Friday, December 4, 2015

Ancient terror

I'm going to have to slow down a bit when I finish the next chapter. It will be Judges 17, nice and short. Tomorrow I go for a training session on settling refugees. Then in a few days I am off to see my newest grandson, a child with a serious consideration, just about 2 months old. Then in a few weeks we will all go to Maui for a short winter vacation. May the time be a release from all those things that weigh on us.

But, as I come to the last book that I have to start, I picked a chapter in the middle of things that I may have only read once, and then forgot. It's the comical nature of religion. I can see this Micah getting into trouble. But it's the chapter with the famous - everyone did what was right in his own eyes. And a click or two showed me a similar verse in Proverbs 21 (nice to have the programming do this.) These are the only two places where I see אישׁ and ישׁר so juxtaposed in this sequence. (Mind you I have been known to be blind). One can see that perhaps these two verses were aware of each other one way or another.

אישׁ everyone
JUD 17:6אישׁ
הישׁר what was upright
JUD 17:6ישׁר
בעיניו in its own eyes
JUD 17:6עין
אישׁ anyone
PRO 21:2אישׁ
ישׁר is upright
PRO 21:2ישׁר
בעיניו in its eyes
PRO 21:2עין

Anyway - I scanned the chapter and wonder about someone who thinks they have religion in their pocket, purchased by silver. Maybe that's the lesson to come... I'm not sure it's an argument in favour of a king. And the Danites are definitely not ancestors to be proud of. They were the terrorists of their day. And they too created refugees from defenseless people.

I don't care what they were promised or who by.