Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Things of note around the blogs

Carl Kinbar writes on the things heard in the intersection of two communities.

Joel has some good questions arising in his last few posts to help us think about our traditions.

Richard Beck points to a new to me must hear blogger.

Lawrence Hoffman gives a lesson in metaphor.

David Ker points to a review of his 'book'.

Kurk Gayle asks for input on the Proverbs - starting here.

I have commented on a few of these but I haven't read them all yet or heard them all, but on my way down to work on my bicycle I thought - our problem seems to be that we hurt ourselves. If we could stop hurting ourselves we might heal - hence the apophatic (negative) instruction in psalms 1 and 15.

But how do we have to power to stop hurting ourselves and others?  The warning is insufficient for some, perhaps all. The power comes in our engagement with the mystery - recognizing that we cannot hurt others either. That mystery teaches - I will give you insight and advise you, guide you with my eye - don't be like the horse and mule that need bit and bridle for trappings and must  be curbed or they won't come near. (Psalm 32.)

Christians come near through their baptism into Christ. Some bit and bridle that is! It just won't do to use it as a club to beat up others (as indeed we have throughout the history of Christendom).  So like Jonah we have been. I am convinced that other traditions have their ways of coming near. The TNK certainly has that ability to teach. About other traditions I am mostly mute. But the violence I have to deal with within my own is a sufficient worry for me.

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