Thursday, April 7, 2016

A verse of Psalm 119

I was reading about pausal forms as determined by the vowels - O how nice. And they might correspond with the accents sometimes. This is relatively recent linguistic analysis of the Hebrew text by Dresher (Dresher, Bezalel Elan. 1994. The Prosodic Basis of the Tiberian Hebrew System of Accents, Linguistic Society of America, Language, Vol. 70, No. 1.) and E.J. Revell (The occurrence of Pausal forms, Journal of Semitic Studies LVII/2 Autumn 2012). Psalm 119:43 is mentioned in note 23 on page 223.

Here is the music. Imagine a pause just before the cadence - and consider the impact of God's judgments on behaviour. (For impact see previous post.) Note this translation follows the acrostic - we are on the letter vav (waw).

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