Friday, 13 May 2011

Ruth - upcoming study

Our study group has elected to study Ruth so I have today revised and reworked my translation from two years ago. The PDF is (was) here. That link is now music ! The text is here. The changes were slow to make, but now (2015) they conform to the same concordance as my translation of the Psalms (2013). There is also a translation here, part of the Knox Bible, that is at the other extreme of style. Tim has also posted from Ruth on his series on humour in the Bible here.

As I read it through today, I was struck by a possible analogy of Ruth as the Gentiles being incorporated into Israel. I think I could get carried away though. I will wait and see what emerges. I am a bit of a blank slate when it comes to interpreting this book. There is a substantial study guide here with many questions that might prove to be useful. Rachel posted here in 2007 beginning with the intriguing introduction
A young widowed woman, an outsider technically forbidden to enter into the house of Israel: Ruth seems an unlikely figure to star in her own book of Torah.
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