Wednesday, May 10, 2017


View from the Secrets hotel
Would this be a good place for a winter getaway? Friends were there this past winter so it was good to visit and see for ourselves.

There are some lovely aspects of the spot, but if you were in one of the big resorts, it would be like being on a stationary ship. You would need taxi or car for every move away.

We hired a taxi for two hours ($50) and were given a very good tour of the whole area. We started up the south side where many hotels are located.

Around the lighthouse
We then went to the downtown, where the church and the textile factory are both beautiful. How I wanted to buy the formal shirts ages 2 and 4 - but it would be very impractical clothing. After the downtown, I asked about the lighthouse since we had time left, and we climbed to that dry forsaken place where we took lots of photos and when we got back in the taxi, it would not start. Fortunately he had a phone and called a friend who came to rescue us. (He still got his contracted $50 and his friend got the tip.)

More extracts from the photos are here.

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