Friday, March 18, 2011

Notepad and Unicode

I wondered why my experiment with linked keywords in the psalms came out in Chinese. Really simple: I had saved my Notepad text as Unicode instead of UTF-2.

I have, as you may have guessed, a manually created database of the consonantal text of the psalms without any glosses. How I would love to see my own concordance and link around it easily so I can criticize what I have done. (I can almost read the psalms in transcribed capitals - a curious result. But I can't read it in Chinese!)

It is quite fun to translate the ancient Hebrew automatically - the results are surprising - like דרך comes out as 'through' rather than 'way', שׁמע as audio!

Well, after the little boxes and Chinese characters, at least I will continue my experiment. Too bad I did such an oddball job of designing this database!  Now I have to work around all my idiosyncrasies. (Ed: So what else is new?)

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