitter. Any other locations (Google+ will continue) are outside my knowledge. I do have accounts at Tumblr and Wordpress but I don't use them much.

Does anyone have some good ideas about promoting content on social media platforms? Happy to hear from you.

Always happy to hear from you. I still comment on blogs occasionally but it is almost as rare as the dodo bird.

About eclectic reconstruction of texts, there is a good article in 4 parts here. Those of you who read about my own music and concordant English reading of the Hebrew will see where I have not gone in my search for texts. I simply look at what I am given. The search for earlier texts is itself a fascinating study, but not my goal.

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