Thursday, June 16, 2011

Over my head

It is easily out of my depth - living that is, and especially reading and translating. So tonight I reread slowly psalm 89.  I think there is a marvel of structure there.

But I feel I must restart from the beginning before going on. Is that possible? Must be.

Must slow to a crawl, chew over each word and letter, turn and turn, to reveal the patterns and thoughts.

See if you can see a repeated sequence of keywords in the construction of psalm 89 in the three sections: 2-19, 20-38, 39-52. I think the poet rehearses the same sequence three times. I am wondering how to get a 'personal application' out of this psalm. I find also I am deleting words and reworking to the poet's word order where it still reads acceptably as English poetry. I will look further tomorrow if possible.

I am a sieve moving through a sea. I cannot retain where I have been nor do I know where I go. I get saturated and things cling to me. I guess that's how it must be.

Status - at end of book 3. Pondering. Stuffed. Psalm 53 out at PoC