Sunday, August 21, 2011

Around the blogs

Rachel has posted a carnival here related to all sorts of things Jewish - I was particularly impressed by this post on Lamentations.

Doug wakes us up to the meaning of Liturgy.

Poetry of Christ now has notes up to the end of Book 2.  Book 3 is scheduled over the next 8 weeks or so.

Carefree Ker gives us some deep thoughts on Job.  I love his creative words but I also like the fact that the Accuser is thrown out of court. I think Mas'r Davey misses that when he rejects the frame for the story.  The frame is not a justification of Deuteronomy nor is it "a smarmy parable of goody-two-shoeness in which [Iyov] gets his deuteronomical reward for being a righteous dude".  Rachel's (Ruach El)  canrival has a post on Iyov also - whom I miss always.

My friend the Artsy Honker who plays the horn in London is looking for contributors to the Psalter Commons - let her know if you can help by writing a page....