Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One-trick pony still not discouraged

Up and down he wandered, up and down the 20,000 words of the Psalter, touching here, snipping there, training here, flummoxed there.

Fewer than 250 steps to go up and down - but I am ignoring some significant compromises where I think that the backward translation would be clear from surrounding text without following my 1:many rule and of course my analytic function cannot know anything about homonyms, so some of the steps are flat.  Up and down I say because sometimes I reverse a decision today that I made yesterday when I reread the whole. Tricky business this for a one-trick pony.

In my updates I am now including a time-stamp - really useful for me too! So if you are reading these translations and I hope someone is, then you know when I last republished that page. The entire page (for short psalms that have fewer than 40 recurring words) is now fully automated - no tweaking required.  Yea!!!!