Monday, August 15, 2011

Santa Fe Sage

I took this picture on Saturday - the first on the ground at Santa Fe, NM. It's not Adobe style - it's just beautiful and the smell! Almost mint in its strength but it is sage. The plant is one of many on Museum Hill.

I am back on the internet for a few days - but thoroughly involved in holiday things like hiking (Tsankawi Mesa and Los Alamos today) and Opera (La Boheme tomorrow) and dining out.

But I have made 10 or so minor changes to translations. James McGrath kindly mentioned a very brief post of mine on 'transparency' in the first installment of the August Carnival - dangerously close to a post on the worst Hebrew translators ever (see links at the carnival - a really good one with lots of new people represented). I must admit - though I understand that words have many possible applications (that's the monster polysemous) that work against any rule based translation such as I have attempted, I understand why oversimplification happens to the fearful and why magical translations (and commentaries) are attempted.

O Bother, said Winnie the Pooh, I have started something that needs finishing.  But no time now...

I shall just pretend for a while to be a Santa Fe sage.