Tuesday, March 8, 2011

State of the project - plan for the next 6 months

For the record, I have combed through psalms 1-7 again, adding tables and so on - more accurate than they ever were following the 1000s of errors I have corrected. I wonder though if I will eventually put the whole framework for 'the book' into the database and publish it with the press of a button. If I could do that, it would always reflect the latest refinements.  But that is to surrender to mechanics.

I was about to let psalm 21 appear on PoC but I must catch up to it first. I struggled with psalms 55-59 and will soon pass over into the slightly happier 60s. (Brian has just posted on the acrostics, 111 and 112. A nice post.)  Each psalm I look at now benefits from the improved database and techniques, but the creative pondering juices are feeling a bit like cold syrup on this Shrove Tuesday. My thoughts and fingers are working through three places concurrently in the sticky ooze. The deeper in I get, the less it seems like a story to be told and the more it seems like a puzzle to be solved. The solving is because of the many conflicting technologies I am using.

I hope to have the entire structure formulated by September when I will begin a three month fellowship at the Centre for Study of Religion and Society at UVic.  This will be a time of research and review of this project as well as participation in other programs at the Centre. I am, in short, finally going back to school.


  1. :) I hope that "back to school" is full of fun and excitement and new friends!

  2. Thanks Tim - I hope so too. I am arranging with my company to continue to support the psalms data cube that I am inside of and which I am writing about. I expect our technology to evolve further and allow me to do some intricate publishing of the textual relationships I have data for in the TNK portions that I have read closely.