Thursday, February 22, 2018

Guesses and minimum and maximum percentages - reprise

What parts of the Bible are similar - use common language and common phrases? In my still emerging data, this is what is left. These are the guesses that the computer has done for the incomplete chapters based on what has been completed.
I heard a lecture on Isaiah today by Francis Landy - Professor Emeritus (University of Alberta), CSRS Associate Fellow on Death and Exile in the Book of Isaiah.

One of the questions he raised in my mind was whether there is a difference in style between First and Second Isaiah.  One cannot tell from the above graph because I have not separated them. When I look at them individually and compare the chapters not done (22-30 in First Isaiah and 41-48 in Second Isaiah), there is no significant difference. Most are scoring in the .27 to .32 range with two exceptions: Isaiah 22 .42 and Isaiah 45 .41.  The chapters of Third Isaiah are in the .3 to .39 range, but Jeremiah and Ezekiel are often above .42. So Isaiah as a whole is different.

I have had this feeling that Isaiah is different. I was stumped (but also tired after removing wallpaper and tearing up carpets and prying staples from wood floors) by the beginning of Isaiah 22. So I thought I would rerun the graph I did some time ago to see if the guesses had improved for certain chapters. Previous graph here. The three remaining chapters of Leviticus have not changed much. They will be different from the others. Similarly there is/are chapters in Judges that use their own specific language. Isaiah dips in every line. Nehemiah stands out because chapter 7 has a big overlap with Ezra 2 that we just did. (I didn't know that - now I do!)

I may slow down as we come into the station so that I can overlap some analysis with the finish line. Here are the books and the count of chapters remaining to be read.

Genesis 18/50, Exodus 4/40, Leviticus 3/27, Numbers 12/36, Deuteronomy 5/34,
Joshua 8/24, Judges 16/21, 1 Samuel 16/31, 2 Samuel 16/24, 1 Kings 6/22, 2 Kings 8/25,
Isaiah 19/66, Jeremiah 19/52, Ezekiel 19/48, Daniel 7/12
Ezra 6/10, Nehemiah 11/13, 1 Chronicles 18/29, 2 Chronicles 13/36
Total chapters remaining: 224
The 12, the scrolls, and the books of truth are all complete (though still subject to change).

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