Saturday, October 29, 2016

four letter words

The world can be known in four letter words. Evil and love will do for a beginning. Evil, even spoken or written under the seal of the king is still evil. We cannot learn love alone. It is not good that the human should be alone. Ergo, redoubts are evil. Even when they are associated with the name of Christ. The good-evil axis is evident throughout Esther. If the book leads to self-protection and isolation, then even those who call on the name of God for such, are calling in evil. If the book leads one to love the other in our midst, then it has been read for love. Take your choice. And take the consequences.

Good for the Philippine president. God speaks. Those four letter words express his reality but not with love. Be angry but do not sin. Yet how true it is that nationalism by itself is evil. Esther again points this out in the image of the human empire of Ahasuerus. It is analogy, a close and multifaceted analogy, hidden.

Esther has some keys I cannot yet put in the lock. One of them is an obscure use of the word עבר, traverse, cross over, pass through, transfer. The consequences of the sin against the people of Judea in this book are transferred. Why this word?

Can't be more specific at the moment, too early in the morning. Probably will read the Globe and Mail and have breakfast. Perhaps these waking thoughts will pass. This is a blog after all.

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