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Biblical Studies Carnival 180 February 2021

Biblical Studies Carnival 180
An abundant number, practical, the sum of two squares,
the sum of eight consecutive primes,
the years of the days of יִצְחָ֑ק
Half-way round

[T] Jacob Prahlow (it's Monday), get some rest.
John Fea, The Ethic of Being.
Amy Cooper Robinson, repetition.
Kenneth Seeskin, What did the people hear? ... the entire Decalogue, nothing, only the first two commandments...
Annie Thorne reflects on her differing reads of Moses at differing times in her life.
Phil Lieberman, Halakhic loopholes in a post-Biblical economy ".. to bridge the gap between the economic realities imagined by the Torah and their own world".
James McGrath on Genesis 19 and Judges 19.
Ah my deare angrie Lord,
Since thou dost love, yet strike;
[N] Claude Mariottini, About Jephthah, a literary commentary by Lord Byron. James McGrath on Jephthah in music, the Bible and grief.
James McGrath, Impeaching Elisha.
Christopher Page, Lenten lesson grasshopper or eagle?
James McGrath, allusions in music, I will not keep silent.
Jim West, LXX Jonah 4.
Cast down, yet help afford;
Sure I will do the like.
[K] James McGrath, on the music Do Not Destroy. Bob MacDonald responds. David Koyzis on the same issues of modern sensibilities here and here.
David Koyzis, on praying the psalms.
Mark Whiting, poetry based on the 150 psalms by Malcolm Guite, published as David's Crown.
And George Herbert's poetry as related to the penitential psalms .

Claude Mariottini on Proverbs 8.
Laura Spicer Martin on Proverbs 28:1.
Via Jim Davila, Edd Hodsdon, Darius, 9 facts
Via the Velveteen Rabbi and the Liturgical Arts working group, Poems for Purim.
Rachel Friedman, Why Mordechai refuses to bow.
Abraham Berkovitz, the fate of Haman.
Via SBL, a book note related to interethnic/racial marriages in Ezra.
Federated Rabbis of Uncertain Modernity promote Thirteen principles of faith.
Kurk Gayle reminds us of Bonhoeffer in the Harlem resistance 1931.
Jonathan Orr-Stav, the SimHebrew Bible. Introduction. [replaced: see here.]

Tongues and other supra-canonical things
Via Jim Davila, a review of how dead languages work,
Livius Drusus, on golden tongues and more from the NYT, decorated Roman millstone.
I will complain, yet praise;
I will bewail, approve:
Karen Stollznow, alien or non-citizen?
Claude had some fun in 1981, with inscriptions.
Bart Ehrman, on language construction.
Ian Paul, Walter Moberly's review of John Barton, A History of the Bible. James McGrath responds
James McGrath, source criticism, when the bible doesn't make sense.
Alan Levinson, Wellhausen and Anti-Semitism.
And all my sowre-sweet dayes
I will lament, and love.
Airton José da Silva, Discovering Babylon.
Pete Enns interviews: James KugelLevine and Brettler.
The Bible Odyssey, The Bible in the US Civil War.
Jacob Prahlow, Mere Christianity.
Brent Niedergall, International LXX day.
Jim Davila, Online resources for digital material culture, and a payslip for Gaius Messius.
Payslip with net pay = 0
Energion, an interviewA Church called Tov, including a litte virtual reality on baseball.
James McGrath, Canon Tables, an open book.
via Bob Cornwall, Steve Kindle guest post, There is no Bible.
Ken Schenck, continuing his series on unexamined assumptions
Ruben Rus, on the NIV Fieles o adulteradas.
Bobby Howell, on change
David Galston, on Postmodern Truth.
Lawrence Hoffman, my big mistake.
Via Jim Davila, Chen Malul, Heaven's heavy lifter, naming the angels.
From SBL, Member focus.
Pete Enns, Aha Moments.
The Lindisfarne Gospels
On loan (2022) to the north east of England.
Bart Ehrman, on a variant in Luke.
Brent Niedergall, When will things get better?
Bob MacDonald, on the Lord's prayer. With a nod to Jeffrey B. Gibson.
Bosco Peters, Mark in slow motion.
Carolyn Mackie, via WIT, It's our place to judge.
Michael Kok, the Nazarenes.
Lawrence Schiffman, John the Baptist and the DSS.
Ian Paul, on the overture to the Gospel of John.
Heather Anne Thiessen, the woman at the well, with follow-up.
via Mark Goodacre, Karunamayudu, Jesus in film, 1978, Hosanna.

[Acts, Letters, etc]
Come Lord, my head doth burn, my heart is sick,
While thou dost ever, ever stay:
I have long wondered whether name ordering of "Priscilla & Aquila" has real significance. Chrysostom argues in favor of this, and reads this as implying Priscilla was more "pious"; Chrysostom also takes for granted that she had a major and direct role in instructing Apollos (1/2) via Twitter Nijay K Gupta.
More on P&A from Heather Anne Thiessen here.
Michael Kok, on Simon Magus.
Andrew Perriman, on hope. And on all Israel. 'Romans is not a piece of universal or standardised “Christian” theologising.'
Thy long deferrings wound me to the quick,
My spirit gaspeth night and day.
Kenson Gonzalez, Galatians.
Ian Paul, notice of the Tyndale NT group study of the later Pauline epistles 23-25 June.
Peter Goeman, James and Jacob.
Jim Davila, on the antichrist.
Bart Ehrman, on the divinity of Jesus.
O show thy self to me,
Or take me up to thee!
and a coda from David Attenborough.

In Memoriam
Via Jim Davila, Hershel Shanks.
Via Jim West, Terry Fenton.
Vinoth Ramachandra, John Stott.
James Tabor, Jonathan Z. Smith (in a nostalgic context).

Future Carnivals 
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181 March 2021 (Due April 1) – Amateur Exegete, @amateurexegete
182 April 2021 (Due May 1) – Ruben Rus, Ayuda Ministerial/Resources for Ministry, @rubenderus
183 May 2021 (Due June 1) – Bobby Howell, The Library Musings, @SirRobertHowell
184 June 2021 (Due July 1) – Brent Niedergall, @BrentNiedergall
185 July 2021 (Due August 1) – Kenson Gonzalez Viviendo para Su Gloria @KensonGonzalez

Jim Gordon, Ah Bright Wings.
To repair the world. Tapestry by Jim Gordon. (Qohelet 1:15, 7:13, 12:9)

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