Friday, April 15, 2016

What to do

Continues the post on Amos 3. Here is an image of the recurrence around the word for 'do', or make, undertake, etc.

What does Yahweh do? Yahweh does not fail to do something (act) in the face of evil. (verse 6).

Yahweh does not fail to uncover what he is doing to his prophets. So do they speak today to say what is going on? Are we perceptive enough to see or hear?

What are we to do within our citadels? the thing that is straightforward. Do we know what that is? The prophet says we don't. What is straightforward if you have filled your 'citadel' with violence and devastation? Turning away from such evil. If your worth, and your achievement is measured only by your own accumulation of money, then you must turn away from that. Give it away.

Or as Spike Lee would say quoting Amos - Do the right thing.

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