Monday, 18 September 2017

Software and bugs

The summer is turning to fall and the wasps are drowsy. Well, one of them must have gotten into my software, because a part of it that I check with every completed chapter was not working. I asked myself why I was no longer seeing the concordance error list, because I always have one or two or more failures in gloss as I work word by word. Well I discovered it was failing silently, and over 50 errors had crept up behind me over the last several weeks. They have all been corrected. I apologize. If you see an error, feel free to comment. Hopefully gently, but eventually I may listen.

The routine that failed was the one that catches places where my concordance rules have been transgressed. Perhaps I should go back to programming for a while to improve the design. I need to isolate the primary glosses for a stem to make the process easier. It involves deriving and adding a data element valued based on the English stem. While I was correcting errors, I noted some interesting inter-stem relationships in Hebrew. I hope I get to these, words like עדה, ידע, יעד, עוד where there are similar sounds and some suggestive relationships, give thanks, know, engage, witness.

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