Saturday, August 27, 2011

The missing 'all'

There is not a missing nun in Psalm 145, but there appears to be a missing 'all'. There is a characteristic sound in psalm 145 that uses the letter kaf - in its praise in the second person singular subject and in the word 'all' (kol in Hebrew). The word 'all' is missing in the missing Nun verse.

Before the Samech verse add the missing Nun
נאמן יְהוָה בדבריו וחסיד בכול מעשיו
faithful is יְהוָה in his words and merciful in all his works

Do you think that the Lord is not faithful in some of his words and that that is the reason the Masoretes omitted the Nun verse from their text? [no - it would superfluous to add 'all' to that faithfulness]