Thursday, June 2, 2011

State of the project

How similar sounding certain single words seem in Hebrew - like ascend and raise a shout and spirit.  I have just let Psalm 47 out of the gate at PoC.  I think you should read this. It implies as a fractal the patterned release of the extreme problems of the world. You will see what I mean by similar sounding words over there.  Of course I haven't spelled everything out. But the knowledge of good and evil will do for a start.

Now: here's where I am. 4 months to go before I really start my fellowship at Uvic. My accepted project is the presentation of the psalms. I think I will try and develop a serious presentation of Psalm 47 - such as could be done in say 30 minutes with images and stuff.  I think I would like to 'write' the psalm in public as if I was its composer.  What technology should I use?

In the coming four months, I hope to finish drafting the remaining 70 psalms. That seems a bit unlikely.  I appear to be only 1/3 through from a verse point of view. The drafting process is as follows:
  1. check every gloss and adjust or not. If adjust, change the database (2 places), change the online version, change the reproducible version (this can lag.) Here I must not be discouraged and must continue to comb through the glossary. For instance today, muse, meditate, ponder, must be slightly revised to allow distinction of two unnecessarily merged Hebrew words.
  2. review the feel and shape. Replace the structural images. I have done almost all the big ones online so that the wide screen and font reduction strategies are no longer necessary for viewing.
  3. Write the sections: how the psalm is constructed, translation notes, and personal application. This is a minimum of 1 day - elapsed. May only take an hour, but must have meditation time and one overnight per 16 verses roughly. So some psalms take longer. (2447 verses to go in 70 psalms in 120 days with 4 weeks off - better face it. Must do 24 verses a day.)
I also hope to have the next 40 psalms done on PoC.  That's a process that requires about 1 to 3 hours per psalm.
  1. check every gloss
  2. read what you wrote and correct or refine or discard
  3. remove all the ugly formatting - reformat for blog from Open Source (I use open source because it does not mess up the Hebrew but Word 10 still has bugs that make it unusable for combinations of RTL and LTR processing. Open Source is horrible with its conversion process but just possible between blog and text.)
  4. finally put the links between translation and comments
I also hope to have one or two books in pdf form ready for full draft printing. Well - maybe. This is largely mechanical but does allow review and refinement. I would also like to express my translation practice and purpose more fully - but maybe it's there already in all the blather I have published.

There are next to no comments on either blog to date with respect to what I am doing or trying to do. I think my error rate is reduced sufficiently that it should be possible to engage or challenge me a bit. Do it if you want to.