Friday, May 13, 2011

Summary of Book 1

I have after 4 months and 41 posts on book 1 of the Psalter posted here my Dickensian storied summary of that book. Each psalm title is largely comprised of the first usage recurring words in that psalm. The summary is a slightly whimsical look at each psalm. There will be if I finish, 150 such bits of whimsy - but they will appear slowly so as to have the requisite meditation time.

Today, having for the most part recovered from Blogger's hiatus, I completed my draft of notes on Psalm 72 and the whimsical summary of book 2 - but it must survive 3 months of review before it gets posted. In the meanwhile I will move towards that great lament at the end of book 3, one psalm at a time. The Psalter is beginning to sink in to my thick skull.

With respect to recovery, I was able to review all discrete translation changes from the last 7 days. I also posted another 200 or so modifications and adjustments to roots and glosses in the glossary where I am sort of up to H in a sequential review. I have two approaches to dissecting and correcting the glosses. 1. as I draft each psalm's notes, I review the chosen glosses. 2. I review in sequence till I am too tired to see straight. I think I may read BDB in sequence (just kidding).

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