Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things that are changing

I have decided to dismount and cross at the crosswalk on Cook street - lane by lane cars are too much to navigate in the evening. I may do the same in the mornings. No need to hurry.

I have developed a way of seeing and reconciling word usage and verses while testing some of our newest software. This will allow me greater control over the achievement of my one-to-many rule for Hebrew to English. That rule is - it's OK to use multiple English glosses for one Hebrew stem, but I must try to avoid multiple Hebrew stems mapping to the same English word. As a consequence, if a Hebrew word is unique in the Psalter, then the English gloss must also be unique.  That's the self-imposed rule I have made for my translations.

All my translations are available from here. I am up to Psalm 58 in my brief comments and personal applications of the psalms on PoC. I have stopped making notes at Psalm 90 while I review all the translations with the new methods I have. I am currently reviewing Psalm 109, but while doing any one psalm I also review every shared word it has with all other psalms. This leads me far afield from a particular psalm sometimes.  I am pleased to say that the rate of change in my glossary is diminishing.  I do allow myself some curious anachronisms and colloquialisms in my translations. (Just keeps us on our toes.)

The Biblioblog reference library has some new software that shows what I had suspected. My Alexa ranking is losing ground, but my pages being read are increasing according to Google. The two measures don't agree with each other. The reference library seems to be counting like Google - and surprise to me - both Dust and PoC are in the top 17 today. [I suspect I am just test data at the moment]  I hope you, dear reader, enjoy the work I am doing - I certainly do.

I anticipate that my project will be completed on the psalms sometime next year. If I keep up with 10 posts a month at PoC then that leaves 8 more this month, and another 9 months worth of posts finishing about April next year (93 psalms and 4 book summaries to go). I have drafts - some quite short - on the psalms up to Psalm 89. So I can get 3 months scheduled, a short distance, without going back to writing.

I am hoping to do more individual psalm research in the 4th quarter of this year when I am doing the fellowship at UVIC.