Saturday, July 2, 2011

A quick lesson in translation

If you want to hear or overhear what some say about translations - here is an example. The comments are a like a short course on the subject. (How would you respond to Fox’s critique of Alter? - it's a good read and there is considerable discussion at the link above.)

I love vav's and I translate them all - maybe - but not all with 'and' and not all with 'but'. Vavs connect like the hooks of the tabernacle. That means they are part of the love-space of the One who seeks us to be in relationship with himself. (For me, he insists on not being capitalized. They have already had my head, he says.)

I wonder when I will be able to let my translations stand on their own without bi-focals.  One day.

The proverbs in that link above make me think that translating Proverbs would be fun. Especially since I never use the word 'soul', -too busy being - or the word 'better' - good is sufficient - , as glosses when translating, and I love 'and' as connector. The clasps on the wedding dress are of gold and silver. As my wife noted to me here, getting hooked is a metaphor for the role of vav's.