Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Change of state

I may spin faster around a smaller circle, or slower in a wider sphere, but I am in a change of state. Sept 1, 2011 is my first day of retirement. For the first time in 45 years, I do not have to go to work. Mind you I do have to attend several days of director's meetings Sept 6-8 - but that won't happen too frequently, and I will continue to use and test our software as I finish my work on the psalms. And that will benefit both me and the company.

So I may have more time for posts and comments and things. In the next month, I expect to complete my full draft of notes on the psalms. I am currently working on 116, so 35 to go.  These notes will appear at the other blog, Poetry of Christ, every three or four days till late April, 2012.

There's always a chance that I won't make it that far, but let's hope for a useful retirement subject of course to the gifts that come my way from the (what shall I call you, my Love) Great Mystery of the Cosmos who engages us with Invisible marvels in our extraordinary space.

I must admit I would love some interaction on the psalms - those guys at BBB are all on about natural language and Greek NT - they almost never discuss TNK. Marcion would be proud.

Anyway - blessings to all my patient readers - I will try not to blather on too much.