Tuesday, July 26, 2011

O What Fun!

I realized in my sleep and again after my haircut while riding to the office that with little effort I could produce my glossary in psalm verse order and - hey! - we would have an interlinear.

So the interlinear of my Psalms in full Gematria color with counts of stems and word forms and - Every word accounted for - is now available here 

Enjoy - but beware, Beloved, I think it might bias you - but it also might build.  God knows how to deal with bias.  There is transcription but no vowel points - so you can learn without tying your eyes in knots.  And my stems are I think 'mostly' OK - please let me know if you find an error.  Also the English can be put together from the glosses. It was my intent. Hopefully, I have not missed any. [now split into the five books - still takes time to load but is more responsive once it's loaded - the advantage of having it on one page is for searching across all psalms]