Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Hebrew Bible and Its Music - the distributors

Here's where you can get the volume(s) of The Hebrew Bible and Its Music.

The fractal for the cover of the last
volume in the series
The series is available on 7 additional distributors (links below) besides the publisher's website. Some of these sites mix me up with others of the same name! You can tell it's from me when you see the unique fractal I generated in 2013 for my first book. All 10 volumes have this brand on them.

Volumes 1 to 7 are the translation itself. There is an introduction specific to each volume. Volume 8, a complete concordance, and volume 9, an English alphabet book, expose all my translation decisions.

Volume 10 examines and explains the musical accents.

Depending on the retailer, updates are available free of charge to purchasers. Normally if you have purchased the ebook, you can go back and download again and get revisions. Kindle, which is the main one, doesn't notify of changes, but it works that way. You can find out about revisions by following this blog or my publisher's blog.

You can purchase all ten volumes for between $30 and $40 depending on the currency. Or you can get one volume at a time. Prices vary from $2.37 to $3.50 per volume.

Amazon, Kindle editions are noted here. If you have an account on Scribd, you can read them there (Volume 10 pending). Apple books has a compact list.

Booktopia is a nice looking place, but I won't be going to Australia any time soon even though I have a namesake there that some sellers think is also me.

And they are available at Barnes and NobleKobo lists them too. You can also read them on Google Play, if that is familiar territory. (The search does not work at all.)

All the distributors are listed on these individual pages. Each of these links is also on the publisher's series page.

1. The Torah
2. The Former Prophets
3. The Major Prophets
4. The Twelve
5. The Books of Truth
6. The Five Scrolls
7. The Remaining Writings
8. A Biblical Hebrew to English Concordance
9. A is for Abandon, An English to Biblical Hebrew Alphabet book
10. The Progression of the Music, The Accents of the Hebrew Bible

Go, buy, read, and sing.

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