Wednesday, 25 May 2011

State of mind

I have drafted to psalm 78 - it is so long! I have no real means of presenting so many recurrences. How does one tell what is significant? How can one see such wide structures? Perhaps a point graph without all the content I put into it. [link now has 4 multi-coloured tables]

Here's an example for psalm 45: hmmm - it sure is easier to see - but you lose the derived stem - maybe that's just as well! I can ignore some of the myriad of errors I don't know about yet. (Cleanse thou me from my hidden faults.) [much more colourful one here]
Word and gloss

לבני of the children ofx1
לבי my heart aboutx2
דבר a matterx2
למלך concerning a kingx2
* יפיפית you are beautifulx3
מבני among the children ofx3
כן thereforex3
לעולם foreverx3
והדרך and your honourx4
והדרך and let your honourx5
דבר the matter ofx5
צדק righteousnessx5
ימינך your right handx5
עמים peoplesx6
תחתיך under youx6
בלב in the heart ofx6
המלך the kingx6
עולם is nowx7
ועד and for everx7
* שׁבט a sceptre ofx7
* שׁבט the sceptre ofx7
צדק righteousnessx8
כן thereforex8
כל allx9
* היכלי palaces ofx9
שׂמחוך make you gladx9
* בנות daughtersx10
מלכים kings'x10
לימינך at your right handx10
* בת daughterx11
עמך your peoplex11
* אביך your father'sx11
המלך the kingx12
* יפיך your beautyx12
* ובת and the daughter ofx13
פניך your presencex13
עם peoplex13
כל allx14
* בת the daughterx14
מלך king'sx14
פנימה inwardlyx14
* תובל she will be broughtx15
למלך to the kingx15
* תובלנה they will be broughtx16
בשׂמחת with gladnessx16
* בהיכל the palacex16
מלך king'sx16
תחת instead ofx17
* אבתיך your fathersx17
בניך your childrenx17
בכל in allx17
בכל in allx18
דר --x18
ודר generationsx18
כן thereforex18
עמים peoplesx18
לעלם for everx18
ועד and everx18

I am debating whether to restart from psalm 1 with a third concurrent reading. Whenever I identify a change in gloss, it ripples through the psalms backwards and forwards.  My notes are not extensive so it rarely affects them. Occasionally, it affects recurring words, and I have discovered new ones that I had missed. For the first 40 psalms I did not have my hand-typed concordance, so they need that revision, but I expect as I work by two pronged fork, I will meet most of the words in the earlier psalms as well.

In a subsequent reading I would concentrate more on presentation as well as refining my minimalist comments. My concordance is effective at identifying accidental or unnecessary variation in glosses, but I still end up with some strange and unfamiliar sounding verses. I am currently working the beginning of Book 2 against the middle of Book 3. Could I stand refreshing my now quite out of date Open Source version?  I don't know.  Maybe I will wait till I get to psalms 50 and 100 and see if a three-pronged fork is needed.

I think all I can strive for is a minimum of randomness. I would particularly like to avoid multiple Hebrew words resolving to the same English word. I don't mind as much if a single Hebrew word requires many English ones, because usually such a word is considered to be many different words (homonyms) in Hebrew or equivalently, because a single Hebrew word can be read in ways that a single English word could not.

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