Monday, April 4, 2016

Pretzel as parable

From the globe and mail focus Sat April 2: Mr Trump has felt omnipresent largely because the American electronic media has pretzelled itself around him like a lover.

On a more serious note, Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman muses on 'soul' and gets my little cavil.

Rabbi Rachel Barenblatt (aka Velveteen Rabbi) has a new book on prayer. Her 70 Faces of Torah poems are lovely. I suspect this one will be good too.

Why do I, Christian, look to Jewish teachers? All of us approach the mystery of the Incarnation. You'll get my point if you read my comment (maybe). I could spell it out but I can't. Some things get known without descriptive words. Even the great speller out, Paul of Tarsus writes of the unspeakable gift and the secrets that are not lawful to say.

Larry Hurtado, NT and Early Christianity scholar is going to a conference on the Messianic Psalms. Maybe I should have gone too - but there is so much argumentation in scholarship that I think sometimes they fail to actually read the texts. I can't go in May - already scheduled to speak in Moscow (south of Spokane).

I'm getting back to reading a few links...

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