Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jonah and Jesus, Jonah and Moses

I was not pleased that I elected to take a few days off from the psalms, but I did. And I have been rewarded by the delightful pdf by Duane Christensen, Reading Jonah in Hebrew. Surely I am ready for it and I was prepared for this moment. I have proven even at age 66 that the inductive method of learning a language works. I started learning Hebrew 5 years ago this summer - the proof of my searching and stumbling about is evident from my old blogs linked from the sidebar.

I did not point out how the movements of the king of Nineveh in chapter 3 are reflected in the life of Jesus and his movements as recorded in the foot-washing of John 13 (but I expect it will be obvious from my translation).
and the word touched the king of Nineveh
and he rose from his throne 
and put aside his majesty from him
and covered in sackcloth
and sat on an ash-heap
Jonah is like Jesus in so many ways. The resonances are evident in a close reading for one who has the NT at heart. Equally, Duane points out that Jonah is midrash on Deuteronomy 10:11-12. So we have in Jonah a sign joining the NT to TNK. Do note that the whole is a chiasm: TNKNT in English and that the Writings are central. The centre is always the important bit.  But equally, the frames are changed in their meaning when they are read as framing the central section.

There should be no conflict between Torah and New Testament when they are read in the context of the work to be done by us in the Spirit of the Anointed in our lives as described in the keys to Torah that are in the Writings. Jonah too is us. And we are furious - or haven't you noticed?