Monday, August 8, 2011

Transparent translation

I apologize for ever using this adjective. My translations though I may not be able to describe them are not transparent in the sense of allowing one to forget the foreignness of the poetry, but transparent in that one could translate back into the original tongue - if one knew my glossary. I.e. through the English, I want to see the underlying Hebrew verbal structures. Now that may be foolish, but that's what I've attempted. I did call them also personal - and so they are. I am not invisible.

My son-in-law says I should read Venuti - and John Hobbins says he spits in the eye of some traditional translation philosophy.

Guess I better find some stuff on Venuti.

Spent the day walking the High Line and the Hudson parkway to Ground Zero and St Paul's chapel - more pictures eventually.... very moving -walked many miles, family dinner tonight in Central Park at the boathouse