Saturday, October 1, 2016

Biblical Studies Carnival - September 2016 is available

A BS Carnival is a selection of posts related to Biblical Studies in the inter-blogger-webo-twit-face-sphere for the month of October 2017. (Social Media moniker is from the Crusty Old Dean.)

The old sole-sources are defunct - the biblioblog list is always empty these days, the blogosphere has morphed to social media and likely plenty of places I don't follow, some of which I probably have an account on but I rarely look at.

I will be doing the BS carnival for October - let me know what posts you find that you think would fit. You can reach me via a tweet @drmacdonald.

You will find the September carnival from Randy McCracken here.  If you want to learn a little Hebrew, this Abbot and Costello skit is a hoot!  Similar to the Jack Junks Opinion of the French Language. (Thanks to Marcus Tomalin, The French Language and British Literature, Routledge 2016, for the image idea.)

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