Wednesday, March 25, 2020

COVID-19 A fifth snapshot

Canada was 20th in the first snapshot. As of today it has crept up to 16th.
A number of countries have infection rates greater than 1% of their population. A, hah hah, rounding error in my spreadsheet was inflating those measurements by a factor of 10. I can't count zeroes.

So, this is roughly .0057% of the world's 7.53 B human lives, but what has not yet been measured?

Since messing around with this it has gone up to 58.7 per million of those countries that have a measurement. I wonder who is missing from these countries? (e.g. Among the Asian countries, only Yemen is missing.) If I did that work, I would relearn some geography lessons. These numbers are from 196 countries and territories out of 235.
March 25, COVID-19 cases including % of population (corrected)

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