Monday, June 13, 2011

Continuing changes to my translations

I have made another 150 or so changes.  Now I am thinking in parallels and in separation of things that are different. Today I introduced a new character into the psalms - avoiding the repetition of the afflicted, the poor, the lowly or the hapless, I worked out a way of distinguishing some of these related words.

Here are the changes from the last 2 days - if you are interested. I think I have transferred them to the posts - but I can't be sure since there is no control on editing posts. I could design some more controls into my database, but just haven't gotten around to it. The right hand column is number of days ago.  There were some interesting problems here - like 10:6. Thoughts?  I would be happy to have a lesson in affliction.

Recently updated psalms

913because seeking their blood, he remembers
he does not forget the outcry of the abused
כִּי דֹרֵשׁ דָּמִים אוֹתָם זָכָר
לֹא שָׁכַח צַעֲקַת עניים
919Causes of the needy will not always be forgotten
hope of the abused will not perish for ever
כִּי לֹא לָנֶצַח יִשָּׁכַח אֶבְיוֹן
תִּקְוַת ענוים תֹּאבַד לָעַד
106He said in his heart I will not be moved
from generation to generation
there's no evil in that
אָמַר בְּלִבּוֹ בַּל אֶמּוֹט
לְדֹר וָדֹר
אֲשֶׁר לֹא בְרָע
1010He crushes He bows down
and he falls by His numerous hapless
יִדְכֶּה יָשֹׁחַ
וְנָפַל בַּעֲצוּמָיו חֵל כָּאִים
1012Quash! יְהוָה God
lift up your hand
he will not forget the abused
קוּמָה יְהוָה אֵל
נְשָׂא יָדֶךָ
אַל תִּשְׁכַּח עניים
1017The desire of the abused you have heard
יְהוָה establish their heart
you will make your ear listen
תַּאֲוַת עֲנָוִים שָׁמַעְתָּ
יְהוָה תָּכִין לִבָּם
תַּקְשִׁיב אָזְנֶךָ
171A prayer of David
Hear יְהוָה righteousness
Listen to my shout
Give ear to my prayer
not from lips of deceit
תְּפִלָּה לְדָוִד
שִׁמְעָה יְהוָה צֶדֶק
הַקְשִׁיבָה רִנָּתִי
הַאֲזִינָה תְפִלָּתִי
בְּלֹא שִׂפְתֵי מִרְמָה
2227The abused will eat and be satisfied
Those who seek יְהוָה will praise him
May your heart live for ever
יֹאכְלוּ עֲנָוִים וְיִשְׂבָּעוּ
יְהַלְלוּ יְהוָה דֹּרְשָׁיו
יְחִי לְבַבְכֶם לָעַד
259Yes he will direct the abused with judgment
and will teach the abused his direction
יַדְרֵךְ עֲנָוִים בַּמִּשְׁפָּט
וִילַמֵּד עֲנָוִים דַּרְכּוֹ
343breath - my breath will praise יְהוָה
the abused will hear and be glad
בַּיהוָה תִּתְהַלֵּל נַפְשִׁי
יִשְׁמְעוּ עֲנָוִים וְיִשְׂמָחוּ
3711and the abused will inherit the earth
and will delight exquisitely in much peace
וַעֲנָוִים יִירְשׁוּ אָרֶץ
וְהִתְעַנְּגוּ עַל רֹב שָׁלוֹם
387I am perverse
I am bowed down greatly
wan I walk all the day long
שַׁחֹתִי עַד מְאֹד
כָּל הַיּוֹם קֹדֵר הִלָּכְתִּי
3913Hear my prayer יְהוָה
and give ear to my cry
you will not be silent to my tears
for a guest I am with you
sitting as were all my ancestors
שִׁמְעָה תְפִלָּתִי יְהוָה
וְשַׁוְעָתִי הַאֲזִינָה
אֶל דִּמְעָתִי אַל תֶּחֱרַשׁ
כִּי גֵר אָנֹכִי עִמָּךְ
תּוֹשָׁב כְּכָל אֲבוֹתָי
443Your very hand
dispossessed nations and planted them
you brought evil to the tribes and sent them away
אַתָּה יָדְךָ
גּוֹיִם הוֹרַשְׁתָּ וַתִּטָּעֵם
תָּרַע לְאֻמִּים וַתְּשַׁלְּחֵם
4419our heart is not withdrawn
nor our steps turned from your path
לֹא נָסוֹג אָחוֹר לִבֵּנוּ
וַתֵּט אֲשֻׁרֵינוּ מִנִּי אָרְחֶךָ
529So this is the valiant one
that did not set God as his strength
but trusted in the abundance of his riches
and strengthened himself in his own calamity
הִנֵּה הַגֶּבֶר
לֹא יָשִׂים אֱלֹהִים מָעוּזּוֹ
וַיִּבְטַח בְּרֹב עָשְׁרוֹ
יָעֹז בְּהַוָּתוֹ
548a freewill offering I will offer to you
I will give thanks to your name יְהוָה for it is good
בִּנְדָבָה אֶזְבְּחָה לָּךְ
אוֹדֶה שִּׁמְךָ יְהוָה כִּי טוֹב
612Hear O God my shout
listen to my prayer
שִׁמְעָה אֱלֹהִים רִנָּתִי
הַקְשִׁיבָה תְּפִלָּתִי
667ruling in his valour ever
his eyes watch in the nations
the rebellious will not exalt for themselves
מֹשֵׁל בִּגְבוּרָתוֹ עוֹלָם
עֵינָיו בַּגּוֹיִם
תִּצְפֶּינָה הַסּוֹרְרִים אַל יָרוּמוּ לָמוֹ
6619Truly God has heard
he listens to the voice of my prayer
אָכֵן שָׁמַע אֱלֹהִים
הִקְשִׁיב בְּקוֹל תְּפִלָּתִי
7610when God arose to judgment
to save all the abused of the earth
בְּקוּם לַמִּשְׁפָּט אֱלֹהִים
לְהוֹשִׁיעַ כָּל עַנְוֵי אֶרֶץ
772my voice to God
I cried out
my voice to God
and he heard me
קוֹלִי אֶל אֱלֹהִים
קוֹלִי אֶל אֱלֹהִים
וְהַאֲזִין אֵלָי
781An insight of Asaph
Listen my people to my instruction
incline your ears to the words of my mouth
מַשְׂכִּיל לְאָסָף
הַאֲזִינָה עַמִּי תּוֹרָתִי
הַטּוּ אָזְנְכֶם לְאִמְרֵי פִי
788and not become like their ancestors
a rebellious and provocative generation
a generation not preparing its heart
and its spirit did not believe God
וְלֹא יִהְיוּ כַּאֲבוֹתָם
דּוֹר סוֹרֵר וּמֹרֶה
דּוֹר לֹא הֵכִין לִבּוֹ
וְלֹא נֶאֶמְנָה אֶת אֵל רוּחוֹ
7857and they withdrew and acted treacherously like their ancestors
they were changed like an unready bow
וַיִּסֹּגוּ וַיִּבְגְּדוּ כַּאֲבוֹתָם
נֶהְפְּכוּ כְּקֶשֶׁת רְמִיָּה
866Give ear יְהוָה to my prayer
and listen to the voice of my supplication
הַאֲזִינָה יְהוָה תְּפִלָּתִי
וְהַקְשִׁיבָה בְּקוֹל תַּחֲנוּנוֹתָי
889you have removed from me those I knew
you have set me as an abomination to them
I am restrained and do not come out
הִרְחַקְתָּ מְיֻדָּעַי מִמֶּנִּי
שַׁתַּנִי תוֹעֵבוֹת לָמוֹ
כָּלֻא וְלֹא אֵצֵא
9212And my eye has noted concerning those watching me
and of those rising up from evildoing against me
my ear has heard
וַתַּבֵּט עֵינִי בְּשׁוּרָי
בַּקָּמִים עָלַי מְרֵעִים
תִּשְׁמַעְנָה אָזְנָי
10224He has afflicted my power in the way
he has shortened my days
עִנָּה בַדֶּרֶךְ כֹּחִי
קִצַּר יָמָי
10717foolish on the way of their transgression
and for their iniquity will be afflicted
אֱוִלִים מִדֶּרֶךְ פִּשְׁעָם
וּמֵעֲו‍ֹנֹתֵיהֶם יִתְעַנּוּ
10726they ascend heavens
they descend the abyss
their beings in evil dissolve
יַעֲלוּ שָׁמַיִם
יֵרְדוּ תְהוֹמוֹת
נַפְשָׁם בְּרָעָה תִתְמוֹגָג
10739And they decrease and are depressed
through coercion of evil and sorrow
וַיִּמְעֲטוּ וַיָּשֹׁחוּ
מֵעֹצֶר רָעָה וְיָגוֹן
1148who changes the rock into a pool of waters
the flint into his fountain of waters
הַהֹפְכִי הַצּוּר אֲגַם מָיִם
חַלָּמִישׁ לְמַעְיְנוֹ מָיִם
11950Yes - this word is my comfort in my affliction
for your promise gives me life
זֹאת נֶחָמָתִי בְעָנְיִי
כִּי אִמְרָתְךָ חִיָּתְנִי
11992Love, unless your teaching is my delight
then I have perished in my affliction
לוּלֵי תוֹרָתְךָ שַׁעֲשֻׁעָי
אָז אָבַדְתִּי בְעָנְיִי
119107Near to much affliction am I יְהוָה
give me life by your word
נַעֲנֵיתִי עַד מְאֹד יְהוָה
חַיֵּנִי כִדְבָרֶךָ
1291A song of the steps
Exceedingly they distressed me from my youth
Let Israel please say
שִׁיר הַמַּעֲלוֹת
רַבַּת צְרָרוּנִי מִנְּעוּרַי
יֹאמַר נָא יִשְׂרָאֵל
1292exceedingly they distressed me from my youth
although they have not prevailed over me
רַבַּת צְרָרוּנִי מִנְּעוּרָי
גַּם לֹא יָכְלוּ לִי
1302Lord hear - in my voice
so let it be that your ears listen
to the voice of my supplication
אֲדֹנָי שִׁמְעָה בְקוֹלִי
תִּהְיֶינָה אָזְנֶיךָ קַשֻּׁבוֹת
לְקוֹל תַּחֲנוּנָי
1386For high is יְהוָה yet he sees the humble
and the haughty he knows from afar
כִּי-רָם יְהוָה וְשָׁפָל יִרְאֶה
וְגָבֹהַּ מִמֶּרְחָק יְיֵדָע
13924and see if a way of injury is in me
and guide me in the way everlasting
וּרְאֵה אִם דֶּרֶךְ עֹצֶב בִּי
וּנְחֵנִי בְּדֶרֶךְ עוֹלָם
1407I said to יְהוָה you are my God
Give ear יְהוָה, to the voice of my supplication
אָמַרְתִּי לַיהוָה אֵלִי אָתָּה
הַאֲזִינָה יְהוָה קוֹל תַּחֲנוּנָי
1411A Psalm
Of David
יְהוָה I call to you
Hurry to me
give ear to my call when I call to you
יְהוָה קְרָאתִיךָ
חוּשָׁה לִּי
הַאֲזִינָה קוֹלִי בְּקָרְאִי לָךְ
1431A Psalm Of David
יְהוָה hear my prayer
give ear to my supplication
in your faithfulness answer me in your righteousness
מִזְמוֹר לְדָוִד
יְהוָה שְׁמַע תְּפִלָּתִי
הַאֲזִינָה אֶל תַּחֲנוּנַי
בֶּאֱמֻנָתְךָ עֲנֵנִי בְּצִדְקָתֶךָ
1446Strike lightning and you will scatter them
let loose your arrows and you will confuse them
בְּרוֹק בָּרָק וּתְפִיצֵם
שְׁלַח חִצֶּיךָ וּתְהֻמֵּם
1476He raises the abused
יְהוָה humbles the wicked to earth
מְעוֹדֵד עֲנָוִים
יְהוָה מַשְׁפִּיל רְשָׁעִים עֲדֵי אָרֶץ
1477answer יְהוָה with thanksgiving
sing a psalm to our God on a harp
עֱנוּ לַיהוָה בְּתוֹדָה
זַמְּרוּ לֵאלֹהֵינוּ בְכִנּוֹר
1494for pleased is יְהוָה with that people
beautifying the abused with salvation
כִּי רוֹצֶה יְהוָה בְּעַמּוֹ
יְפָאֵר עֲנָוִים בִּישׁוּעָה