Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Independent psalm pages

It just occurred to me that since I have automated one psalm, I could publish all the keyword tables as a set of linked web pages with no manual intervention at all. Since that sounds like fun and the result can be easily kept up to date, and I can do it without making people log in to our interactive tool set - I just might do it....

I could include the raw text of the psalm also ...maybe, and maybe even the automated gibberish. I will include the table of recurring roots, the roots in relative order - this gets too big for anything but a web page anyway - and the 'see also'.  Eventually I might even include the links to the published text and other online tools as well.  It will be fun for me - now if I could just make it fun for others too... it would be worth it.

Does anyone have any ideas for a layout? Here are the bits and pieces without links for Psalm 9 for example. And here are the 'problems'. I would replace the column 'Translated as' with a link since I do not have a glossary in the data.  [now I do - see sidebar text] Secondly, the Keywords in relative order require a suppression of empty columns and are limited to 30 columns in width (at present). I can automate the suppression of empty columns, but its a bit slow at the moment... [done ] The 'See also' would have links to each psalm so one could compare the frame usage between two psalms by using concurrent browser windows. []replaced as an appendix] The 'Translation' should be the same as I have online, but I have not included the extra spaces to show my prosodic suggestions - this is doable.

I could learn more html and probably code some highlights etc too.   Ideas?
[this is now an appendix with actual translations automated - see sidebar text]
Recurring sounds
VerseShared ConsonantsTranslated asFirst?
9.1זמר : 3zmr--*
--נצח : 3ncx--*
--מות : 2mvt--*
9.20אנושׁ : 2)nv$--*
[the following is automated as an appendix]
See also
143(3), 110(2), 106(2), 92(2), 89(4), 74(3), 69(2), 68(3), 55(2), 41(3), 31(2), 27(2), 25(2), 18(6), 13(2)איב

Keywords in relative order [automated and now translated - filterable but only be me at the moment] and significantly changed from this original form ...

the translations master copy is supported by a database - but when I make changes I have to remember to make them everywhere - not such a hot idea... but keeps me occupied
[remainder of post deleted]

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