Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Back to reading

I have spent the last 5 days buried in analysis of English glosses. I managed to get them more or less into lemma form. The number of exceptions ending in 'er' is somewhere around 250. The two letter combos that demand a silent e are about 45 and there are about 25 exceptions there too. I changed 111 verses but only read a few of Leviticus 19 that were new. Maybe over the next few days I can restart reading and stop programming.

The algorithm for preventing me from duplicating English glosses over multiple Hebrew stems is much stronger since both are now in lemma form. Note that I have reduced most of the Hebrew stems to the main stem from which they are derived. I will be able to separate them by word form if needed. But it seemed very confusing to me to read a dictionary with all those sub or derived forms in it.

I could do with a complete redesign of my database but that would change all my forms and would probably take me several months to do properly. Some day maybe...

I think I will begin with a few short chapters. Leviticus 12, 1 Chronicles 20, and Joshua 16. Then I will go back to the longer ones.

I find myself also in the act of reducing unnecessary synonyms. Where there's no need for a variety of glosses for a stem, why have them?

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