Sunday, April 17, 2016


Here's a book that won't be written quickly. But if it is to be written at all ever, then it must be blogged bit by bit. So a series on translation (there probably are some posts already). Opinion was always part of my identity. Good grief, as of the moment there are 85 posts under the label translation! [Whoops - that's because they are mislabeled. That label should be 'reading' or dropped]

What subject headings might be part of this tome?

  • Foreignness
  • Trust - I don't trust the earlier translations. I don't even trust my own.
  • Fun
  • Undermining the commonplace
  • Process - controlling the environment - the 'system' (no one could produce a book like Gesenius Hebrew Grammar without extensive control over the process)
  • The everywhere of language - that's the book that needs to have the invocation from Christopher Smart -
Rejoice in God O ye Tongues: Give the glory to the Lord and the Lamb
Nations and languages And every Creature In which is the breath of Life
Let man and beast appear before him, and magnify his name together
But it won't because I have already used that in my new book 'The Song in the Night'.

I think that's enough for now - must read those old posts to see what I said then.